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DC Young Fly Net Worth, Comedy, Early Life

DC Young Fly is an American rapper, popular actor, comedian, writer, and TV personality. His real name is John Whitfield. You may know him from MTV's Wild 'N Out (he was a rookie in season 7) or from his Instagram live roasting sessions.

DC Young Fly
Net Worth $6 million
Source Of WealthActor
Born2nd May 1992
Birth NameJohn Whitfield
Height5ft 11in (180cm)

John "DC Young Fly" Whitfield is 30 years old and stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall. He is reported to weigh about 165 pounds. He is a Black American man of African American descent and has black hair and dark brown eyes.

In 2022, DC Young Fly's net worth is estimated at a cool $6 million. He earns his yearly salary from his popular social media channels, TV hosting appearances, and his album sales.

What else do you need to know about DC Young Fly's early life, career, and family? We are talking all about that below, so keep reading. And make sure to stick around for the FAQ section to get all your DC Young Fly questions answered.

DC Young Fly's Net Worth

DC Young Fly is worth is roughly $6 million. DC Young Fly's net worth has steadily increased since he started his career.

DC Young Fly's Salary

DC Young Fly earns a steady income from his YouTube Channel, which is called DcYoungFly. It is estimated that he earns $50,000 per year from his channel.

He also earns money from his rap albums and TV hosting appearances. This brings DC Young Fly's total annual salary to about $300,000 per year.

DC Young Fly's Early Life

DC Young Fly was born John Richard Whitfield on May 2nd, 1992. That makes him 30 years old as of this writing. He is a Taurus, which is an Earth sign representing practicality and down-to-earthiness.

He was born in the Adamsville neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. This neighborhood is known for being rougher and home to gangs and drug dealers.

DC Young Fly attended Benjamin E. Mays High School in southwest Atlanta from 2006 to 2010. Benjamin E. Mays is a public school and one of the Georgia Schools of Excellence.

As a young man, John Whitfield remembers being the class clown. His peers nicknamed him "DC Young Fly" because he was always carrying around a DC Comics strip.

After graduating from high school, DC Young Fly enrolled in Georgia Southern University's Armstrong Campus. This public university is located in Savannah, Georgia.

John Whitfield's family suffered a tragedy in 2011. Whitfield's brother, a hip-hop artist known by the name Da Crew, was killed that year. DC Young Fly has a tattoo on his forehead honoring Da Crew.

DC Young Fly's Career

DC Young Fly started his rapping career after his brother's passing in 2011. But his work as a comedian didn't begin until 2014.

In 2014, he released his debut single and created an Instagram and YouTube channel called DcYoungFly. He also had a Vine back when that social media platform was popular, and he made short roasting videos on it.

One year later, rapper Young Dolph invited DC Young Fly to appear in his music video for the song Pulled Up. 2 Chainz and Juicy J were also featured in the song and music video.

Here is everything else you need to know about DC Young Fly's career so far.


Some consider DC Young Fly the original internet comedian. In fact, many believe that he was the first comedian to rise to fame because of social media and the internet.

On his eponymous YouTube and Vine channels, DC Young Fly became a household name because of his "bring that a** here" roasts. These short videos have since become a cult classic.

Perhaps the most popular of DC Young Fly's early roasting sessions was of American actor and comedian Michael Blackson. This video accumulated over one million views in less than a week.

As of this writing, DC Young Fly's YouTube channel has an incredible 3 million subscribers. Throughout his social media career, he has accumulated 19 million views on his YouTube channel.

In 2017, DC Young Fly joined the seventh season of MTV's Wild 'N Out comedy show. He was subsequently given the honor of being named Wild 'N Out's Rookie of the Year. DC Young Fly, DeRay Davis, and Jacob Williams will celebrate their 10th season with Wild 'N Out when the stand-up releases this year.

In 2019, DC Young Fly was again honored with a prestigious award. Stand-up Magazine named him one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch.

If you have been waiting for a comedy special from this comedian, you will not have to wait long. DC Young Fly is expected to release his first-ever stand-up special in 2023.

DC Young Fly is not just a comedic performer, though. He also writes standup comedy. For example, he wrote skits for the 2020 and 2021 BET Hip-Hop Awards.


In 2017, DC You Fly joined MTV's reboot of Total Request Live (TRL) as host. He hosted alongside Tamara Dhia, Amy Pham, Erik Zachary, and Lawrence Jackson. The TRL reboot went off-air again in 2018.

He also hosted the 15th and 16th annual BET Hip Hop Awards alongside his 85 South Crew Chico Bean and Karlous Miller. His relationship with BET continued when co-hosted the 2019 BET Social Awards with co-host Jess Hilarious.

In 2020, DC Young Fly started hosting Floored on the failed streaming platform Quibi. Floored was a game show along the lines of Wheel of Fortune.


DC Young Fly also began his acting career in 2016. He appeared as the character Wonder in a TV movie called Hollywood Hearts. Over the next few years, DC Young Fly played small roles in the following films:

  • Almost Christmas
  • Dirty South House Arrest
  • Armed

DC Young Fly is no stranger to TV screens either. His first TV series was the mini-series The New Edition Story. He then went on to play minor roles in Mann and Wife, Tales, and In the Cut.

The comedy series Dead House offered DC Young Fly his first ever reoccurring role as Dead A**.

In 2019, DC Young Fly was cast as the stoner character Calvin in Bruce Leddy's How High 2. He starred in the film alongside Lil Yachty. Method Man and Redman also appeared in the film, as well as comedian Mike Epps.

Since his breakout role in How High 2, DC Young Fly has continued to make waves as an actor. He appeared in the Scream TV series in 2019, played Rafael on Grown-ish the same year, and voiced the character of Man-Man in 2022's revival of The Proud Family.

Caught Up In and Bosco are two credits on DC Young Fly's IMDB page. It is rumored that Netflix picked up one of these films.

Excitingly, DC Young Fly is expected to star in the HBO Max remake of the 1990 film House Party. He will appear alongside The Chi's Jacob Latimore, Snowfall's Melvin Gregg, and Power's Rotimi. House Party is set to premiere in late 2022.


DC Young Fly released his first single as a rapper in 2014. The song was called Westside Connection. He quickly followed up with M.A.P. and then Right Now and No Weed a few years later in 2016.

In 2018, DC Young Fly released his first-ever album. Called Curb Music, this album features hits like 2 Shots and How the Street Go. It has five out of five stars on Amazon music.

Trap Soul was the next album to come out in 2019. He followed up that album with Fly Womack in 2020. Good Thang featuring Rotimi was an instant smash hit from Fly Womack.

DC Young Fly has yet to announce a tour for his popular albums. However, he has served as an opening act for Chris Brown's Party Tour and Eric Bellinger's Cuffing Season Tour.

DC Young Fly's Family

DC Young Fly has always been very private when it comes to his parents. His mother has been featured in some of his earlier Vines. We also know that DC Young Fly's father, Solomon, was a pastor who passed away in 2013.

Aside from Da Crew, DC Young Fly had five other brothers and sisters. He was the youngest of the seven kids his parents had.

These days, DC Young Fly spends much of his time with his growing family. He has been dating model and popular YouTuber Jacky Oh since 2015, and they have two children together. Their daughters' names are Nova and Nala.

The cute couple met when DC Young Fly joined the cast of Wild 'N Out. In an interview, Oh claimed that it was not love at first sight for these two comedians.

DC Young Fly FAQs

Are you looking for specific answers to all your burning DC Young Fly questions? Then scan our FAQ section below to find the information you have been searching for.

Does DC Young Fly Have Tattoos?

Yes, DC Young Fly does have tattoos! He has a tattoo of his brother's stage name, "Da Crew," between his eyebrows. This tattoo honors the death of his older brother, which occurred in 2011 and inspired him to become a musician.

In addition to his forehead tattoo, DC Young Fly also has tattoos on his neck, left upper bicep, and right upper bicep.

Is DC Young Fly Married?

DC Young Fly is not married, but he has been in a long-term relationship with Jacky Oh. The couple met on Wild 'N Out and quickly fell in love. Today, they have two daughters named Nova and Nala Whitfield.

Who Is Jacky Oh?

Jacky Oh is also known as Ms. Jacky Oh. She is a model, actress, TV personality, and social media influencer with nearly 1 million followers across all her channels. She is also DC Young Fly's long-time girlfriend.

Jacky Oh was born on November 3rd, 1990. She is 31 years old, making her a year older than her partner DC Young Fly.

Jacky Oh is a Scorpio. Since DC Young Fly is a Taurus, they probably have a great relationship. Taurus and Scorpio signs make great friends because they are loyal to and supportive of each other.

Like her long-time boyfriend, Jacky Oh is an aspiring businesswoman. She is the founder of the beauty line J Nova. J Nova sells lip gloss and false eyelashes online.

Where Does DC Young Fly Live?

DC Young Fly currently resides in sunny Los Angeles. He lives with his long-time girlfriend, Jacky Oh, and their two children.

DC Young Fly used to own a home in New York City. He recently sold that property to a buyer for nearly one million dollars. His Los Angeles home is reportedly worth seven figures as well.

IS DC Young Fly a Producer?

In 2016, DC Young Fly helped produce a short film that he also starred in: #DigitalLivesMatter. He also served as a producer on the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Does DC Young Fly Own a Business?

In addition to the many entertainment hats he wears, DC Young Fly is also a businessman. He owns the Miami Beach-based DC Comedy Exchange. This improv club opened in 2021.

DC Young Fly is a multi-talented and award-winning comedian, rapper, TV personality, and actor. He rose to fame in the mid-2010s for his roasting Vines and YouTube videos.

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