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Charlie Puth Net Worth, Musician, Early Life

Charlie Puth is a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and heartthrob who has been in the music industry for the past thirteen years. Despite his long tenure, Charlie is just getting started.

Charlie Puth
Net Worth $27 million
Source Of WealthSinger
Born2nd December 1991
Birth NameCharles Otto Puth Jr
Height5ft 10in (177cm)

His career began at a very young age, so he was able to perfect his craft and start earning a living much younger than the average person. Charlie is an example of the American dream. He has been able to pursue his passion for music and storytelling and through that connects with his 44 million monthly Spotify listeners.

Interested to learn more about Charlie's career origins and how he built a net worth of millions before age 30? Keep reading to discover the Charlie Puth net worth and more about this artist's life and career.

Charlie Puth Net Worth

Charlie Puth is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. Charlie Puth net worth is estimated at $27 million. Charlie's initial success happened when his Youtube songs went viral.

Puth quickly signed with the record label eleveneleven after his Ellen Degeneres feature. Puth has always been a passionate songwriter and producer, so while creating his music, continued to write for other artists. He zoned in on a successful solo career and gained wealth by putting out several albums and singles in his career.

Charlie Puth Salary

The majority of Charlie's wealth comes from his music. His albums, singles, and concerts are the greatest source of income for the musician. He generates an undefined percentage from these events, but the number is in the millions.

Charlie is also a songwriter and has written and co-written music for many famous artists that you most likely didn't know were written by him such as:

  • "Celebrate" by Pitbull
  • "So Good" by Zara Larsson
  • "Lips On You" by Maroon 5
  • "Bedroom Floor" by Liam Payne
  • "Slow Motion" by Trey Songz

All of these songs and many others were written by Puth. Puth is also a music producer and responsible for some of your favorite hits, even if they are not his songs. All together Charlie has 4 EPs, 33 music videos, 34 singles, and three studio albums in his 13-year career to date.

Charlie Puth Early Life

Charlie was born on December 2, 1991, in Rumson, New Jersey. Music ran in Puth's family as his mother, Debra, was a music teacher and writer. She wrote many commercials for the television channel, HBO, so Puth was exposed to music at a very young age.

Besides his music, Puth is famously known for his right eyebrow which is split down the middle. While this slit has become synonymous with the artist and added to his recognizability, Puth's eyebrow was scarred at a young age.

He suffered an almost fatal dog attack at the age of two years and the scar removed the hair follicles in that area. A popular misconception is that Charlie shaves his eyebrow to create this look as part of an "image." Most people are unaware that this is a permanent feature on his face.

At the age of four, his musically talented mother began teaching Charlie the piano. At age ten, Charlie began studying jazz. Charlie spent his summers studying music and partaking in music events like his local jazz ensemble.

Charlie's passion for music was clear from a young age. At just 11 years old, Charlie recorded and produced his first unofficial album titled "Have a Very Charlie Christmas."

Charlie went around his neighborhood selling the album and made $600 in sales. He donated all of the money he made from his holiday album sale to charity.

Alongside his regular academic studies, Puth also attended Manhattan School of Music pre-college. All the years of schooling and practice paid off when Charlie was accepted to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

He graduated from the Boston music school in 2013 with a degree in music production and engineering.

Charlie Puth Career

Charlie's career began in 2009 when he started his own YouTube channel. The singer titled the channel "Charlies Vlogs" and posted comedy videos in addition to acoustic covers.

In 2010 Charlie released his first song online titled "These Are My Sexy Shades." He also released his first extended play (EP) "The Otto Tunes" in 2010. Around 2011 Charlie and Emily Luther released a cover of Adele's "Someone Like You" while he was still in school and moving to Boston.

The cover was done as part of a Perez Hilton music contest. Charlie and Emily won the contest and got a record deal out of it!

The video was an instant success, getting noticed by Adele and Ellen Degeneres. It now has well over 4 million views and upon release quickly gained one million. This led to an invitation to the Ellen Degeneres show and Charlie's first contract.

In 2013, Puth released his first album, "Ego."

Eventually, in 2015, Charlie signed with Atlantic Records and Artist Partner Group (APG). Despite being in the industry for six years at that point, Puth released his debut single, "Marvin Gaye" in 2015 alongside new talent Meghan Trainor.

The single debut did phenomenally. He was also featured on the single "See You Again" which Charlie co-created with Wiz Khalifa, another Atlantic Records signed artist.

The song "See You Again" made the US Billboard Hot 100 for 12 non-consecutive weeks, putting Puth in the spotlight. The song was made for the movie Fast 7 as a tribute to the late Paul Walker.

This made Charlie Eligible for Golden Globe and Oscar recognition. He ended up with a nomination for the 58th annual Golden Globe awards. At this point, Puth's career took off and he gained worldwide recognition for many of his new releases after that point.

Charlie's most recognizable single "One Call Away" became an international favorite and made the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song was part of his 2016 album, "Nine Track Mind." Although the album received relatively negative press, there were a few songs that gained incredible popularity, catapulting Charlie into fame.

The track "We Don't Talk Anymore" featured fan favorite, Selena Gomez, and was on top hit lists worldwide. Puth also included his successful single, "Marvin Gaye," which he'd previously recorded alongside Meghan Trainor, on the album.

In subsequent years, Puth released two singles, which later made it onto his next album in 2018, "Voicenotes." This album did much better than the previous one and ranked number four on Billboard 200 lists. Puth had a few years of back and forth creating and scraping songs after 2018.

He's released a few singles, but was facing difficulty most artists face in perfecting their craft. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Puth put his head down and stringently worked to produce his 2022 album, "Charlie."

The track "Light Switch" signaled a tease to the new album and was incredibly popular. In 2022 Charlie also played at his comedic side, which he'd originally exposed when creating his namesake YouTube channel back in 2009, "Charlies Vlogs."

Charlie became an avid TikTok user and used the social app to engage with fans, experiment with music, connect with other musicians, and tease his new releases. Charlie has over 18 million TikTok followers and nearly 200 million likes on his videos.

The platform has been integral for furthering Charlie's connection with his fans and sharing his music.  Charlie is set to play the Global Citizen Festival in 2022 and there are rumors about an upcoming collaboration with rap legend, Eminem.

Charlie Puth Family and Relationships

As mentioned Charlie's mother, Debra, was a music teacher and inspired Charlie's early musical days. Charlie's father, Charles Otto Senior, was a real estate agent and also a builder. Charlie has two younger siblings, Stephen Puth and Mikaela Puth, who were twins.

Charlie's family is of Italian, German, and Hungarian descent. Charlie's father is Catholic and his mother is Jewish. Charlie's exposure to music began in his household and continued through his primary developmental years.

The singer is reported to be in a relationship with fellow singer Charlotte Lawrence. Charlotte is a 22-year-old American pop singer from Los Angeles California. She is an up-and-coming artist.

The couple keeps their relationship private.

FAQs About Charlie Puth

Unlike most celebrities, Charlie seems to be successful at keeping a low profile. He prefers to keep his private life, well, private. However, Puth is very vocal about the negative effects of fame including the utter lack of privacy and that he has to work very hard to protect his relationships.

Puth states that his music is a therapy outlet to deal with the false tabloids and constant attention.

Where Is Charlie Puth From?

Charlie is from a town in New Jersey called Rumson. Rumson is a borough of Monmouth county which is part of the New York Metropolitan region. It only has a population of around 7,000 people.

Rumson is a coastal town in New Jersey and is about a one-hour drive from New York City.

Did Charlie Puth Go to College?

Yes! Charlie Puth was accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. It is one of the top music schools in the country.

Charlie was accepted on a full scholarship to Berklee. The university is where he recorded a YouTube video alongside singer Emily Luther that propelled Charlie into fame and led to a record signing with Ellen Degenres' record company eleveneleven.

Although signed before graduation, Charlie continued his college degree and graduated in 2013.

Does Charlie Puth Have Siblings?

Charlie Puth has a younger sister and brother. His younger siblings are twins and are both three years younger than Charlie. Charlie's brother Stephen is also a singer-songwriter and signed with Arista records.

Charlie's sister, Mikaela Puth Ford is a social media star and talent Manager.

What Is Charlie Puth Known For?

Puth is famously known for his musical talent. He is a triple threat, as a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Puth is vocal about his musical curiosity and is often seen mixing music with unconventional practices and making sounds out of random objects like lemonade and ice cubes.

Some credit Puth to be a musical genius as he loves getting involved in the entire production process.

What Are Charlie Puth's Best Songs?

While everyone has their personal favorites, the top hits of Puth are based on billboard rankings and play counts. Below are Charlie Puth's top songs ranked in order of popularity:

  1. See You Again
  2. Slow It Down
  3. Empty Cups
  4. We Don't Talk Anymore
  5. Attention
  6. How Long
  7. Done for Me
  8. Marvin Gaye
  9. The Way I Am
  10. One Call Away

All of these songs were written at different points in Charlie's career. It seems he's been able to successfully release hit songs year after year, which is a trying thing to do in any industry.

Does Charlie Puth Make His Own Tiktoks?

Charlie is the video creator and mastermind behind his successful TikTok channel. Many of his videos contain original sounds that he spun out himself. His account is @charlieputh on TikTok.

Charlie is an example of the American dream. He took a chance and used the power of the internet which led to his discovery by Ellen Degeneres and seemingly instant success with a viral video. It's true that his growth as an artist took years, but his talent was apparent from an early age.

Puth's success has tales of passion, determination, and risk-taking raveled in it. He is a self-made multi-millionaire and continues to produce new music to this day. The world is waiting for his next piece of work!

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