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6ix9ine Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022) How much is 6ix9ine Worth?

6ix9ine's Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022)

NET WORTH: $7.2 Million
Source of Wealth: Rapper, Songwriter
Born: May 8, 1996
Age: 24
Children: 2
Birth Name: Daniel Hernandez
Height: 5ft. 6in. (1.67m)

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A professional rapper and a well known personality all over the world residing in America is none other than our Daniel Hernandez. He is also popularly called as 6ix9ine and even sometimes called by many as TEKASHI 69 on a professional basis. Being just 24 in age this rapper has been recognized as a very great and most successful rapper and on other side he is spoken much for his controversial behavior. He adopts brute – force technique to scream while singing and this has made him to shine unique when compared to other professional rap singers.

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Currently this young rapper is spoken much for his net worth money because he has earned handsome money within a short span of time. This has made the whole world turn towards him wondering how he could have earned by being just 24 in his age. So let us discuss some of the interesting topics about this popular personality and in particular this article will reveal 6ix9ine net worth and also about his life, 6ix9ine girlfriend, and the hidden facts behind 6ix9ine jail life.

Real net worth proven with records

Many could not even calculate the actual net worth of this young rapper and there are many rumors too which are prevailing around this rapper talking about his real net worth. Coming back to his career this great man’s rap song “Gummo” with debut single concept stood in the peak and it was ranked in 12th place on the hot 100 of US Bill Board. It was released in the year of 2017 and after that he gave many hits to the world and all his hit records were widely accepted and liked by people. Even though he began his career as a rapper in the year of 2014 he became more familiar to the world after his Gummo released in the year of 2017. From then he started to earn more and more by continuously releasing more hit records and now we shall come to our point and more wanted answer for the ridiculous question what is 6ix9ine net worth?

Yes, the net worth of this familiar personality has been personally kept as a secret but not a mere secret. Analysts say that 6ix9ine net worth can be around 6 million to 8million dollars. Such a millionaire has greatly succeeded the whole world with his intelligent rap creations by putting strong and intrusive hard work.

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Now we shall see how this strange man will spend his money generally based on day to day life style. This great man owns a Mercedes McLaren P1 car and he has purchased this great and beautiful car when he came out of his prison life. We shall discuss his prison life later in the further topics and now coming to the point this rapper also owns a car from Mercedes brand and this car is calculated to have the worth of $2,000,000. After that he got the latest Rolls Royce Ghost car. After these many assets this rapper also owns several chains along with many grills. He has a unique set of jewelry collection, which is said to be around $750,000. These are all about this familiar man’s asset and also there are much more assets.

6ix9ine jail life

Another interesting and hot topic which revolves around this popular rapper is about his jail life. This man Tekashi69 has been put to jail several times and few of the reasons for his offensive death are listed here. It was around 2015 this man pleaded guilty to a felony count because of making use of a little child to enact sexual performances. Then it was in the year of 2018 and in the month of July this familiar man was sentenced to jail with an outstanding warrant. This happened due to his deed in which he choked a person allegedly at a big mall present at Houston. After that he was again sentenced to jail by arresting him for having drugs and harmful weapons and also for racketeering charges. He was then testified just after the Gummo release that he earned around $60,000 each month from the royalties of YouTube and also for getting fees for his live performance.

After that in the year of 2019 this great man went into a guilty plea as a very big part of his own arranged deal with American government prosecutors. He co-operated keenly and due this deed the honorable judge ordered 6ix9ine to be inside just for 13 months. But due to COVID – 19 serious issues he kindly requested to release him in the month of March 22nd.and accepting his situation government released him on April 2nd but actually he was to be released in the month of August 2020 only. These are all about his offensive side and it is obvious all familiar personalities will be pushed to all such issues most commonly.

Lovely 6ix9ine girlfriend

Now we shall come to the other hottest topic which is 6ix9ine girlfriend and who is that lucky girl friend who is dating this popular man. It is said that since 2018 this familiar rapper is dating an Instagram model named Jade. Many had serious doubts with this question who is 6ix9ine girlfriend and now it is openly revealed by many that Jade is his girlfriend who is also called as OhSoYouJade. This beautiful girl is now carrying the baby of this rapper in her womb and he proudly gave lovable comments on Jade as

“You stuck by me at my lowest. For the people who think any different I do love you and forever will!”

These are the loveliest lines given by this professional rapper and genuinely to say these two will be the cute pair ever seen. This has been agreed by many and particularly by 6ix9ine’s fans and along with this information, another thing to be highlighted is that all the romantic pictures of these cute couples are moving viral.

Finally, these are all about 6ix9ine girlfriend, 6ix9ine jail life and 6ix9ine net worth. Hoping, all this information will be more than enough for the people who search about 6ix9ine on websites.



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