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Ari Fletcher Net Worth, Social Media Influencer, Early Life

The social media industry continues to grow, raking in a projected $16 billion in 2022 and making millionaires out of those brave enough to put themselves in front of the camera. One of the brightest stars in the social sky is Ari Fletcher.

Ari Fletcher
Net Worth $5 million
Source Of WealthSocial Media Influencer
Born12th July 1995
Birth NameAriana Fletcher
Height5ft 1in (150cm)

Ari can proudly say she made it all on her own. Her journey to becoming a millionaire social media star is an interesting one, and might even provide a roadmap you can follow on your own journey.

From her roots in Chicago to her presence on your screens, from a face in the crowd to an all-American model and self-made businesswoman, Ari has walked the walk. Here's everything you need to know about this incredible influencer.

Early Life

Arianna Fletcher, better known as Ari Fletcher, was born on July 12, 1995. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois and says her nationality is Creole and Puerto Rican.

Her home life wasn't always an easy one. From the beginning, her relationship with her father was strained although she was close to her siblings.

Not much is known about her father because of this rift in their relationship. He worked as a janitor at a high school, but beyond that, seemed to be out of the picture in Ari's life.

Ari has declined to talk about her father. She hasn't even mentioned the name, and instead shines the spotlight on her mother and two siblings.

Her mother raised her, her older brother Kyle, and her younger sister Ashley while working as a waitress in a cafe. Although there were stresses and strains like so many other families, there was happiness, too -- until tragedy struck.

The Tragic Passing of Ari's Brother Kyle

If there is one defining moment in Ari's life, it's the tragic passing of her brother Kyle. She was incredibly close with her brother, and to lose him when she was a teenager was a big shock.

Unexpectedly, her brother passed in 2013. Ari at the time was just a teenager, and it sent shock waves through her family, upending their lives.

Even though Ari is a top Instagram social media star with millions of followers, she keeps certain things private. Kyle's passing was so painful, she hasn't discussed it much publicly.

She declines to go into the details of why he passed. However, it's obvious that he was a huge influence on her life and she continues to honor him every day.

To honor him, she immediately switched the names of her social media platforms to say "Kyle's Sister". Not only did she change her profiles' names, she also got a tattoo on her left arm in order to remember him by.

Ari is always family-focused. She has never forgotten her big brother Kyle and keeps his memory alive with everything she does.

Ari and Her Family

Ari has always proudly shown how devoted she is to her late big brother. However, she's always gone above and beyond for her mother and sister.

As we mentioned before, Kyle passed when Ari was just a teenager. Her mother was working to support the family, and this loss was a blow to their finances as well as to their family.

Ari showed the strength and resilience that her fans love her for. Even though her heart was broken, she knew it was time to step up for her family.

Ari graduated from Chicago Vocational High School and was attending university in DeKalb, Illinois. After losing her brother, she dropped out of school and went to work to help her mother and sister.

Ari's Humble Beginnings

If you really want a role model that started at the bottom and then made it to the top, it's Ari Fletcher. Today, she is a millionaire mogul, but there was a time when she worked at an ordinary job, just like anyone else.

Ari's extensive resume starts with jobs in local salons and spas to make ends meet. It was when she became a bartender at Adrianna's night club that she shifted her career into high gear.

It was in 2015 while working as a bartender that she started her Instagram account. She had dreams of being a model, and she was going to make it happen for herself.

She started posting bold photos that earned her lots of fans and engagement. To this day, her Insta is full of incredible, eye-popping pics where she shows off her signature style.

Being Insta-famous wasn't enough for Ari. She wanted to launch her own business and take things to the next level.

KYCHE Extensions

The hair extension market rakes in billions of dollars each year and only keeps growing. Even with so much competition, Ari was determined to stand out and make her mark.

To understand the market, Ari sold hair extensions and studied what worked and what didn't. Then, in 2016, Ari was ready to start her own hair extension business called KYCHE Extensions.

With a huge following online, inside knowledge of what worked in the market, and the drive to succeed, is it any surprise that KYCHE Extensions was a huge hit? Ari knew that going directly to her female fans online through social media was one of the most potent and best of all free ways to sell her product.

May 2017 saw her launch her YouTube channel to add to her Instagram fame. Her very first video was called “#BundleUp By Any Means”, and it was sponsored exclusively by KYCHE Extensions.

KYCHE Extensions became one of the most sought after brands on the market. She knew what she wanted to do and she created her dream job.

The explosive growth wasn't just in America; she was seeing international sales too. She grew her brand into a multi-million dollar international business.

Ari Fletcher Net Worth

How much money does Ari make from her online presence, KYCHE hair extension business, and other endorsements? What is Ari Fletcher's net worth exactly?

Ari Fletchers net worth is around $5 million.

As we mentioned before, she's a businesswoman and KYCHE hair extensions has put money in her bank. She's had endorsement deals with other big names in the game like Savage X Fenty and Fashion Nova, earning up to a reported $150,000 a pop per deal.

Between her social media channels, endorsement deals, and lucrative business, her net worth is said to be between three to $10 million. You can see her enjoying the fruits of her labor on her Instagram, but that's not all that she does with her money.

Lifting Others Up

There are plenty of people who make it big and spend every dime as soon as it comes in. Why not fly on your private jet to a beautiful destination or rack up receipts at designer stores?

Ari is different. She knows what it's like to struggle and looks for ways to lift others up to her level.

She continues to love and support her family. Their relationship is closer than ever, and you can see in the videos and pictures that she posts that they are still extremely tight knit.

Ari looks for opportunities to support others who are trying to build their own businesses, too. For example, she's used her influence to help out her friend makeup artist Olivia Song with her business Supernatural Cosmetics and her fried Mariee with her company Moon Cosmetics.

By sharing her extensive knowledge of how to grow a social media presence online, Ari was able to help her friends rack up new followers. Now Ari is feeling inspired to launch her own cosmetic brand, Dionte with another friend, hairstylist Arrogante Tae.

What inspires her to keep earning? It's not the trips, the flashy clothes, or all of the other perks of being an American model and star; it's growing and leaving wealth to her son.

Ari Fletcher Private Life

Ari has demonstrated a level of business savvy almost unknown to those who don't have the training or education to make it big. Although she knows how to invest in herself and grow her business from the ground up, she also finds time to live her life.

Ari has never been married but has found love a few times with names just as big as hers. She's had ups and downs in her romantic life, just like anyone else.

Her first major love was Herbert Randal Wright III, better known as the rapper G Herbo. The two got together back in 2012, the year before her brother passed away.

They were together for a long time, up until 2018. They were even engaged and welcomed a child together, son Yosohn Santana Wright.

There were even rumors that Ari and G Herbo were married although they were only engaged. However, this relationship sadly came to an end.

More rumors spread that he was cheating with Taina Williams, but they were never confirmed. Regardless, she remains a devoted mother to their son.

Recent Romances

After breaking up with G Herbo in 2018, Ari didn't stay single for long. Ari continued to match with those who could meet her at her level.

After the breakup, she got together with Gervanto Davis, a professional American boxer. The couple showed off their love on Instagram but when they split, they deleted their shared photos.

Next up, she met American rapper Demario White Jr., also known as Moneybagg Yo. They got together in 2020 and from their, her fame skyrocketed even further.

The couple loved to show off their relationship on their social media accounts. They were known for lavish trips and even more luxurious gifts.

For her for her 25th birthday, Moneybagg Yo gifted Ari with a gorgeous new Lamborghini. For her turn, she got him a 2020 Mercedes-Benz Maybach for his birthday.

Despite a romance that played out like a fantasy online, their relationship came to an end in 2021. The dream was over in January of 2021 and Fletcher posted that she felt devastated by the split.

Currently, Ari is single. There's no doubt that someone as accomplished as her will find the same level of success in her personal life sooner or later.

Ari Fletcher: Success Story and Inspiration

Ari Fletcher is not just a social media star and model. She is a mother who is fiercely devoted to her son and a business woman who rose to the top through her own hard work and determination.

She's living proof that you don't have to come from wealth to generate it. Hard work, knowledge of her chosen field, and a incredible work ethic propelled her to the top of a saturated field of Instagram stars.

Her early years are marked with tragedy and her love life has had its ups and downs. She persevered, ad the future looks brighter than ever.

We know after reading this deep dive on Ari's life you're going to follow her on all of her social media channels. If you're looking for success, you can learn something from her methods.

We want to be part of your educational journey, too. Keep reading our newest posts to learn how to level up your career.

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