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Diamond Platnumz Net Worth, Music, Early Life

Net Worth $10 million
Source Of WealthMusic
Born2nd October 1989
Birth NameNaseeb Abdul Juma Issack
Height5ft 8in (172cm)

As the first African artist to amass 1 billion views on Youtube, Diamond Platnumz is a Tanzanian singer, dancer, actor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is considered, across the world, as one of the influential musical forces in Central and East Africa. Platnumz is also the founder and CEO of several popular labels, including Wasafi Media.

But what else should you know about Diamond Platnumz? In this article, we discuss his net worth, salary, early life, career, relationship, and family.

Net Worth of Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz had an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2022. This makes him one of the wealthiest and most influential musicians in Tanzania. He also ranks among the top entertainers in Central and East Africa based on his net worth.

Most of his revenue comes from the many hit tracks he has released and shows he did. He also got part of his wealth from companies he created or invested in.

With a Youtube channel that boasts over 6.6 million subscribers, Platnumz earns a lot from his music videos as he has achieved millions of views.

Diamond Platnumz Salary

Tanzanian Bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz undeniably makes a lot of money. His TV station (Wasafi TV) and radio station (Wasafi FM) bring him in revenue. He also uses these platforms to score advertisement gigs and grow his overall earnings.

Diamond Platnumz Early Life

Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack was born on 2 October, 1989 to parents Sanura Kassim and Salum Iddi Nyange. His birth town and hometown is Tandale, a small town in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Back then, his family didn't have much, and that motivated him to work harder.

Diamond was brought up alongside two sisters, Esma Platnumz and Queen Darleen. Esma is a budding entrepreneur, while Queen Darleen is a musician. Their mother, popularly known as Sandra, is always making headlines for her strong opinions.

Sandra once stated in a 2021 interview that Mzee Abdul Naseeb Juma wasn’t Diamond’s biological father. This is despite the fact that Mr. Platnumz shares the same with him. The biological father here is Salim Iddi Nyange.

Diamond's mother claimed that she met Mr. Nyange when she had separated from Mzee Naseeb Juma. This led to Mr. Nyange taking up the fatherly responsibilities.

Education and Introduction to Music

Diamond enrolled in Chakula Bora Nursery school back in 1995. He also went to Tandale Magharibi Primary School and completed his primary school education back in 2002. His secondary education journey started in 2003 and ended after he graduated in 2006.

Growing up, Diamond Platnumz faced lots of financial difficulties. His first job was selling clothes when he was 17 years old, around 2006. And during his short stint in business, he discovered his enthusiasm for music.

With little savings, Diamond made his first investment recording music. His first single, Toka Mwanzo, has undertones of R&. Though it failed to perform well commercially, he still didn't give up.

Driven by ambition and passion for music, Diamond continued pursuing music. He went through different trajectories before reaching where he is now.

Diamond Platnumz Career

Diamond's biggest breakthrough moment as an artist came in 2010. Back then, he had released a hit track, titled Kamwambie, to critical acclaim. The track helped him bag three Tanzania Music Awards and a fan base across East Africa.

Later on, Diamond released an album by the title Kamwambie, which marked his debut in the commercial music scene. The album boasted appearances from fellow artists such as Hawa, Rj the Dj, Hemedy PHD, and Chid Benz. It went on to be a great commercial success both in Tanzania and East and Central Africa.

His album “Lala Salama” hit the music market in 2012 to critical acclaim. It helped him achieve worldwide recognition. He, later on, got a BET Award nomination under the Best International Act: Africa category.

Diamond also got another nomination at the 2016 BET Awards. And as his popularity kept growing, he attracted major music labels around the world. He entered a contract with Universal Music and released A Boy from Tandale, an Afro-Pop album, in 2018.

A Boy from Tandale featured appearances from several international superstars. These artists included Morgan Heritage, Omarion, and Ne-Yo. Other featured artists were Vanessa Mdee, Tiwa Savage, Rayvanny, and Jah Prayzah.


Besides working on solo projects, Diamond Platnumz has done several collaborations. Most of his music videos are a result of a collaboration between him and Kenny, a video director. In particular, the music video for his song "Waah" got the All Africa Music Awards nomination for Best African Video.

Diamond is featured in songs by artists such as Zuchu, Focalistic, and Davido, among many others. He even collaborated with high-profile African musicians in his most recent 10-track EP.

His notable appearances in other artists’ songs include Patoranking’s Love You Die and Ya Levis’s Penzi. Others include Alicia Keys' Wasted Energy and Stanley Enow's My Way Remix.

Awards and Accolades

Since he began his singing career in 2010, Diamond has received numerous awards and accolades. In particular, his debut commercial single, Kamwambie, bagged him three awards in the Tanzania Music Awards. The awards include Best Upcoming Artist, Best R&B Song, and Best Song.

Diamond also won three TMA awards for his Mr. Blue-assisted song, Moyo Wangu. The awards were in the categories of Best Song Writer and Best Male Artist.

His song, Number One, helped him win three TMI Awards for the Best Afro Pop Song, Music Video, and Male Artist. He also bagged a TMI Award for the Video of the Year with his single Mdogo Mdogo. To date, he has a total of 15 TMI awards, making him one of a kind to do so.

On the African music landscape, Diamond also won several awards. These awards include African Muzik Magazine Awards, Channel O Music Video Awards, and WatsUp TV Africa Music Video. Others include the Nzumari Awards and a Prize in Entertainment.


Due to his huge popularity in Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz is usually considered for most endorsements in the country. For instance, Pepsi East Africa named him a brand ambassador in 2019. He also became the brand ambassador for Parimatch Africa in the same year.

Nice One (Tanzania) have Diamond on board as their brand ambassador too. The same applies to Coral Paints and Itel (Tanzania). He continues getting offers from multi-million companies to endorse their brands.

Diamond’s endorsement deals bring him millions over the course of his professional career. They are attributed to his strong business acumen and likeability.

Besides these endorsements, Diamond Platnumz is the founder of WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby). WCB is a Tanzanian label with a roster of artists such as Zuchu, Mbosso, and Rayvanny. Fellow successful artists such as Harmonize and Rich Mavoko were also once part of the label.

As of 2021, Diamond’s WCB signed a publishing deal with Warner Music Group. Diamond also diversified the WCB franchise into several successful ventures. They include Zoom Extra, Wasafi Media, and Wasafi Bet.


Mr. Platnumz owes most of his success in music to his management team. The team comprises Said Fella and Babu Tale, who are veterans in the Tanzanian music scene.

With oversight from his management team, Diamond has been able to diversify his portfolio. To be precise, he expanded into the TV and radio space.

The management team also oversaw the successful launch of his critically acclaimed album, A Boy from Tandale, in Nairobi, Kenya. Babu Tale continues to be an influential force on Diamond's music career and investment portfolio. Babu Tale's, together with Said Fella's, is mentioned in several Diamond Platnumz songs.

Diamond Platnumz Relationship

Diamond Platnumz’s relationships have always attracted attention from his huge fan base. Media outlets also frequently report rumors about his dating life.

Wema Sepetu

As he was still new in the Tanzanian music scene, Diamond was in a highly-publicized relationship with Wema Sepetu. Miss Sepetu is a beauty pageant and entrepreneur known for winning the 2006 Miss Tanzania pageant. However, the relationship ended in 2014.

Zari Hassan

After dating Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz moved on with Zari Hassan. At first, the relationship seemed platonic until they confirmed that they were an item. He even tagged Zari along to the Channel O Video Awards in South Africa.

Diamond and Zari’s relationship proved successful after they welcomed their first child, Latifa Dangote, together. Later on, Zari gave birth to Prince Nillan while still married to Diamond.

Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond and Hamisa’s short-lived romance began after he broke up with Zari. He met Hamisa on the set of his “Salome” music video.

Later on, Hamissa gave birth to his son, Dylan. On hearing about this news, Zari was completely devastated. She gave them her blessings after forgiving him.

Hamisa and Diamond’s relationship ended in 2018. Today, Hamisa Mobeto is a businesswoman, making money from club appearances and endorsement deals.

Tanasha Donna

Diamond met Tanasha Donna while doing a media tour in Nairobi, Kenya, in late 2018. The two quickly became lovers drawing lots of attention from fans and the media. A year later, they were blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Nasibu Jr.

The couple broke up in 2020 despite having prospects of getting married. Diamond continues to support the mothers of his kids financially.


Diamond and Zuchu sparked dating rumors in 2021 on several occasions. Pictures of the two cozying up to each other were even shared across the internet. Despite these rumors, Zuchu made it clear that Diamond was his boss and friend.

After a lot of speculation and concerns from her mother, Zuchu went public with news of her relationship with Diamond. The couple also released a song together, Itawauma, addressing naysayers.

Diamond Platnumz Family

Diamond has a total of four children. The kids include Prince Nillan and Latifa Dangote, whom he sired with Zari. They also include Tanasha Dona’s Nasibu Jr and Hamisa Mobeto’s Dylan.

During his appearance in the Young, Famous, and African reality show, Diamond said that he has six children. While giving his comments, he wasn't sure whether they were four or six.

This was after he mentioned that his mother told him that he had a kid who the public is yet to know. Rumors across Tanzanian media outlets suggest that the kid is 10 years old.

Diamond Platnumz FAQs

From Diamond Platnumz fashion to his day-to-day life, there are a lot of questions that fans all over the world want to know. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Tall is Diamond Platnumz?

Diamond Platnumz is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

What is Diamond Platnumz’s Net Worth?

Diamond Platnumz is currently worth over $10 million.

How Much Does Diamond Platnumz Make in a Year?

Diamond Platnumz earns an estimated $1.5 million a year.

What is Diamond Platnumz’s Real Name?

Diamond Platnumz is an alias for Tanzanian singer Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack.

Where is Diamond Platnumz From?

Diamond Platnumz is from Tandale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Summing Up Diamond Platnumz Net Worth, Career, and More

Now you understand why Diamond Platnumz is a force to reckon with in the African music scene. The singer diversified into entrepreneurship and charity, among other ventures over the course of his career. His fans definitely look out for new music or content from him with this level of success.

Our net worths are for entertainment purposes only. We do our best to provide accurate figures, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The figures are based on public information and estimates, and may not reflect the true value of assets or liabilities.



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