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$100k/Month Helping Companies Outsource Admin, Design and Development

I had tried many different business ventures before, but they didn’t work. I was a single mum when I first decided to become an entrepreneur. I needed some flexibility in my work arrangements, so I decided to start working online, to start my own business.

My first introduction into outsourcing was when I was project managing for different companies. I realised that it took a lot of time and effort to be liaising between contract staff and my clients. I then decided to change the business model, and become a recruitment agency instead, where I connect virtual employees, mainly from the Philippines to clients. Instead of project managing, I would instead fill the role of recruitment.

I first started working with a number of contract staff from the Philippines, and the experience was really positive. They were hardworking, dedicated and well-skilled. Some of the contract staff that I started out working are still working with me today.

I have always been the best recruiter - l know how to find the best people for the job, what the best fit is, how to connect with people, and that helps when it comes to recruiting on a larger scale.

Who is your target demographic?

We work best with small to medium-sized established companies who are looking to grow their team. They are looking for someone who will stay with them on a long-term basis, and not just casual or once off. Marketing companies, IT companies, e-commerce companies are just some of the industries that our clients are from.

I have a strong marketing team and we are engaged in many different platforms - from LinkedIn, to email marketing, to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Clients are attracted to us when they share the same purpose and mission as us - a desire to grow their business, while at the same time, having a positive social impact on the wider community. We are a company with a social purpose - that is my guiding mission. Clients see the community projects that we undertake, they identify with us, and they enjoy working with us.

How did you fund the business initially?

I grew the business in a lean way. The business funded itself. The business model is always a positive cashflow.

Tips to finding your employee is to recruit not just for technical skills but mainly look for the soft skills/personalities. Someone reliable, honest and a fast learner. Commit to hiring them, training them, even when times are tough and cashflow is low, never look at getting rid of your staff. You need them to grow.

The service we sell is Virtual assistants for marketing and administrative support. From web development, email marketing, social media to CRM management, customer service etc.

Have you run any companies in the past?

Yes, I had a nail polish business. It was my first taste of business and I quickly learnt to outsource work to grow my own business.

I wanted to start my own business because I wanted time and financial freedom. I wanted to be able to look after myself, my son, and my family. And I wanted to be in a position where I am able to change the world. If you are on a salaried job, your ability to help others is limited. But I want to dream big, aim high, and then be in a position where I can do so much more and help so many others.

My family - being traditional Vietnamese - were very sceptical at first. But, they have since come around and they respect me for all that I have achieved. My friends have given me their utmost support!

What motivates you when things go wrong?

I’m naturally a very positive person. And I’m confident of myself and my team. Things might go wrong, but it depends on your perspective. To me it’s either you succeed or you learn. You win either way. My end goal is to create millions of home based job opportunities for people around the world, helping them achieve time and financial freedom.

My advice for someone starting out is make sure you focus on doing what you love, not just chasing the money. To combine your passion with solving a problem for the world. Find the problem out there and solve it, rather than just starting a business because you came up with a cool idea. Make your business model a recurring model. When things get tough remind yourself of your big dreams and goals. Sacrifice a few years of hard work for a lifetime of freedom.

We are growing year by year, I’m grateful for our progress. What is stopping my business from being 3x the size is just time. I have the strategies and team. We have projects we want to implement which just takes time. There is a great quote I love, “there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”.

I’m proud of the culture we have built at Outsourcing Angel. Proud that we help at least 300 people each month through our charity initiatives.

What are the top apps your business could not run without?

We’re an online company, so that list can be endless!

Slack - for daily communication within the team and communication with clients and leads.

Screencast-o-matic - for easy communication of tasks, instructions with a remote team

Zoom - for video conferencing

Hubspot - a client management system

Basecamp - for project management

Active Campaign - for email marketing/ pipeline management

Google Suite - for files management, document sharing and co-editing with a remote team

If I had to pick only 3, then it will be Slack, Zoom, Basecamp

All these apps are essential for communication - the whole team works remotely, so we need to make sure that we have open channels for communication, we are expressing ourselves clearly and precisely, and that we are organised in our work structure.

What are your goals with Outsourcing Angel for the future?

I definitely want to continue building up Outsourcing Angel into a global company with stronger presence in other countries like US, Canada, UK etc.

We are developing our Affiliate Program and looking for more strategic partners.

We are in process of developing new services example VAs specialising in niches like video editing, linkedin etc

Revenue right now is $100k/month, looking to 10x in the next 2 years.

At this point in time, I cant imagine ever selling the company. I love Outsource Angel so much :)

Company Name: Outsourcing Angel
Founder: Linh Podetti



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