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Premium Gas Prices US

Fluctuations in premium gas prices are nothing new. In fact, they've been a staple of the market for years. But what is new is the amount of data that's now available to drivers and industry analysts alike.

Weekly US Premium Conventional Gas Price (dollars per gallon)

For conventional gas prices, see here.

What is the difference between conventional and premium gas?

The main difference between conventional and premium gas is the octane level. Conventional gas has an octane rating of 87 in many places. Mid-grade gas has an octane rating of ~89 and is a step up from regular gasoline, while premium gas has an octane rating of 91-93. In most cases, using premium gas will not provide any significant benefit for a conventional vehicle. However, if your vehicle's manufacturer recommends premium gas, it's best to stick with that recommendation. Using lower-octane fuel may be worse for engine health.

Premium gas also costs more than conventional gas, so it is important to check your car's owner manual to see what type of fuel it requires. While premium gas offers some advantages, it is not necessarily better than conventional gas for all drivers. Ultimately, the best type of fuel for your car depends on its make and model.

There are a number of factors that go into determining the price of premium gasoline. The most important factor is the cost of crude oil, which makes up the majority of the price at the pump. Other factors include the costs of refining and marketing, as well as taxes and environmental regulations. Additionally, regional disparities can play a role in setting prices, as regional markets can vary significantly in terms of demand and supply. Ultimately, the price of premium gasoline is determined by a complex interaction of many different factors.

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