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Coi Leray Net Worth, Rapper, Early Life

Coi Leray is one of the heavy hitters when it comes to female rap and she's taking over the industry.

Coi Leray
Net Worth $5 million
Source Of WealthRapper
Born11th May 1997
Birth NameCoi Leray Collins
Height5ft 4in (163cm)

However, not everyone knows as much as they should about her or her music. This info can help you better understand her as an artist and may even help you relate to her as a person.

Let's take a look at some of the key facts you should keep in mind.

Coi Leray Net Worth and Salary

As of 2021, Coi Leray's net worth is approximately $5 million. She has earned most of her wealth from her music career.

She has released two mixtapes and a number of singles that have all been commercially successful.

In addition to her music career, Coi Leray has also done some modeling work. She has appeared in a number of publications, including XXL magazine.

She has also worked on campaigns for brands like Nike and Adidas. As for her salary, there is no information available at this time.

However, she is likely earning a decent wage from her various endeavors. Her sources of income likely include music sales, streaming royalties, live performances, and modeling gigs.

Coi Leray Early Life

Coi Leray was born on March 1, 1999, in New Jersey, making her just 22 years old as of 2021. She lived in a single-parent household by her mother and spent most of her childhood living with her grandparents.

These experiences would shape her music and career going forward. Coi Leray first started showing an interest in music at a young age and would often freestyle with her friends.

In high school, she started to take her music more seriously and began posting her songs on SoundCloud. This is where she would first start to gain a following and eventually get signed to the record label Republic Records.

She achieved this through her consistent grind and dedication to her music. She claims that she would work on music for 12 hours a day, which eventually paid off. This has caused even more successful rappers to acknowledge her work ethic.

Coi Leray Music Career

Coi Leray's first official single, "Huddy", came out in 2018 and quickly gained popularity online. This led to her first mixtape, "Now or Never", which was released in 2019. The mixtape included the singles "No More Parties" and "Huddy", both of which were well-received by fans.

In 2020, she released her second mixtape, "EC2", which featured the single "Big Mad". The song peaked at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it her highest charting single to date.

She has since released a number of other singles, including "No Make Up", "selfish", and "Oh Well". Other songs include "Addicted", "In My Feelings", "Guns and Roses", and "No Hook".

Notable artists she's collaborated with include Lil Baby, DaBaby, and Lil Tecca.

She also states that some of her musical influences are Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion. Her music videos perform notably well, giving her a favorable cost-per-view (CPV).

Coi Leray Family

Coi Leray comes from a large family and is very close to her cousins, uncles, and grandparents. She has said that her family is one of the biggest influences on her music.

Coi Leray's father is a successful rapper and producer who goes by the name of Benzino. He was a part of the group Made Men and has appeared on reality television shows like Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. He has also been involved in a number of legal and personal controversies over the years, such as an assault charge and a stint in rehab.

Her mother is also a rapper and goes by the name of Queenzflip. She has released a number of mixtapes and has collaborated with other artists, such as Lil Kim.

Coi Leray's mother has not been as publicly involved in her life, but she is believed to be supportive of her daughter's career. She has two brothers and a sister, but not much is known about them.

It is said they also make music, but they have not gained the same level of success as Coi Leray.

Coi Leray Relationship

Coi Leray is currently single and not dating anyone. She has said in the past that she is focused on her career and not looking for a relationship.

However, she has been rumored to be dating rapper Lil Yachty in the past. The two have never confirmed or denied these rumors.

She has also been linked to rapper Trippie Redd, something that has been well documented by the media.

Coi Leray Endorsements

Coi Leray is a brand ambassador for SKIMS, a company founded by reality television star Kim Kardashian.

The company sells shapewear and other items designed to improve the appearance of women's bodies.

She has also been featured in a number of fashion magazines, such as Elle and Harper's Bazaar. Through her modeling, she's also endorsed brands like Puma, PrettyLittleThing, and FashionNova.

Coi Leray FAQ

Coi Leray is an artist with many interesting nuances that her fans may not be aware of. Listed below are some of the most common questions they have. Let's take a look.

Where Does Coi Leray Live?

Coi Leray currently resides in Los Angeles, California. She has said that she loves the weather and the lifestyle out there. However, she also spends a lot of time in her hometown of New Jersey.

She claims that she likes to stay close to her family and friends, so she often goes back to visit.

What Happened to Coi Leray's Father?

In 2014, he was arrested and charged with assault after getting into a fight with his then-fiancée Althea Heart. The charges were later dropped.

In 2016, he entered rehab for drug addiction. He has since completed his treatment and is said to be doing much better. He received treatment for approximately six months.

Although he has taken steps to improve his life, Coi Leray has said that she is not ready to forgive him for everything that he has done.

Many people view this conflict as an inspiration for her music.

What Is Coi Leray's Real Name?

Coi Leray's real name is Brittany Collins. She got her nickname "Coi" from her father.

It is a play on the word "coy" due to her shy and introverted personality. She also chose to use this name as her stage name in reference to a Japanese koi fish.

Still, close friends and family refer to her as Brittany.

What Is Coi Leray's Zodiac Sign?

Coi Leray's zodiac sign is Taurus. However, she has stated that she does not believe in astrology.

Still, this information is often important to her fans, and many use this information to better relate to her.

How Tall Is Coi Leray?

Coi Leray is 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) tall, making her a bit taller than the average woman.

She's often seen in platform shoes or boots, which adds a few inches to her height. Due to this, she often appears taller than she actually is.

What Is Coi Leray's Shoe Size?

Coi Leray wears a women's size 7.5 (US) shoe, which is equivalent to a men's size 6 (US).

In comparison to the average female shoe size, which is around a women's size 8.5 (US), she wears a smaller shoe. Once again, she typically wears boots or platforms that may give off a bulkier appearance.

What Are Coi Leray's Hobbies?

In her spare time, Coi Leray enjoys doing a variety of activities.

She is an avid reader and often posts about the books she is currently reading on her social media accounts. She is also a fan of video games and has been known to stream herself playing various titles on Twitch. She also enjoys going to clubs with her friends and listening to music.

What Is Coi Leray's Favorite Food?

Coi Leray's favorite food is sushi.

She has said that she could eat it every day if she could afford it. She also enjoys other Japanese dishes, such as ramen and tempura. When she's in the mood for something sweet, she enjoys cupcakes, cookies, and cake.

Although she claims she isn't the best chef, she says that she loves to cook for her friends and family.

What Is Coi Leray's Favorite Color?

Coi Leray's favorite color is pink.

She often wears clothes or accessories in this hue and has even dyed her hair pink in the past. When she was younger, she wanted to be a pop star and often dressed like one.

She has said that she still loves pop music and often listens to it when she's working out or cleaning her house.

What Is Coi Leray's Favorite Animal?

Coi Leray's favorite animal is a dog. She has two pets of her own, both of which are French Bulldogs. In the past, she has also posted pictures of herself with other animals, such as cats, rabbits, and reptiles.

When Is Coi Leray's Next Tour?

As of right now, Coi Leray does not have any upcoming tour dates. When she does tour, though, Coi Leray has stated she would like to tour with Jack Harlow.

She is currently working on new music and has said that she will be going on tour once her album is finished. In the meantime, fans can check out her YouTube channel, where she often posts vlogs and music videos.

Does Coi Leray Sell Merch?

Yes, Coi Leray does sell merch. She has a variety of items available on her website, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more.

She also has a line of beauty products, which includes lip gloss and false eyelashes. She claims that she wants her merchandise to be both empowering and affordable. It can likely be concluded that her official website has a notable conversion rate.

Did Coi Leray Go to College?

No, Coi Leray did not go to college.

She dropped out of high school in order to pursue her music career. She has said that she does not regret this decision and that she is proud of what she has accomplished without a formal education.

What Type of Car Does Coi Leray Drive?

Coi Leray drives a Bentley Bentayga.

This SUV retails for around $200,000 and is one of the most expensive cars on the market. Fans have seen her driving a Porsche Panamera and a Range Rover.

Other cars that she drives include a BMW i8 and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It's estimated that she has other vehicles that are not public knowledge.

Is Coi Leray Religious?

Coi Leray is not religious.

However, she has said that she is spiritual and believes in a higher power. She has also said that she is open to different religions and is willing to learn about them.

She often posts about her spiritual beliefs on her social media accounts. She's also previously mentioned meditation as something that helps her relax and center herself.

She mentions these topics frequently in her music, as well.

Keep These Coi Leray Facts in Mind

Coi Leray is one of the most unique artists in hip hop today. She is a talented rapper, singer, and songwriter who has a notably eclectic style. Be sure to keep an eye on her career as she's projected to reach even further heights.

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