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41mm vs 45mm Apple Watch: Which Should You Get?

Upon the release of the Apple Watch Series 7, it was revealed that Apple updated the size options for its new watches from 40 and 44mm to 41 and 45mm. The new dimensions are now being used for the Series 8 watches too. Which size is best for you? Here’s a look at how the two compare.

41mm vs 45mm Apple Watch

The first thing to note is that the new 41mm and 45mm options are both 1mm larger than their corresponding predecessors. However there are other variables at play here which we will be covering shortly. If you can’t decide which size to choose, then this article is for you.

In this 41mm vs 45mm Apple Watch comparison, we will focus primarily on the Apple Watch Series 7 and 8. We will be diving deep into the specifics of each timepiece and focusing on what sets them apart in terms of the following:

  1. Hardware
  2. Weight
  3. Battery life
  4. Display
  5. OS and other features
  6. Price

Comparison Table

Features 41mm 45mm
Hardware S7/S8 Chip S7/S8 Chip
Aluminium 32 grams 38.8 grams
Stainless Steel 42.3 grams 51.5 grams
Battery Life Up to 18 hours Up to 18 hours
Dimensions 352 by 430 pixels 396 by 484 pixels
Display Area 904 sq mm 1143 sq mm
Price GPS $399 $429
Price GPS + Cellular $499 $529


The first specification we will look into is the hardware used in the Apple watch series 7 and 8. These watches are powered by the S7 and S8 chips respectively with 64-bit dual-core processors. They use the PowerVR GPU, has 32GB of internal storage, and 1GB RAM. All the hardware used in the Apple watch series 7 and 8 is carefully engineered to give you the best user experience.

In terms of the fundamental hardware specifications, both Apple watches are the same. So for now, the score between 41mm vs 45mm Apple watch is even.


A major differentiating factor between the two Apple watches is the weight. Since the 45mm version has a larger display, it weighs more. The 41mm one is slightly smaller, and it’s easier to work with since it is not as bulky and therefore does not stand out as much on smaller wrists. However, if you have a big wrist size and do not mind the extra weight, then you can consider going with the 45mm Apple watch.

Another factor that can affect your Apple watch weight is the type of material used. The base variants are made with aluminum and are the lightest. However, if you purchase a stainless steel or titanium Apple watch, then you will notice a significant change in weight.


  • Aluminum: 32.0g
  • Stainless Steel: 42.3g
  • Titanium: 37.0g


  • Aluminum: 38.8g
  • Stainless Steel: 51.5g
  • Titanium: 45.1g

We would suggest going to the Apple store nearest to you so you can try on the different variants and check which one is the better choice that feels the most comfortable on your wrist.

Battery Life

The Apple watch series is famous for having efficient power systems. The Apple watch series 7 and 8 are no different. They have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which last up to 18 hours. Thanks to bigger dimensions, the 45mm model have a 20 percent to 25 percent larger battery size than the 41mm model. This is especially important if you intend to use the cellular features of an LTE-capable Apple watch all day.

If you want to leave your iPhone at home and wear only your watch while exercising, a bigger battery will be more than enough to last you two to three hours. The extra battery goes hand-in-hand with the always-on display.

Although the 45mm has a bigger battery, the larger display tends to use up more power when being used all day. So this means both models have a similar battery life of around 18 hours.


There’s a belief that it is easier to view and work on a large screen size. Is it the same situation with Apple watch 41mm and 45mm models? Yes, it is, to some extent. The 45mm model is the largest screen on any Apple watch. It is undoubtedly easier to see videos, texts, and images if the display size is large. In addition, working on a large screen increases precision and reduces the chances of any mistaps. You will need to squint your eyes or pay closer attention while typing on a smaller screen. For this reason, people who are farsighted might prefer the larger version.

Apart from the difference in size, Apple has done a spectacular job at designing the displays for the Apple watch series 7 and 8. The screen is top-notch when it comes to displaying vibrant colors, ensuring that you will always have a pleasant viewing experience. Additionally, durable materials such as ceramic and sapphire crystal are used for the screen so that you can enjoy outdoor workout sessions without worrying about damaging your smartwatch.

A unique feature of this timepiece is the always-on retina display LTPO OLED, which has a staggering 1000 nits brightness. Since the 45mm Apple watch is larger in size, it has a higher resolution which also ensures a brighter display outdoors.

Below are the details about the display:

  • 45mm
    396 by 484 pixels
    1143 sq mm display area
  • 41mm
    352 by 430 pixels
    904 sq mm display area

OS and Other Features

The Apple Watch has some outstanding features to enjoy, which include GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou. Plus, you can stream music on Apple Music or Spotify. It also consists of a few fitness tracking apps for medical purposes, such as a blood oxygen level sensor as well as an electric heart sensor or ECG app. Apple measures your pulse with the ECG app to pick up and display irregular heart rhythm notifications. These two apps are convenient for keeping track of your health records.

The Apple watch series 7 and 8 are also water resistant, able to withstand being taken down up to 50 meters underwater. However, Apple cautions against using it for long dives, but that doesn't mean you can't wear it while swimming casually. It also has a compass and an altimeter, which are important navigation instruments that help to measure the altitude and check for directions. In the end, both 41mm and 45mm variants are equipped with almost similar features.


Due to the difference in size and some hardware specifications, the price difference between the 41mm and the 45mm Apple watches is a considerable amount. The base variant of the 41mm GPS model costs $399, while the cellular model is $499.

On the other hand, the entry-level 45mm GPS model is priced at $429, and the cellular model is $529. Using the cellular models, you can access a dedicated carrier plan directly from your smartwatch without having to use your smartphone. You can select any one of these options depending on your budget and how much connectivity you want on your Apple watch.

Band Options

There are multiple band options to choose from. These bands are available for both the 41mm and 45mm watches. You can even customize the bands to match your personality, outfit, or any special occasion.

The following are some of the various bands you can choose from:

41mm-specific bands:

  • Hermès Attelage Double Tour
  • Modern Buckle

45mm-specific bands:

  • Hermès Single Tour Deployment Buckle
  • Hermès Attelage Single Tour
  • Space black bracelet
  • Silver link bracelet

Series 8

After going through all the points above, you must have a good idea about the similarities and differences between the series 7 41mm and 45mm Apple watches. The series 7 watches have established a firm presence in the smartwatch market and have become a favorite among customers. However, Apple recently released its Apple watch series 8. This new version is likewise packed with features and also comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes.

Similar to the series 7, the series 8 watches have very slight differences in performance. The larger screen size on the 45mm Apple watch is handier for users who tend to use their smartwatch often. Conversely, users who have smaller wrist sizes and want a more comfortable experience in terms of weight can go with the 41mm timepiece.

Final Verdict

Selecting the correct Apple watch type and size is essential since it will be strapped to your wrist for long durations and has the potential to really elevate your outfits. This gives rise to the 41mm vs 45mm Apple watch debate. You have to consider a lot of metrics before choosing the right size for you, like the price, weight, activity level, and battery life, to name a few.

The 45mm watch has a bigger display with a higher resolution, which means larger icons and more text at any given time. On the other hand, the 41mm model has a smaller display, but that also means it is lighter, consumes less power and is more manageable. So it all comes down to personal preference and how you plan to use the watch in your daily life. We hope our comparison helped you select the best Apple watch for yourself.



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