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How To Get Paid To Sleep

Do you love sleep? Would you love to get paid to do something that you're already good at? Well, there may be a way for you to make some money by simply sleeping!

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Sleeping is something we all do, usually around 5 to 8 hours a night. You may not think that sleeping is a way to earn money, especially since you really are not doing much of anything and anyone can do it. Yet, there could be a few ways for you to earn money by sleeping.

It sounds like a gimmick for sure, but sleeping and getting paid for it may be more realistic than you realize. For those that can make it work for them, there may not be an easier way to make money. There are a few different things to keep in mind, though, and that means you will need to be a bit more creative about what works for you. Not all opportunities will apply. And, you could find that more than one option sounds like a good deal.

When it comes to getting paid to sleep, here are the top ways to do so. Consider investing in a good night’s sleep – literally!

Become a Sleep Product Tester

Many people have problems sleeping. There is no doubt there are various products on the market that could be helpful to them. Yet, to find out, people need reviews, and companies often need product testers who can help them figure out how well products work.

Product testing is not the simplest process to get into for many. If you have a strong following on social media, it may be possible to get products to try out a bit easier than if you do not. However, there are some websites you can use to help you do this. For example, is one of them. This website allows you to be a product tester for a range of products. It is pretty simple to use, too. is another option. You will need to work through a bunch of options that may not apply to you. However, many organizations and programs need thousands of people to try out new products before the product can be approved as a medical device. You will need to spend some time comparing options and ensuring that you qualify for them (and that they are safe to engage in).

It may be possible to test out products like sound machines, sleep aids, bedding products, mattresses, and much more using these tools.

Work for NASA

While this may not be the best opportunity for everyone, it is perhaps the most straightforward way to sleep while getting paid. NASA, as well as the European Space Agency, offered $19,000 to 24 people to do this. All they had to do was to stay in bed for at least two months at a time. The goal of the survey was to determine how the body changes in weightlessness.

The goal was to create methods that could counteract the impacts of being weightless. That would allow astronauts to spend more time in space and not have damage to their bodies as a result.

There are some risks to this opportunity, and you are sure to find it to be a rather difficult experience. However, for some, that payout may be just what they want.

There is no doubt a blood shortage exists throughout the United States. For people who are experiencing a need for some money and want to do so just by sitting around or taking a nap, donating plasma may be the best option.

Donating plasma is a very important investment in your community. It is a selfless act that helps people who need blood donations to get them. However, the process can be time consuming. That is why most of the time, plasma donations time more time and compensate people well for that time investment.

Most of the time, you can donate up to two times per week. Some centers pay $150 or more to do this. You will need to meet the criteria set by the organization. Keep in mind that you can do this through organizations like the Red Cross but also through private companies who help to collect blood for hospitals and other providers. Look for plasma donation centers near you. Then, check out the requirements for participating and the amount paid.

When you arrive, get set up and relax. You can take a nap for an hour or so and allow the process to work. It does not hurt, but it does help other people.

Set Up a Travel Blog

If you love to travel and have the time to do so, set up a travel blog. It is one of the best ways to get paid to travel and do things you love to do, including sleep in some of the best hotels throughout the world. Now, it will take some time for you to build your blog traffic and enough of a presence to be able to do this well. However, if you do it well, you could find yourself spending a few nights a week enjoying destinations around the world.

The key here is to build a blog that allows you to review hotels and other travel opportunities. Use that blog’s content to help you to build a strong amount of traffic to the site. You can also incorporate things like TikTok videos as well as social media accounts.

Once you do this and grow your following, you can work closely with travel providers, such as airlines (you can always sleep on the plane), as well as hotels and other travel organizations. They will pay you a fee to review their services. You'll then share those online with your social media and website visitors. You build a profit from those free nights at the hotel as well as the traffic you get to your social media, such as through affiliate marketing and paid advertising.

Stream Commercials on Your Phone

If you are looking for a simple way to get paid to sleep, consider this alternative option. There are various organizations that will pay you to stream commercials. You watch the commercials, and as you do, you earn points. Some companies will just stream commercials to get your reactions to them. If you happen to fall asleep during these activities, there's no harm done. You can still earn while the streaming is going on. That's a pretty simple way to earn a few dollars, right?

House Sit

If you live in a city where people tend to do some traveling, they may want something that can come and stay at their home while they are gone. This is especially important in situations where they will be gone for a month or more. Insurance companies do not like when houses are empty! You can make this work for you.

For many people, house sitting is simple. You just need to live in someone else's house for the time they are gone. You can still go to work and go to school, as well as go on with your normal activities. The only difference is that you come to this home instead of your own at night and throughout the day. It sounds easy right?

Websites like offer these types of opportunities when they are available. All you have to do is to sign up to provide the service on the site and wait for a person to need your services in your area.

Be sure to know what you have to do while living in that person’s home. For example, they may want help with their plants and lawn care needs while they are gone. You may need to collect the mail. Sometimes they may need things like the garbage taken out or light cleaning. Often, people just want to make sure their home is not vacant and therefore at risk of break ins.

As long as you do what’s asked and you do a good job, you are able to earn money for sleeping in someone else’s house!

Consider Becoming a Sleep Coach

If you have some skill in this area, it may be possible to you to become a sleep coach. Now, there are various providers of these types of services, and you do not want to position yourself as a medical provider unless you have a degree that allows that. However, there are a lot of other ways to become a sleep coach to earn money helping other people sleep.

For example, you could build a website that packs in a lot of information and resources to help people to learn to sleep more. This may include helping parents to learn how to get their kids to sleep better at night. You may want to consider providing guidance and tools to help a person that is battling insomnia to finally get some help.

Some sleep coaches just make money from creating a website and using content to help them with earning an income. Others actually work to become sponsors of a variety of different sleep products. You could even write a book about your own accomplishments in improving sleep quality and sell that!

Rent a Room in Your Home

If you have a large home that has a separate in-law suite or an area where you can rent out, do so. You earn money just from having your home in place. You can use tools like VRBO and Airbnb to help you to find guests who just need a place to sleep for the night. You may even be able to rent out your entire house if you have somewhere else to sleep while guests are in your home.

This can be a popular option if there are a lot of businesses in your area. They may need employees to come in for a few days or weeks before going back to their normal location. If you are looking for more of a long term and steady option, consider renting a room or two to college students who are looking for off campus living. If you are close to a college, this is a great way to make some extra money.

Provide Care Overnights

As people get older, living alone is worrisome. While they may be able to handle most of their needs during the day, at night, they may need help from time to time, like getting help going to the bathroom or getting a glass of water. If you can provide this service to them, you may be able to earn a steady income from doing so.

There are other ways to do so as well. For example, you can use a website like to provide overnight care taking to children. This allows you to provide help to parents who need it when they need it, but you also earn money just for being there.

There are often rules about when you and if you can sleep while providing care. This is really dependent on the situation itself. If you are able to provide care overnight to people, you could earn a sizable amount of money for doing so.

Watch Pets in Your Home

There are a number of websites that allow people to connect with pet sitters. As people travel, they cannot leave their pets at home alone. At the same time, they also do not want to board them in a vet or other location because they know their pet may not get a lot of time to enjoy themselves. This is where you can help out.

You can offer pet sitting services that allow you to watch pets in your home. You will have to take good care of them and provide for all of their needs. Yet, beyond a doubt, this could be a great way for people who love pets to make money watching them.

You may be able to offer this type of service to people who have all types of pets. Sometimes, you can get paid to go into a person’s home to feed fish or take care of pocket pets that may not even have to come to your home. is a great place to learn more about opportunities like this.



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