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How To Get Paid To Watch Movies

If you're passionate about movies and have strong opinions on cinema, you may be able get paid to watch films and other videos. We have found a few companies that pay for opinions on new releases, classics, and everything in between.

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For those that love a good movie, but find that spending time watching movies does not help you to achieve your financial goals, think again. Most people would not think they could get paid to watch videos, but it is possible if you know what your options are.

If you are already paying for services like Netflix, you may already have access to this opportunity. The goal is to understand how you can monetize watching movies. Just like many other things, you can get paid to engage in tasks that you are already doing. So, why not do so?

If you enjoy watching movies and have the time to dedicate to the process, you may be able to get paid for doing so. It may also involve watching some videos online. Some people even get paid to go to movie premieres. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the options that may be able to help you.

There are a number of websites that allow you to get paid for watching TV, movies, movie trailers, video clips, and some even pay you for movie reviews. These websites often have playlists of movies ready to go. Here are a few options that may work for you.

Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel

The first option is a company that has been around for a very long time. In the past, they would request that you document the television shows you watched, and when you submitted information to the company, they would send you a dollar or more in the mail. Simple and effortless.

Things have changed over time. Now, you may be able to get paid $50 each year for watching movies at home online. The first step is to register a device with the company. Once you do that, you are then entered into a monthly drawing. If you are lucky enough to be one of the 400 people who are winners, a prize of $10,000 is split among the winners. Those who are drawn as the top two winners receive $1,000 for their efforts.

One of the best things about this option for getting paid to watch movies is that you really do not have to do anything you are not already doing. You just need to download the company's app. Once you install it on your device (like your smart TV or a computer), you can start using it. Go to the Nielsen website and sign up. There is no cost to you for registering your account.

Netflix Tagger

In some situations, you may find an opening as a Netflix Tagger. These opportunities are a bit harder to come by, but if you get them, you may be paid to watch Netflix! Netflix hires people to work as a Netflix Tagger or a Creative Analyst. These individuals will watch some of the movies or shows that are on the platform – Netflix chooses which ones.

If you are lucky enough to get this give, that platform will send your movies and shows that align with your genre and things that you are interested in. you are tagged based on that. These tags allow Netflix to better align movies and shows to people based on what they have watched in the past and other data.

The only problem with this position is that it is very limitedly available. Be sure to use your account often. You also want to be sure you are watching Netflix news to learn more about any openings for a creative analyst position. Keep an eye on the Netflix job board so you're ready if there's a new posting.

Inbox Dollars

Another opportunity to get paid for watching movies requires you to sign up for an account at InboxDollars. This is so easy to do that it can seem like a gimmick, but it really does work. Inbox Dollars rewards you for activities you are already doing and creates opportunities for you to engage more fully with brands. You can watch views and take surveys with the company. There are also shopping, and cash offers often available. They often run a signup bonus so look out for that.

One of the reasons to check out this site is because it offers so many ways for you to earn free cash. Here are a few ways you can do that?

  • You can get paid between $.50 to $5 for spending a few minutes completing surveys. Some even top $20.
  • You can get rewarded if you play video games. There are a number of games to play, depending on what is available. If you spend money playing these games, you can earn as much as 18 percent cash back in the form of Inbox Dollars you can use later.
  • You can earn cash back for online shopping you do as well. There are various opportunities posted here.
  • You can also get paid to read emails or to complete a specific email offer sent to you.
  • Here are also ways to earn coupon cash rewards for free groceries, beauty products, and more.
  • You can also get paid to watch movies and TV.

The challenge with Inbox Dollars is that you have to sign up, and you have to put some time into the process. The offers change often, but they are all simple to do and provide a wide range of opportunities for most people.

Start a Blog and Write Reviews

If you are a movie lover and want to share your opinions about movies, you could consider this step. It is more elaborate and requires more time devoted not just to the process of watching the shows but also to focus on writing blogs and social media posts.

To do this, create a blog. Watch your favorite movies. Learn a bit about SEO and social media marketing. You may want to create a social media presence for your blog, too, such as creating short videos for Instagram or TikTok. The key here is to monetize the blog. You can do that using affiliate marketing or other methods. Then, once your blog traffic increase, you’ll see your income grow as well.

For those that love movies and have a strong social media platform already, there is no better way to make money than to create your own content and monetize it. It may take a bit of money put out to do this, as you’ll definitely need to create a site and spend some time advertising.

Movie Theater Mystery Shopping

You may know what mystery shopping is. Generally, you go to a location, make a purchase, and check out how good the customer service does. You can apply that same concept to movie theaters. The result? You get paid a flat fee to visit movie theaters and report back on things like the number of people in the movie either and the quality of the service. You get to see that movie without cost, too.

There are a range of companies that do mystery shopping for movie theaters. Not all theaters in all areas engage in these opportunities, though. Still, if you really like to watch movies and do not mind taking some notes as you do, this can be a great way to enjoy your time.

These opportunities range widely in both when you can view movies and how much you will be paid. Some of the most lucrative offers make it super easy for you to manage. They may want you to just collect some basic data, like writing down all of the trailers that are played and for how long they are on the screen. You may also report on the number of people who are attending and their demographics, like age and gender.

Other times, the mystery shopping offer may also include checking out the advertisements, reporting data about the customer service, and reporting on the sound quality. You may have to report ticket prices or other details, too.


Another website that sometimes does surveys on movies is Swagbucks. It is a very popular website, and these types of offers can fill up very quickly. However, they can also provide you with lots of ways to earn some money. For example, you can complete surveys on the site, making as much as $100 a month using the site.

Swagbucks will pay you in a variety of ways. This could include things like promo codes for discounts and gift cards. You earn points over time for the activities that you participate in. The company claims it gives out about 7,000 gift cards to consumers each day. Movies are just one way to earn points, there are numerous surveys and other opportunities on the site as well.

Keep in mind that these movies are not necessarily the best sellers and blockbusters that are hitting the big screen. They may be smaller organizations or a variety of other types of videos. As long as you watch the movie, you will qualify for the benefits it offers. You could even turn the volume off if you really do not want to listen.


Viggle is another app and online platform that allows you to engage in a range of activities to help you to earn money. Viggle is simple to use. You just use the app as directed, and you can earn points. You can convert those points into cash. One of the activities you can engage in, from time to time, is watching movies.

This is a very popular app when it comes to getting paid to watch movies and television. The process is so simple, and that may be one of the best reasons for using it. It works very simply. You will need to download the app as a first step. Sign up and register for it. There is no cost to you for doing this.

When you are ready to earn some money, open up the app and then sign in. You can then check in, telling the app what you are doing – like what shows you are watching. You start earning points as long as you are checked in and engaging in this.

Write Subtitles

If you want to do a bit more work and potentially earn some extra money, consider writing subtitles. Becoming a closed captioner is a simple way to earn money, and it is a service that is growing in popularity. If you are fast at typing, you will find this to be an excellent opportunity.

Companies that produce TV shows, movies, videos, online content, and others need to turn their spoken word into actual written content. To do that, they need someone that can listen to what is being said in the video or movie and then turn that into a script so that it can be placed as closed captioning.

The number of opportunities in this area has fallen over the years due to the use of technology. However, there are still some jobs available in this field. You may find them listed on your favorite online job boards, in fact. Some pay as much as $14 an hour. You will need to speak English well and be very accurate.


Another site to turn to for fabulous money making opportunities is MyPoints. This website has been around for a very long time, and throughout that time as created an empire of opportunities for those who sign up for their service, download their app, and use it.

MyPoints is an easy to use app. You can earn money watching movies using it from time to time. You just have to answer some basic questions when you sign up. Then, the company will send you offers for movies and other things to help you to earn money. Once you earn around 700 points, you’ll also earn a $5 gift card. You can use that as cash or convert it to a direct deposit with PayPal.

MyPoints has a lot of opportunities beyond movies. Check out the surveys and other tools as well.

These are a few of the main options for making money watching movies. The good news is that you can use all of them to achieve results. Some pay in Amazon or iTunes gift cards so make sure you set the minimum amount you want to get paid and stick to it. You do not have to focus on just one of them.

If you would prefer to make videos about movies and your opinions on them you can earn money that way too. Many Youtubers earn money giving their opinions on recent movies. Different Youtube channels are paid different amounts based on the ads shown so it is difficult to predict how much money you can bring in.

Watching movies can be a good way to earn extra cash but not all of them may work for you. There are some limitations with software that are expensive to get around, for example some may request that you use an iOS or Android device. make sure to take a look at a few different options before you get started.



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