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67+ Objects That Start With A

A is the first letter of the alphabet and it is also the first letter of many objects. We have created a list of things that start with A and included pictures of the objects below.

Rank Animal
1 Armchair
2 Airplane
3 Axe
4 Apple
5 Automopbile
6 Alligator
7 Astronaut
8 Acorn
9 Actor
10 Adder
11 Aardvark
12 Alien
13 Ant
14 Asteroid
15 Alphabet
16 Aquarium
17 Airbag
18 Actress
19 Antler
20 Artist
21 Acrobat
22 Arachnid
23 Abdomen
24 Accent
25 Abyss
26 Acid
27 Acne
28 Acquaintance
29 Address
30 Admiral
31 Aerial
32 Africa
33 Agency
34 Arm
35 Alchemist
36 Alarm
37 Aisle
38 Amber
39 Atlas
40 Aurora
41 Allotment
42 Almond
43 Alps
44 Amphibian
45 Alter
46 Aluminium
47 Amplifier
48 Angle
49 Antartica
50 Aorta
51 Architect
52 Anchor
53 Angel
54 Ankle
55 Antenna
56 Antifreeze
57 Anvil
58 Arch
59 Apricot
60 Army
61 Arcade
62 Artichoke
63 Atom
64 Autograph
65 Avocado
66 Aubergine
67 Aunt
68 Avenue
69 Awning

Objects and Things That Start With A

1. Armchair


An armchair is a comfortable piece of furniture that you can sit in to relax. It has a chair-like seat and two arms on the sides to rest your arms on.

2. Airplane


An airplane is a vehicle that can fly through the air. It has wings and a body that is made to hold passengers or cargo.

3. Axe

An axe is a tool that is used to chop wood. It is sharp on one end and has a handle on the other.

4. Apple


An apple is a type of fruit that has a sweet and sour taste. It is red or green and has a hard skin. It is usually eaten as part of a meal or as a snack.

5. Automobile

An automobile is a vehicle that is used to travel on roads. It has four rubber tires, a motor, and seats for passengers. It is the most common type of transportation in the world.

6. Alligator

An alligator is a type of reptile that lives in the water. It has a long body and a tough skin. It can be dangerous if it is angry or scared.

7. Astronaut

astronaut is space

An astronaut is a person who travels in space. They wear a special suit and helmet to protect them from the vacuum of space. They often work on board spacecraft or satellites.

8. Acorn

An acorn is a type of nut that grows on oak trees. It is brown and has a hard shell. It is often eaten by animals or used to make food for animals.

9. Actor

An actor is a person who performs in movies, plays, or television shows. They often have to learn how to speak and act like a different person.

10. Adder

An adder is a type of snake that lives in the United Kingdom. It is black or dark green and has a venomous bite. It is sometimes called a viper.

11. Aardvark

An aardvark is a type of animal that lives in Africa. It has a long snout and a long tail. It eats ants and termites.

12. Alien

An alien is a creature from another planet. They often look strange and have special powers. Some people believe that aliens exist and have visited Earth.

13. Ant

An ant is a type of insect that lives in colonies. They are very small and have six legs. They are often used as food for other animals.

14. Asteroid

An asteroid is a small, rocky object flying through space. Some asteroids are the size of mountains, and many bigger than that. They are often made of rock and metal.

15. Alphabet

The alphabet is a set of letters that are used to write words. It is what we use to communicate with one another! Children learn phonics for letters and groups of letters in the alphabet to learn to speak.

16. Aquarium

An aquarium is a tank that is filled with water and used to keep fish, turtles and other aquatic animals.

17. Airbag

An airbag is a safety device that is found in cars. It is a bag that inflates when the car crashes. This helps to protect the driver and passengers.

18. Actress

An actress is a person who performs in movies or television shows. They learn and play characters that are involved in the story.

19. Antler

An antler is a type of horn that is found on the head of deer, elk and moose. Antlers are used for defending territory and fending off others.

20. Artist

An artist is a person who creates paintings, drawings, sculptures or other works of art. They use their creativity to make pieces of art.

21. Acrobat

An acrobat is a person who performs stunts and tricks while in the air or on the ground. They are normally very skilled in gymnastics.

22. Arachnid

Arachnids are a group of animals that includes spiders, scorpions and ticks.

23. Abdomen

The abdomen is the section of the body that is located between the chest and the hips. It contains many of the organs in the body.

24. Abyss

Abyss used to define seemingly infinite places. When you wonder into the unknown you could say you are wondering into the abyss.

25. Accent

An accent is a way of speaking that is unique to a certain region or country. It can be used to identify where someone is from.

26. Acid

Acid is a substance that is corrosive. It can be harmful to the skin and can cause damage to materials.

27. Acne

Acne is a skin condition that causes spots to form on the face. It is often caused by the pores becoming blocked.

28. Acquaintance

An acquaintance is someone that you know but are not friends with. They may be someone that you have met a few times or a work colleague.

29. Address

An address is the location of a person or organisation. It is how we describe where a place is.

30. Admiral

An admiral is a rank in the navy that is above a captain. They are responsible for leading and commanding ships or fleets.

31. Aerial

An aerial is a wire that is used to carry signals from one place to another. It is often found on the roof of a building.

32. Africa

Africa is a continent that is located south of Europe and east of the Middle East. It is home to over 1.2 billion people.

33. Agency

An agency is an organisation that is responsible for providing a service or selling products. They are often hired by other companies to do this work.

34. Arm

The arm is the part of the body that is used to hold things and perform tasks. It is made up of the shoulder, elbow and hand.

35. Alchemist

An alchemist was a person who studied and practised chemistry during the Middle Ages. They believed that they could turn lead into gold.

36. Alarm

An alarm is a device that is used to warn people of danger. It can also be used to wake up at the right time.

37. Aisle

An aisle is a part of a room or building that is used to walk through. It is often found in supermarkets and churches.

38. Amber

Amber is a type of fossilised resin that is often used to make jewellery. It can be many different colours, including yellow and orange.

39. Atlas

An atlas is a type of book that is filled with maps. It is often used for navigation or to learn about different countries.

40. Aurora

An aurora is a natural light display that can be seen in the sky. They are often seen in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

41. Allotment

An allotment is a piece of land that is used for growing vegetables and fruits. People can often rent them from the local government.

42. Almond

An almond is a type of nut that is found in the Mediterranean region. It has an outside casing and a sweet, nutty flavour.

43. Alps

The Alps are a mountain range that is located in Europe. They stretch across multiple countries and are over 4,000 metres high in places.

44. Amphibian

An amphibian is a type of animal that can live on land or in water. Frogs, toads and newts are all examples of amphibians.

45. Alter

An alter is a place where people can worship. It is often found in churches or temples.

46. Aluminium

Aluminium is a type of metal that is often used in cooking pots and pans. It is a light-weight metal that is pretty corrosion-resistant.

47. Amplifier

An amplifier is a device that is used to increase the power of a signal. It is often found in electronic equipment.

48. Angle

An angle is a measurement that is used to describe the shape of something. It is measured in degrees and can be positive or negative.

49. Antartica

Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth. It is made up of millions of square kilometres of ice.

50. Aorta

The aorta is the main artery in the body. It carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body.

51. Architect

An architect is a person who designs buildings and other structures. They often work with engineers to make sure that the building is safe.

52. Anchor

An anchor is a heavy metal object that is used to keep a boat in place. It is often attached to a chain and lowered into the water.

53. Angel

An angel is a type of spiritual being that is often thought to be benevolent. They often appear in religious art and literature.

54. Ankle

The ankle is the part of the leg that is below the knee. It is made up of the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon.

55. Antenna

An antenna is a device that is used to transmit or receive signals. It is often found on radios, televisions and other electronic equipment.

56. Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a liquid that is used to stop liquids from freezing. It is often found in cars and other vehicles.

57. Anvil

An anvil is a heavy metal object that is used to shape metal. It is often used in blacksmithing and other metalworking processes.

58. Arch

An arch is a type of bridge that is made from stone or concrete. It is often used to cross over large gaps.

59. Apricot

An apricot is a type of fruit that is related to the peach. It has a smooth skin and a sweet, orange flavour.

60. Army

An army is a group of soldiers that are trained to fight in times of war. They are often organised into battalions and brigades.

61. Arcade

Arcades are full of games machines and machines I have enjoyed throughout my life!

62. Artichoke

An artichoke is a type of vegetable. It has a tough skin and a flavour that is somewhere between

63. Atom


An atom is the smallest particle of an element that has the chemical properties of that element. It is made up of protons, neutrons and

64. Autograph

An autograph is a signature that is handwritten by a person. It is often used as a form of identification or authentication.

65. Avocado

An avocado is a type of fruit. It has a green skin and a creamy, green flesh.

66. Aubergine

An aubergine is a type of vegetable. It has a shiny skin and a flavour that is somewhere between sweet and bitter.

67. Aunt

An aunt is the sister of one's parent. She is often used as a form of address for an older woman.

68. Avenue

An avenue is a type of road that is wide and straight. It is often used to connect two larger roads together.

69. Awning

An awning is a type of roof that is made from canvas or other types of fabric. It is often used to provide shade from the sun.

We hope our list of objects and things that start with A helped! If you like more words that begin with a, check out our article on animals that start with A.



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