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5 Gifts For A Pet Lover (Under $50)

Pet owners often enjoy spending time with their furry friends more than with their human ones. However, if you do get the opportunity to see them, here are some excellent gift ideas!

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Pet gifts cover

1. A Portrait Of Their Pet

At number one, we have one of the most popular gifts for pet lovers everywhere: the pet portrait. Don’t worry, you don’t need to get the pet to stand still for hours for their portrait, just send a nice photo and the artists will work their magic.


A standard portrait looks great, but you can get some pretty funky backgrounds for the portrait too.

Pet Portrait

2. Socks With Their Face On Them

And speaking of the ridiculous, you can get socks with a picture of their pet on them. You simply send them a photo of the pet and they will imprint them on the socks. They will soon be literally wearing socks with a picture of their face. It’s also a wonderful way to freak out their pets too.

Yes, they might be a little pricey for a pair of socks but they’re totally worth it!

custom dog socks

3. A Custom Mug

And of course, a simple mug can be a nice and funny present. You can get a photo of their face illustrated onto a mug. These are particularly good for housewarmings or someone who has recently moved in.

custom pet mug

4. Pet Tote Bag

At number five, we have something that is particularly useful for dog owners. It is nice to have a bag to store everything you need for a walk. So having a handy tote bag could be incredibly useful. This is ideal for someone who has just gotten a new pet. Your friend’s days of carrying dog treats in their pockets could be over.

Tote bag

5. Custom Phone Case

Cases are great for added protection when your phone when inevitably slips out of your pocket. However, these phone cases take it one step further with an image of their pet's faces to remind them of the furry friends they love.

Pet phone case

(6. A Giant Blanket With Their Pets Face On It)

Okay, so this one might be a little out of the price range for this list which is why we have included it in brackets. But how could we leave them out? A custom pet blanket is a gift they will adore.

Custom Pet Blanket

So, did we help you find the gift you need for the pet lover in your life? If we did help you out, you could help us out too by liking the video and subscribing to the channel. And if we missed out on any other great gift ideas, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, and see you again soon.



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