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Carryminati Net Worth, YouTube, Early Life

Carryminati has gained a huge following on YouTube in his short career. This has made him one of the most influential vloggers of the twenty-first century.

Net Worth $6 million
Source Of WealthYouTuber
Born12th June 1999
Birth NameAjey Nagar
Height5ft 5in (165cm)

Many of his videos involve comedy sketches, reaction videos, and roasting other Influencers. His knack for comedy has helped to make him a star. One thing is for certain though; whatever content Carryminati puts out on his channel is almost always an instant hit with his subscribers.

To learn more about Carryminati and how he made it as a popular Youtuber, read on below.

Early Life

Carryminati is originally from Faridabad, Haryana. He had originally been studying in Deli Public School, which was just a regular school in his hometown. However, in 2016, he made the radical decision to drop out of school to pursue his vlogging career.

Like other famous people, Carryminati knew it would take some big risks to make his dreams a reality. He started his YouTube channel when he was just ten years old.

Initially, he was unsure how to tell his parents he wanted to drop out of school to pursue this career. This was especially due to the societal pressure to do well in his studies so he could have a conventional career. Yet he still managed to have this difficult conversation with them. Seeing just how determined their son was, his parents agreed to let him try.

Buying a good computer was part of the key to Carryminati's channel success. This allowed him to work on and edit his videos to a high quality. Because of this, he was able to catch up to the standard of other successful YouTubers in no time.


Carryminati's career could make any social media influencer jealous. He has made a name for himself as a Hindi vlogger but his market has since expanded considerably. He is now a popular influencer in other parts of the world. This includes many non-Hindi-speaking nations.

Having been an active YouTuber since 2014, Carryminati has managed to pick up more than a few tricks of the trade. His channels have gone through several name changes. These rebrands made his channels more recognizable.

He has also been careful to watch his analytics closely. By doing so, he knows what videos perform the best and which ones his audience is not interested in.

Major Success

Carryminati's main channel has been continuously active since he began posting videos in 2014. Originally, he gave this channel the name AddictedA1. Carryminati mostly uploaded video game footage to this channel. This would prove to be the beginning of Carryminati's early YouTube success.

The channel went through a rebrand in 2015. The name changed from AddictedA1 to CarryDeol. While the channel was still used for reacting videos and gameplay recordings, it focused on one game in particular; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This proved wildly popular with his audience. Carryminati continued to wrack up new and entertainment-hungry subscribers.

Following this new success, the channel was finally rebranded to CarryMinati. This brought the channel to the 30 million subscribers it boasts today.

Of course, with rapid success comes rapid growth. Carryminati continued to expand his YouTube empire by creating a new channel in 2017. He called this channel CarryIsLive.

This channel is specifically used for live streams. Carryminati records himself playing games live. He also interacts directly with his fans through this particular channel.

Carryminati quickly became influential in this sphere. He was number ten on the Next Generation Leaders' list in 2019 distributed by Time Magazine. He was also listed on the 2020 version of Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia, proving just how highly people think of him as an influencer and in the media.

Net Worth

Reports indicate that Carryminati's net worth is around $6 million. While he may not be as rich as other celebrities, for a YouTuber, this is an astounding level of wealth.

It is important to bear in mind that Carryminati has been building his brand since he was just ten years old. He has therefore had plenty of time to find out what makes him the most money and stick to these ideas and videos.

His music career and various diss tracks have also helped him to make his fortune. Those that have gone on to be singles have been particularly successful.


Carryminati reportedly makes 30 lakh rupees every month. This is equivalent to over $35,000 each month.

Most of this revenue is made through Carryminati's videos. Firstly, he gets money for the number of views he gains for each video. He also receives a payment for his video streams and downloads.

Carryminati also receives money from the advertisements his subscribers see when they watch his videos. The more advertisements his viewers watch, the more money Carryminati makes.

Finally, Carryminati makes more for the products he endorses on his YouTube channel. These may be video games, equipment to help with streaming, or other products.

When Carryminati does a live stream, he can receive monetary gifts from his viewers. He uses this as another form of income.


Because of his fame and high-profile life, Carryminati has been subjected to a lot of relationship rumors in the media. The first big rumor surrounding his romantic life came in 2020.

During this time, Carryminati was linked to Avneet Kaur. The social media influencer and actress is also very well known in media circles. She too has many fans and her romantic life is followed closely by the press.

The rumors started to swirl when Kaur made a joke about Carryminati on one of her Instagram posts. While neither has confirmed the relationship, fans of both stars are excited to see what happens between them next.


Beyond his YouTube career and infamous controversy, there is much to learn about this successful influencer. Whether you're a fan or not, it can't be denied that Carryminati has climbed the ladder of success with as much determination as any other celebrity or influencer.

Does Carryminati Have Any Awards?

So far, Carryminati has won several awards for his successful YouTube career.

He has won no less than five YouTube Creator Awards. Among these, he has received two Silver Play Buttons as well as two Golden Play Buttons.

He has also received the prestigious Diamond Play Button awarded to content creators who have done well in their careers. If Carryminati continues to perform so successfully on YouTube, it is likely he will go on to win more awards in the future.

What Other Social Media Platforms Is He On?

Carryminati is active on several other social media platforms including Instagram. On Instagram, he uses both his YouTube title and his real name so that his subscribers can find him easily.

On Instagram, he has a verified account and has over 16 million followers. He appears to enjoy posting regularly. He likes to keep his fans notified of any significant life updates.

Carryminati also uses Twitter to communicate with his fans. He does not have quite the same following on Twitter as he does Instagram. However, he still boasts an impressive 2.9 million followers.

He is a regular Twitter user and Tweets often. As a popular streamer, he seems to be dedicated to keeping his many fans updated about upcoming videos.

Has He Worked With Any Other YouTubers?

Carryminati has already worked with some other majorly successful YouTubers. He appeared in an interview with Raj Jones, who is a well-recognized host.

He has also worked with Nazar Battu three times. Battu is another YouTuber who has also had a successful career. The pair are known to work well together and enjoy collaborating to create videos.

Does He have Any Other Career Goals?

It's not yet clear if Carryminati has any other goals aside from expanding his already impressive YouTube channel. However, many social media influencers tend to pick up music or movie deals, so he may focus on these endeavors in the future.

However, Carryminati certainly has a talent for music. His diss tracks are some of the most popular videos on his YouTube channel, so it is clear his lyrics are appreciated by his subscribers. He may dive into music as a career in the future, but he has yet to confirm if this is what he wants.

What Is CarryMinati's Music Like?

Carryminati tends to focus on diss tracks towards fellow YouTubers, social media influencers, and other famous people. The tracks may hit a little close to home for some of the victims, but Carryminati's fans certainly seem to like them a lot.

The tracks are usually upbeat and funny. He seems to have successfully found the songwriting formula that has made his tracks so popular.

However, diss tracks aren't the only style of music Carryminati is known for. He has also released several singles throughout his career. This includes "Zindagi" and "Trigger."

He collaborated with other content creators to create these singles. For Zindagi, he worked with Wily Frenzy who is in fact his brother. The pair worked on the single and used their lyrical talents to make it a success.

Carryminati worked with Vibgyor to create Trigger. Again, the pair combined their musical talents to make it a hit.

Carryminati Is Sure To Continue On a Successful Path

His YouTube videos continue to bring more and more subscribers. Therefore, it's safe to say he is doing something right. It may not yet be clear what his future holds, but he has the power to do great things with it.

He has even managed to overcome adversity and controversy in his career. In doing so, he already knows how difficult the world of fame can be, and therefore he is better prepared to deal with it. By keeping his videos light-hearted, funny, and relevant to his target audience, he will continue to see growth in his career.

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