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Allu Arjun Net Worth, Acting, Early Life

A native of Hyderabad, Allu Arjun is one of the most popular actors in Telugu cinema. The son of actor Allu Aravind, he made his acting debut at a young age and has gone on to appear n a number of films.

Allu Arjun
Net Worth $50 million
Source Of WealthActing
Born8th April 1982
Birth NameAllu Arjun
Height5ft 9in (175cm)

Allu Arjun is one of the highest-paid actors in India. With his good lucks, charm, and talent, it's no wonder

When people talk about a superstar of South Indian cinema, Allu Arjun is one of the names that you might hear. It is well-deserved, given how much he has achieved in his career so far. But how much do you know about the great man's background, finances, and personal life?

If you're hoping to learn more about Allu Arjun, look no further. Read on to find out all about Allu Arjun's net worth as well as his career and personal life!

Allu Arjun Net Worth

Thanks to his status as a superstar actor, Arjun has been able to build up a considerable net worth. Some sources estimate the figure to be around 5 crore rupees or $50 million US dollars. You can be sure he's never short on cash for his bills at the end of the month!

Alongside his considerable earnings from movies and TV shows, a series of other income streams have boosted Arjun's wealth over the years. Let's take a look at how he made his money.

Allu Arjun Salary

As a hugely popular actor, Arjun can command some seriously hefty fees for his performances.

In the hit movie Pushpa: The Rise, Arjun was paid more than RS 50 crore, or more than $6 million US dollars, for his performance. Considering the commercial success of the picture, it's no doubt the producers felt he was worth every penny of his fee.

He often packs a short time with plenty of different roles, maximizing his income in a way most of us could only dream of. On average, his monthly income is somewhere around

Business Interests

In recent years, Arjun has begun investing in a variety of businesses. It's always sensible not to put all your eggs in one basket, especially when you work in a volatile industry like show businesses.

One of Arjun's main investments is in B-dubs, India's version of American franchise Buffalo Wild Wings. He also owns a nightclub, 800 Jubilee. The popular nightspot features a café and two restaurants.


Lots of big-name companies are queuing up to have Arjun represent their business. A single ad or the right word from him can be the difference between success and failure in India's competitive market.

Arjun also promotes various sporting events across India. Most notably, he is the face of the Pro Kabbadi League, one of India's fastest-growing sports enterprises. The league is attracting viewing figures to rival even the mighty Indian Premier League, and Arjun's endorsements have been a huge part of the league's growth.

These endorsements allow Arjun to substantially boost his income. And since endorsement campaigns don't take up too much time, he's able to earn this extra cash quickly, in between shoots for movies and TV shows.


Arjun has a wide range of assets that boost his net worth. He owns several properties in India, with his main residence being in Jubilee Hills.

The actor also enjoys collecting antiques. He regularly shows off special items like furniture and musical instruments he's acquired from various sources. Investing in antiques is a wide choice for someone with plenty of cash available, as it diversifies their portfolio and helps protect against economic shocks.

Allu Arjun Early Life

Arjun was born in April 1982. He was raised in a Telugu family in Madras (now known as Chennai). Although he harbored early dreams of stardom, he was a sensible child and focused on his studies. Before he embarked on a full-time career in show business.

From his earliest days, Arjun was surrounded by successful entertainers and others from the showbiz world. His father is Allu Aravind, a noted film producer. His brother and several of his cousins are also popular actors.

Surrounded by all this talent, it's perhaps no wonder Arjun has blossomed into such a fine actor. Throughout his earliest years, he was given the space to perform and experiment artistically, and he's been able to call on some of the finest talents in India for advice.

Allu Arjun Career

Nowadays, everyone in India recognizes Allu Arjun's face as soon as they see it on a screen or a billboard. But it hasn't always been that way. Let's learn a little more about how the man they call Bunny became one of the highest-paid actors and best-known actors in India.

How did Allu Arjun's career start?

They say starting young is a building block of success. Allu Arjun certainly subscribes to that philosophy, as he began his career before he even began school. His first role came in the 1985 movie Vijetha when Arjun was only three or four years old.

His next role came over 15 years later, as Arjun appeared as a dancer in the 2001 film Daddy. Soon after, he made appearances in several movies as an actor. His producer's father cast him in his first role in the movie Gangotri, and he attracted praise in the media for his performance.

Most of the early films Arjun appeared in were great commercial successes. Translations into other languages cemented Arjun's status as an Indian megastar, with audiences from around India and across the globe quickly growing to recognize his face.

Spreading his Wings

After cutting his teeth in these early movies, Arjun gained the confidence to begin experimenting with different genres. Arjun took the lead role in well-written original movies, like Desamuduru and Shankar Dada Zindabad. Both these movies saw Arjun playing brooding, handsome characters in dark, intelligent scripts.

Despite the success of these roles, Arjun was sure not to let himself be boxed into only playing certain roles. In his next movie Paragu, he played a cheerful character with plenty of energy. For this role, he won his first major award for Best Actor in a Telugu film.

Arjun also appeared in films directed and produced by a range of different people. While it might have been easy for Arjun to restrict himself to working with family members and acquaintances, he was ambitious and wanted to broaden his horizons.

Peak Success

Following this period of experimentation, Arjun continued to appear in big-name Indian films. Recent successful pictures include movies like Badrinath and Julayi.

2013 saw him play the starring role in the romantic action movie Iddarammayilatho. In 2018, he starred in Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India as a hot-headed Indian army soldier. This film was described by critics as one of Arjun's best.

Many of Arjun's films are hugely successful commercially. Some, like The Rise, earned the title of highest-grossing Indian film in a given year.

There are lots more projects in the pipeline for Arjun. Fans of the megastar can look forward to a steady stream of new movies in the coming years.

Allu Arjun Relationship

Arjun has enjoyed almost as much success in his personal life as he has in his acting career. In 2011, he married Sneah Reddy in a star-studded ceremony in Hyderabad.

Sneah Reddy is an actress and model with plenty of talent. The pair dated for some time in secret before announcing their marriage. Arjun has repeatedly praised his wife's dignity and beauty in the press, and the two appear to be closer than ever.

Allu Arjun Family

Arjun has two children. His son, Ayaan, was born in 2014. He was followed just two years later by his daughter Arha.

Despite his busy working life, Arjun still manages to spend lots of time at home to bond with his wife and kids. The small family has been seen enjoying cozy Christmas celebrations.

This family doesn't just bond at home. They've recently had the opportunity to work together on set too, as Arjun's daughter is slated to appear alongside him in the upcoming movie Shaakuntalam.

Arjun also remains close to his parents and extended family. Many of his family members work in show businesses, creating opportunities for members of the Arjun family to collaborate. Recently, Arjun appeared in music videos for songs produced by his father's company.

Allu Arjun FAQ

There's still a lot more to learn about the life and work of Allu Arjun. Join us as we attempt to answer some frequently asked questions about this megastar.

What Are Some of Allu Arjun's Hobbies?

Allu Arjun is a man who loves to have fun, and with his great wealth, he has the resources to indulge any passions he wishes.

One of the ways Arjun winds down between movies is by creating charcoal artwork. Some of his creations have been exhibited on social media, with

He also enjoys reading, antique collecting, and photography. Followers of Arjun's social media accounts will have seen his passions displayed there several times.

What Charities Does Allu Arjun Support?

Arjun uses his vast wealth to give a little back to Indian society. With his healthy net worth, he can easily afford to splash out on a few charitable causes close to his heart. As someone with a major public platform, he's also capable of raising awareness on a massive scale.

He donated 20 Lakh, or more than $2 million US dollars, for the renovation of Ksheerarama, a temple dedicated to the God Shiva.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Arjun was extremely generous again. He donated Rs 20 lakhs to one charity. At a time when many Indians were on the brink of financial ruin, his generous donations substantially boosted his reputation in the eyes of the Indian public.

Arjun also raised awareness of several issues impacting Indian society. 2021 saw him launch a campaign against smoking, and the famed actor spoke out publicly to raise awareness of the negative effects of tobacco.

What Languages Does Allu Arjun Speak?

Arjun is best known for his roles in Telugu films. But does the star speak any other languages?

The answer is yes. Arjun is a multi-talented man and can speak numerous languages. He's fluent in Malayalam and Yamil and also has a decent command of Kannada.

For India-wide releases of his hit films, he's been known to dub his own films into several different languages. How's that for impressive?

Does Allu Arjun Have Any Pets?

Some people say everyone should have a pet to love. It seems that Arjun subscribes to that philosophy, as he's a proud owner of an adorable dog. His pooch is named Kazoku, a name that means "family" in Japanese.

Does Allu Arjun Do His Own Stunts?

When you see Arjun performing a dangerous stunt in a movie, it's natural to wonder whether that's him or someone else you're seeing. After all, so many major film stars ask stunt doubles to stand in for certain scenes.

While Arjun does use a stunt double for some especially dangerous scenes, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Prior to the filming of Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India, Arjun spent months training for elaborate stunt sequences.

Once, he even spent time in Vietnam, training in swordsmanship and martial arts techniques. No one can say Allu Arjun doesn't go the extra mile to make great movies.

While earning the same wage as Allu Arjun might be a long way off in your future, you can start taking steps to improve your finances right away.

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