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Carrie Underwood Net Worth, Music, Early Life

Carrie Underwood is an American singer and songwriter. She rose to fame after winning the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. Her debut album, Some Hearts, was released in 2005 and quickly became a commercial success, selling millions of copies worldwide.

Carrie Underwood
Net Worth $150 million
Source Of WealthMusic
Born10th March 1983
Birth NameCarrie Marie Underwood
Height5ft 3in (160cm)

This is why we've put together a comprehensive guide to all things Carrie Underwood. Keep reading to learn all about her rise to fame, her salary and achievements, as well as interesting Carrie Underwood facts along the way!

Carrie Underwood Net Worth

As one of the biggest country stars of her generation, Carrie Underwood has seen the success that few other singers get to enjoy. In addition to this, she's also the most successful American Idol winner that the show has ever seen.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $150 million.

As she continues to release catchy songs and test the waters with new financial endeavors, her net worth seems to grow every year.


Carrie Underwood's salary comes in at around 20 million dollars annually at the peak of her career. It's said that she gets paid at least half a million per concert performance, a number that fluctuates depending on the concert itself.

Due to adventures in work other than performing on stage, Carrie Underwood earns money even while sleeping!

Early Life

Born to a farming family in Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood grew up in a rural town with rural ideals. She spent most of her time outside in the country with her friends, playing in ponds and catching fireflies.

Her love and talent for singing didn't take long to surface. She performed for the Robbins Memorial Talent Show while also singing in the choir of First Free Will Baptist Church.

Soon she moved on to even bigger performances. She sang for many different events in her area and grew to be a name that people knew in the town. Some of the most notable events she performed for included events for the Lions Club and Old Settler's Day.

It was clear even when she was young that singing was an important part of her life. She even had the chance to get into a contract with Capitol Records when she was 14. However, before the contract was finalized, the company changed management and canceled the deal.

Although it was disappointing at the time, Carrie says that she was thankful for the way things worked out.


Carrie Underwood grew up with her mother and father and two older sisters.

Her father, Steve Underwood, worked at the local paper mill when not tending the farm. Her mother, Carole Underwood, was a teacher at an elementary school.

Her two sisters, Shanna and Stephanie, followed in their mother's footsteps to become teachers. Carrie was a big supporter when the two went on strike to try and gain better wages and conditions for Iowan teachers in 2018.

Despite the trials of stardom, the family has remained close throughout the years.


Carrie always worked hard throughout her life and her education was not an exception. She made sure to stay active in several sports during high school, including basketball, cheerleading, and softball. She kept high grades throughout all of her high school years as an Honor Society member and even graduated as salutatorian in 2001.

After high school, she decided that she needed to focus on her future and put singing on hold. Instead, she went to Northeastern State University and worked on furthering her education. She worked on getting a degree in mass communication and journalism.

As she worked towards graduating as manga cum laude, she also worked on the side. She waited tables, tended a zoo, and even helped at a vet's office. In addition to all of this, she also was a part of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.

Thriving Career

Even with all of her attention focused on education, Carrie Underwood never lost her love for singing. She continued to perform while working and studying. She sang at her university's Downtown Country show and even competed in several pageants where her singing often took center stage.

When the lure of audition calls for the hit show American Idol became too much, Carrie did everything she could to make sure she got to audition. Flying and traveling for the first time in her life, she was determined to make her mark on the singing world.

Little did she know that she would achieve that and more.

American Idol

The popular show entered its fourth season and Carrie was one of its lucky contestants. Her southern charm was nothing compared to the strength and quality of her voice. She received affirmation from all three judges and moved on to the next round.

She continued through the ranks of the early rounds, standing out among the rest with her rustic appeal. It was clear from the beginning that Carrie would make it far in the competition.

During the top 11 performances, Simon Cowell saw unlimited potential as well. He even predicted that she would win the show and grow to be the most successful winner the show had ever seen. That both Carrie Underwood and American Idol would have a connection that would reach new limits.

When the finals arrived, Carrie Underwood won against her opponent Bo Bice and became the fourth season winner. This achievement granted her a contract worth a million dollars, a new car, and the use of a jet for the following year.

Rising Star

Despite her initial nervousness about leaving home, Carrie didn't hold back once she'd earned her title as an American Idol winner. The single "Inside Your Heaven" debuted at the number one spot on the Hot 100 in June of 2005. This granted her the achievement of being only the third artist to do so as a debut, as well as the first country singer to do so since 2000.

The single had unparalleled success, selling close to 1 million copies and becoming a double platinum record.

Soon after this, she released her first album and ensured that no one forgot about her talent. The album "Some Hearts" sold over 300,000 copies within the first week. This meant that she had the biggest country star debut since 1991.

The album continued to make a splash and was the best-selling album for three years running. It's achieved 9 platinum certifications, more than any other country star of her generation.

Commercial Success

From there, Carrie Underwood caught the world by storm. Her singles and albums continued to top the charts and her performances at concerts left people wanting more.

It didn't take long before her name was recognized around the world for her clear voice, interesting lyrics, and rural charm.

Although many people believed that her success was tied to the American Idol name, Carrie only grew more popular despite other winners coming from the show. These days, there isn't a country fan who doesn't know her name and millions of people continue to listen to her music every day.


Throughout the years, Carrie has released a total of 9 albums, each with big achievements and certifications. These albums include:

  • Some Hearts (2005)
  • Carnival Ride (2007)
  • Play On (2009)
  • Blown Away (2012)
  • Storyteller (2015)
  • Cry Pretty (2018)
  • My Gift (2020)
  • My Savior (2021)
  • Denim & Rhinestones (2022)

In addition to these albums, she's also released a total of 29 singles as well as a collection of the greatest hits so far in her career.

Brand Expansion

Singing isn't the only thing Carrie Underwood aspires to achieve. She also has made her mark in other aspects of the entertainment world, each with varying degrees of success.


Although her focus is on her singing career, Carrie Underwood fans might have spotted her in a couple of different television shows.

Her first appearance on Sesame Street where she sang right before a race in the show. Although she played a worm character, her voice was as beautiful as ever.

Then she starred in How I Met Your Mother as a love interest for Ted. Not only did she wow the crowds with her acting prowess, but her presence also helped make the episode one of the most successful of that season.

Next, she appeared in a movie called Soul Surfer. She provided a helping role for the main character, which worked well with her natural personality.

Her last acting performance was for a three-hour special called The Sound of Music Live. It was a big hit for the hosting network. Although Carrie hasn't acted since then, she's shown that she's cut out for the big screen.


In 2020, Carrie published her first book titled Find Your Path. She wanted to share her views of the world to help others find their path on the journey of life.

She also shares small insights into her own life as well as her favorite recipes that have been a part of her life for a long time.

Clothing Line

Since she's always been an active person, it seems natural for Carrie to put her attention on world fitness. To help others feel comfortable while exercising, she created the brand Calia. Named after calla lilies, the brand offers stylish but functional leggings and tops that are perfect for workouts.

Although the clothing line ended its run in late 2021, she hasn't stopped wanting to help the world become healthier. She's recently released a new app called Fit52. It aims to help people find the right workout and lifestyle choices all year long.


During one of her stunning concerts in 2008, Carrie met Mike Fisher. The two hit it off right away, with the famous hockey player proposing to her after a year of steady dating. Six months later, the two were wed on July 10, 2010.

It took some time before the happy couple decided to have children. Carrie even made a statement that she thought she'd waited too long to have children.

The desire for a bigger family overruled her doubts. Their first child was born in 2015. Unfortunately, Carrie suffered through three miscarriages before she gave birth to her second child in 2019.

The miscarriages left a burden on the successful singer. This lead her to create music based on her experiences of being a public figure while dealing with hardships.

The family is a happy one, sharing snippets of their lives through social media. Even during the COVID pandemic, she continued to try and engage with her fans with updates about her family as best she could.

Extra Facts

Carrie Underwood turned vegan when she was 13 years old. Her love of animals made it impossible for her to think about eating one of her friends, so she decided at an early age to choose a different lifestyle.

She thinks of herself as a neat freak. She doesn't like having an unmade bed or an unorganized closet or else it'll take up all of her thoughts until it's fixed.

Following the names of her other sisters, Carrie was almost named Stacy when she was born.

She created her own charity in Checotah which focuses on animals and schooling.

Her childhood pet was a duck. His name was Drake and often ate dog food. Also, she loves the smell of skunks.

Carrie loves to read horror books. Her favorites are the ones written by Stephen King. She also likes zombies.

During her audition for American Idol, she admitted that she was born with a third nipple. Although she said it only looked like a mole, she ended up having it removed when she was younger.

The World Waits to See More From Carrie Underwood

Even with the facts of Carrie Underwood net worth and success, the world still can't wait to see what she'll do next. Will it be another hit album or will she try her hand at some new form of entertainment? Will she stick to her roots or branch out towards unknown stars?

No matter what she decides, we all know she still has a lot of achievements left in her booming career!

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