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Camila Cabello Net Worth, Singer, Early Life

Did you know Camila Cabello has been writing songs ever since she was in the fourth grade? It was clear early on that she had a career in music in her future.

Camila Cabello
Net Worth $22 million
Source Of WealthSinger
Born3rd March 1997
Birth NameKarla Camila Cabello Estrabao
Height5ft 2in (157cm)

Camila started out in Fifth Harmony, but she's since made a name for herself as a solo musician. How much do you really know about her?

If you've been wondering about Camila Cabello's net worth, early life, relationships, and career, you're in the right place. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this young musician.

Camila Cabello's Net Worth

Camila Cabello's net worth is around $22,000,000 at the time that this article is being written.

This may seem low for a pop star, but she's still early in her career and it's more than enough for someone with even the most expensive taste to live comfortably.

Camila Cabello does not make a traditional salary because she is a performer. Her pay will vary depending on royalties, concerts, merchandise, and general performances.

Camila Cabello: Early Life

Camila isn't actually this star's first name. She was born Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao on March 3rd, 1997. She was born in Havana, Cuba, and she's proud of her Cuban heritage.

Camila spent much of her early life going back and forth between Havana and Mexico City. Her father is Mexican. When she was six years old, however, she and her family moved to the United States and started a new life in Miami, Florida.

She became an American citizen in 2008.

Many people aren't aware that Camila Cabello dropped out of high school. Because she started her career so young, she was unable to continue traditional school. She did, however, get her high school diploma later on.

Camila Cabello: Relationship History

Camila Cabello doesn't have a long public dating history.

She was dating a relationship coach that she met on The Today Show named Matthew Hussey. This relationship only lasted for a few months.

After this, Camila started dating another pop star, Shawn Mendes. Many people believed that this wasn't a real relationship, but the couple insisted that it was legitimate. They also worked on a song together called "Señorita".

The couple is no longer together. They broke up in 2021.

Camila Cabello: Career

As mentioned before, Camila Cabello hasn't had a long career yet, but she did get to start at an earlier age than many pop stars. She has a few albums under her belt and she's become somewhat of a household name.

Here's a timeline of her career so far.

The X Factor and Fifth Harmony

Camila Cabello got her big break on a show called The X Factor. Originally, The X Factor was a UK show, but Simon Cowell brought it to the United States. It's similar to American Idol and other singing competitions.

Camila's audition was never aired because the show wasn't able to get the rights for her song of choice, "Respect," by Aretha Franklin. That said, it was clearly successful because she was able to make it to the next round.

She did get eliminated during the early stages of the competition, but that ended up being a good thing. She and a few of her fellow contestants were invited to start a girl group, Fifth Harmony.

They released an EP and two studio albums, Better Together, Reflection, and 7/27.

Despite being in the girl group, Camila started to branch off on her own to collaborate with other artists. She released tracks with Machine Gun Kelly and Shawn Mendes.

She did seem to be the standout talent from Fifth Harmony and she was listed as one of the most influential teens of 2016 in Time Magazine.

At the end of 2016, Camilla left Fifth Harmony and decided to go off on her own. The reasons for her departure are still unclear. Fifth Harmony continued until 2018, but ultimately fell apart.

Going Solo With Camila

After Camila Cabello decide to start her own independent musical career, she started working on her first album. It was originally titled The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving, but later turned into a self-titled album.

Before her album launched, she released a popular hit single, "Crying in the Club." She also got to go on tour as an opener for Bruno Mars, which was a huge step forward in her career.

She also released "Havana." This was a huge hit and became a frequent flier on the most popular radio stations. It was number 1 in several countries including Australia, the UK, Canada, and the United States.

It was also Spotify's most streamed song by a female artist and it got Camila an MTV music award for the music video of the year.

The success of this song prompted Camila to do more work on her future album pre-release. She finally released it in January of 2018.

After the release, she started her first solo tour: the Never Be the Same Tour. She also got to open for pop superstar Taylor Swift's Reputation tour.

At the 2018 Grammy Awards, alongside several nominations, she got to be the first-ever female Latin artist to open the show alongside several other large names.

Getting Romantic With Romance

With the success of her first album, Camila Cabello was determined to maintain her momentum. She was already working on new music when the new year started.

This is when her collaboration with then-boyfriend Shawn Mendes came out. It was Camila's second single to top the charts, and it did so in thirty countries, making it a huge success.

She released her second album, Romance, on December 6th, 2019. It was a number one hit in Canada and reached the top three on the Billboard Top 100.

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to travel on tour for this album due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She did, however, raise money for COVID-19 awareness through iHeartMedia's Living Room Concert For America.

Welcome to the Familia

After the moderate success of Romance, Camila Cabello started working on Familia. She released it in April of 2022 alongside a virtual concert on the social media platform TikTok.

Familia was Camila's third top-ten album, debuting at number ten on the Billboard Top 200. It was regarded well by fans and critics alike, some of whom said it was her most complex and compelling album yet.

It dug deep into her Latin heritage, moreso than her other albums so far.

Movies and Television

Camilla Cabello has also been dabbling with some work on the screen instead of just on stage.

In 2021, Camilla got to act in an adaptation of Cinderella. It aired in a few theaters but was more popular on Amazon Prime's streaming service. She played the titular character.

It was the most-watched musical of 2021, but it did get mixed reviews. Still, Camilla's performance was received favorably and she's claimed that she'd like to try acting again in the future.

Camila Cabello also announced that she was going to be on the 22nd season of The Voice as a host. The Voice is another music-based reality show, meaning Camilla is returning to her roots (and she may discover the next big pop star).

Undoubtedly, we're also sure to see more music coming from Camila soon enough.

Camila Cabello FAQs

So what else would you like to know about Camila Cabello? We've discussed her career, her relationships, her early life, and her net worth, but there's more to her than that.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Camila Cabello (and their answers)

Is Camila Cabello a Philanthropist?

While Camila Cabello might not have the biggest net worth out of all of the celebrities, she does actually do quite a bit of philanthropy.

She seems to focus the majority of her efforts on children. She partnered with Save the Children to spread awareness about inequality in girls' access to education, opportunities, and healthcare. She later pledged $250,000 to that same organization and then became an ambassador for the program. She also donated some of the money from her Never Be the Same tour to the Children's Health Fund (which provides healthcare to low-income families).

On a smaller scale, Camila donated $10,000 of her own money to help a homeless immigrant.

She's contributed to programs for breast cancer, COVID-19, Hurricane Maria, Ukraine, and more. She puts her money where her mouth is.

More recently, Camila Cabello held a concert for Protect Our Kids, a fund that's meant to protect LGBTQIA children in Florida from harmful anti-LGBTQIA policies.

Like many people in her generation, Camila Cabello seems tuned in with the injustices of the world and is using her platform to try to make a change.

Why Did Camila Cabello Leave Fifth Harmony?

This is a burning question that many people have. Why did Camila leave the band that gave her the career that she has today?

On the track "Psycho Freak," Camila sings about her former bandmates, claiming that he doesn't blame them. She's come out and said that this line is referring to her departure from Fifth Harmony.

Camila claims that when she first started trying to explore music on her own, it created tension in the group. She wanted to try out solo songs and collaborations, but it became clear that she could not do that while staying with Fifth Harmony.

She was given an ultimatum by the group and she chose to follow her own path.

Of course, this is only one side of the story.

Camila Cabello Has a Bright Future Ahead

It's clear that Camila Cabello isn't slowing down her career anytime soon. She doesn't let anyone stand in her way and she's ready to diversify with film and television alongside her musical ventures.

She's grown from a teenage pop star in a girl group to an independent musician who's topping the charts.

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