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Ashish Chanchlani Net Worth, YouTube, Early Life

Few people in India haven't heard of YouTuber and influencer Ashish Chanchlani.

Net Worth $10 million
Source Of WealthYouTuber
Born8th December 1993
Birth NameAshish Chanchlani
Height5ft 11in (180cm)

The comedian has been running his popular YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, for over a decade, increasing his fan base to an astonishing 28.6 million subscribers. In fact, in 2021, he became the second-most-subscribed-to YouTuber in India.

Like YouTubers in America and other countries worldwide, being a successful YouTuber comes with fame, notoriety, responsibility, and, of course, money. And Chanchlani is no stranger to any of that.

This university dropout (he left his engineering degree halfway through) comes from a well-to-do family and used his middle-class standing as a safety net to explore the fickle world of YouTube fame.

And he made good on his efforts—aside from his ad revenue from the platform, he rakes in a lot from lucrative endorsements and celebrity promotions.

Are you curious to learn more about the life and net worth of Ashish Chanchlani? Then, let's dive in. Ready, set, action!

Ashish Chanchlani's Net Worth

Most recent sources put Ashish Chanchlani's net worth at about $8 million (36 Crore INR). This has grown from a moderate $1.5 million in 2018 to $8 million in 2022.

What contributed to such a sharp net worth jump in five years? The star is clearly sensible with his money! Or just great at earning lots of it.

Of course, this rise in net worth has coincided with the rapidly growing subscriber base, which also began to escalate around five years ago. Most of his net worth was earned from YouTube advertising.

Other factors include increasing brand sponsorships, celebrity endorsements (especially Bollywood stars), and film and TV cameos. He also has tens of millions of followers across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

So far as we know, Chanchlani doesn't own his own home. But he is the proud owner of numerous pricey vehicles, including a Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Toyota Fortuner, and Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc—adding to his overall net worth.

Whether Ashish Chanchlani is investing any of his fortune is anyone's guess. However, since his mother works in the financial industry, we assume yes. So, along with the predicted enormous future growth of his YouTube income, we expect to see his net worth skyrocket in the next few years, regardless of his wealth-building strategy.

That's pretty impressive for someone so young!

Ashish Chanchlani's Salary

The fact that Ashish Chanchlani is on YouTube with millions of followers means most of his annual earnings come from this platform. Several sources report earnings of 15 to 20 Lakhs INR per month (as much as $25,000) from YouTube advertising alone. That's a whopping $300,000 annually!

As mentioned in the Net Worth section above, he also makes money in other ways.

He endorses several leading Indian and global businesses and brands. In 2021, he partnered with online merchandiser The Souled Store. He claimed to be happy with the collaboration because he's worn brands they stock since he was a teen.

Other brands he's worked (or works) with include UPGRAD, Groww, VILLIAN, OctaFX, IQOO Mobiles, UpStox, MPL, and CoinDCX.

Given his prowess as a comedic actor, he's also a particular favorite of Bollywood stars looking for promotion opportunities. They're keen to tap into his enormous audience to promote their latest movies. And Chanchlani's fans are there for it, too!

Ashish Chanchlani's Career

It's clear to anyone who does a quick Google of Ashish Chanchlani that he's quickly built a resume that stands out. While his YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, is his main claim to fame, there's lots more this young star stands out for.


Ashish Chanchlani has run his YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines, since the beginning of the 2010s.

However, he actually started out making vines on the now-defunct US-based platform, Vine. After that, he moved to Instagram, taking advantage of that social site's newly developed video applications.

Today, he's the second most popular YouTuber in India, with a subscriber count of well over 20 million.

Legend has it that he was inspired to start making vines by fellow influencers Amanda Cerny and Logan Paul. Indeed, Chanchlani's videos started out similarly—full of pranks and silly comedy.

Since then, his comedy has matured into one of witty satire and social observation. One of his recent videos, a spoof on the TV series Shark Tank India, even got a response from the show's famed judge and BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover, who called it "hilarious!"

Other Opportunities

As one of India's most prominent influencers, Ashish Chanchlani isn't short on career-building opportunities outside his YouTube channel.

He is an accomplished actor (he even went to acting school) and, as such, has made a name for himself among some of India's film and TV elite.

Bollywood actors, directors, and producers call on him when they want to promote their latest movies. Among them are names like Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, and Kartik Aryan. He's also rumored to be an unofficial ambassador for comic and film giant Marvel in India.

Chanchlani appeared in the television series "Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya" in 2016, and in 2017, he was cast in "Class of 2017," a popular web series. In 2019, he had a cameo in "Men In Black: International."

His directorial debut came in the form of a short horror film called "Akhri Safar," which garnered almost 15 million views on YouTube. He also has sponsorship and endorsement deals with numerous leading Indian brands, promoting their products and services to his millions of fans.

In June 2022, it was rumored that he might participate in the 16th season of the controversial Indian reality television show "Bigg Boss."


While Ashish Chanchlani is certainly bringing in the big bucks via YouTube and other opportunities, he's also huge on giving back to those in need.

In 2019, he released a song called The Student Anthem in collaboration with Raftaar, an Indian rapper. The song was based around the tune of "Sheikh Chilli" by Raftaar, but the lyrics were changed to discuss issues of childhood neglect. Chanchlani hoped to bring attention to this often overlooked cause through the release.

During the height of the COVID lockdowns in India, between February and May 2020, Chanchlani ran a series of charitable live streams that raised a considerable sum for the country's rural laborers. They were particularly hard hit during the pandemic because they couldn't go out and work.

Honors and Awards

It turns out that Ashish Chanchlani has gained a decent number of accolades to adorn his trophy cabinet with.

He has the coveted YouTube Silver, Gold, and Diamond play buttons (for 100,000, 1 million, and 10 million subscribers, respectively). He received these awards in the years 2016, 2017, and 2019.

In 2018, he was named "Best Digital Influencer" at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award ceremony. The same year, he took home an Indian Wikimedia award for Viral King of the Year and Viral Video of the Year.

In 2019, he was named Best Company Influencer at the World Bloggers Awards, part of the Cannes Film Festival.

He's also made the Forbes India 30 Under 30 list and India's Top 100 Digital Stars list. He ranks 18th in the latter.

Ashish Chanchlani's Personal Life

This star among Indian YouTubers hails from Ulhasnagar, where he was born on December 8, 1993.

His parents are Anil and Deepa Chanchlani. His father, Anil, is the owner of Ashok Anil Miraj Cinemas, and his mother, Deepa, works for the same firm as a financial analyst. That explains why he has such a strong love for acting, Bollywood, and the Indian television industry.

His sister, Muskan Chanchalani, is also a YouTube influencer specializing in beauty and makeup tutorials. The two are close, and she often appears on his YouTube and social media channels.

Fans will be happy to know that Ashish Chanchlani is also a dog lover.

He has an adorable little puppy called Lhasa. According to Chanchlani, Lhasa’s superpower is that she can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Don’t we all wish we could do that?

After graduating from high school, he started down the path to a career in civil engineering. However, his long-time passion for acting became too powerful, and he dropped out halfway through to start creating videos.

He attended Barry John Acting Studio for some time to refine his acting skills, with the aim of breaking into Bollywood or landing a career in television. (Life, it seems, had other plans for him.)

Today, Ashish Chanchalani lives in a luxurious three-story house in Mumbai with his parents and sister. The home has an indoor swimming pool and an expansive front garden.

So what about Ashish Chanchlani's relationships? They seem to be few and far between—or he's very good at keeping them hush-hush.

Since 2021, rumors have been circulating that Ashish Chanchlani and model, dancer, and fellow YouTuber Simran Dhanwani are dating. She has even appeared in YouTube videos created by the star.

However, Chanchlani has repeatedly denied the rumors, stating that Dhanwani isn’t his girlfriend but instead one of his closest friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite Ashish Chanchlani having social media, there’s still a lot we don’t know about this life. But we can address some of the answers to the questions most commonly asked about India's favorite YouTube comedian.

Is Ashish Chanchlani a College Dropout?

Yes, believe it or not, Chanchlani never completed his civil engineering degree. He abandoned the course to pursue his dream of acting and directing, attending a famous acting school for a while.

He started out creating vines (remember Vine?) and then moved to Instagram. From there, he found the success he enjoys today on YouTube.

What Is Ashish Chanchlani’s Net Worth?

Ashish Chanchlani’s net worth is about $10 million (40 Crore INR).

Most of his net worth is made up of earnings from YouTube, including advertising and endorsements. He’s also the proud owner of several luxury vehicles.

Does Ashish Chanchlani Still Live With His Parents?

Ashish Chanchlani shares a three-floor Mumbai mansion with his parents and his sister. Life isn’t all bad, though—the place has an enormous indoor swimming pool and immaculate gardens.

Chanchlani also has an adorable puppy called Lhasa that all the family loves dearly!

Ashish Chanchlani: Much More Than Just a YouTuber

You haven't been paying attention if you're not convinced that Ashish Chanchlani is India's next big media sensation. At a young age and with numerous awards under his belt and tens of millions of subscribers following his every word, this young influencer is just getting started.

Our net worths are for entertainment purposes only. We do our best to provide accurate figures, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The figures are based on public information and estimates, and may not reflect the true value of assets or liabilities.



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