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Dua Lipa Net Worth, Music, Early Life

Dua Lipa is one of the most successful young singers in the world today. Since burst onto the scene she has gone on to release a succession of chart-topping singles and albums. Lipa has won numerous awards, including multiple Grammys but how did she get started?

Dua Lipa
Net Worth $40 million
Source Of WealthMusic
Born27th August 1995
Birth NameDua Lipa
Height5ft 8in (172cm)

Famous for hits like Levitating, Break My Heart, and Don't Start Now, Dua Lipa has gone viral countless times over the past few years. She has earned her fame one of the most popular musicians in the world.

Early Life

As a popular British singer, Dua Lipa hasn't always been as successful as she is now. Her music career has spanned jobs like songwriter, performer, model, and so much more.

Dua Lipa's story starts in London, where she was born to Anesa and Dukagjin Lipa. She has two siblings named Rina and Gjin.

As a child, Dua Lipa was surrounded by music. Her father was the lead singer and guitar player for the Kosovan rock band Oda. During her childhood, her father often played classics like David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Radiohead. Of course, he also played his own songs and compositions.

Lipa began singing at a very young age. Before the age of ten, she took music lessons on the cello and auditioned to enter the school choir.

At nine years old, she was turned down for the choir. At the time, Lipa was told that she could not sing. Ever persistent, Lipa began taking singing lessons on the weekend.

Building Her Platform

Throughout her adolescence, Lipa never lost touch with music. She learned to sing, played the cello, went to theater school, and more. Like many young stars, she had to create her own opportunities and platform to achieve success.

While attending theater school part-time, she began uploading videos and song covers to platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. Other famous figures, like alt-pop star Halsey, got their start in the same way.

Lipa began covering pop classics on her channel, often choosing songs by Alicia Keys or Christina Aguilera. At a young age, Lipa was already establishing her brand and a young 'fandom'.

However, that still wasn't enough to garner the attention she needed to land a producer, a manager, or an agent. To stay in the creative world, Lipa became a model.

She signed with a modeling agency, which eventually ended up becoming her big break. The X Factor, famous for birthing careers for young artists like One Direction, was producing an advertisement.

Lipa was able to model as a 'singer' in this advertisement. During this ad, she covered the song "Lost in Music" in 2013. This turned out to be her big break since it gained enough attention to net Lipa a producer and a manager.

So while she now has a huge global fanbase, there was a lot of background work to get to that point.

Most "overnight stars" or "breakout celebrities" had years of quiet, disappointing work before they finally exploded onto the scene. Dua Lipa is no different.

Early Career and Family

As mentioned above, Dua Lipa's commercial for The X Factor was a big break for her. During that time, she was still modeling, uploading covers to YouTube and Soundcloud, and doing her best to achieve success in the music industry. She was also working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, too.

In 2013, Dua Lipa signed with Tap Management. They offered her a monthly salary to focus on recording music. This gave Lipa the financial stability she needed to quit her waitressing job and focus on music.

It was during these early songwriting sessions that Dua Lipa began to distinguish herself. For many pop stars, songwriting is a hugely collaborative effort. It might take a dozen songwriting sessions to get half a song that might be usable, much less viral.

Those who have observed her songwriting process say she has a much higher success rate. It might only take her four songwriting sessions to produce a great song. According to observers, her creative process is magnetic enough to bring out the best in everyone who collaborates with her.

In one of these 2013 sessions, Lipa co-wrote Hotter than Hell. This is still one of her popular songs! This song prompted a record deal with Warner Bros in 2014.

Becoming a Pop Star

The early 2010s' was the launch of a new type of pop star. Pre-2010, there was a different type of pop star: Britney Spears, for instance. The tabloid culture was particularly vicious (and still is.) Music was a product.

Some things haven't changed much since 2014. But when Dua Lipa signed her deal, she was perfect for Warner Bros. They didn't have a big female pop star as a record label, and Lipa was perfect for it. With her authentic charm and intelligence, she became perfect for an era of pop stars like Halsey, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lizzo.

Lipa started cranking out singles as soon as she got her record deal. If you've been a Dua Lipa fan for some time, you may recognize titles like "New Love", "Be the One", or "Last Dance."

In her early career, Lipa began making traction on Billboard charts. However, her first album wasn't released until summer 2017—almost four years after she was signed by management. This self-titled EP kickstarted Dua Lipa's career in a whole new way.

In 2018, she released her first official debut album. It featured important collabs that grew her audience, including features from the South Korean girl group Blackpink.

Current Career

Dua Lipa's 'current career' all stems from that 2018 debut album and her successes since. In January 2019, Lipa began teasing her sophomore album. She spent much of 2018 writing it and planned to release a "nostalgic" pop record with callbacks to the eighties.

Her first single off this album was "Don't Start Now", which is still one of the main songs that people associate with Dua Lipa. The song went viral, partially thanks to new social platforms like TikTok. All of Lipa's single releases of this album performed exceptionally well.

"Don't Start Now", "Physical", and "Break My Heart" were the three singles released in advance of the album, Future Nostalgia. When the album was released, Dua Lipa officially became the first female British singer to have three top-ten singles in a calendar year since 1952.

When Lipa released "Levitating", she also hit the record for having three top-ten singles in the United States, not just in the UK. This song became a Dua Lipa staple, as she achieved the status of being a household name.

The song was remixed with Madonna and Missy Elliot. Then, Lipa created a remix with the rapper DaBaby. These remixes paired with the initial success of the album meant that Lipa had the most-streamed female album in 2020.

Lipa has continued to put out singles and partner with other top artists. She recently wrapped her tour for Future Nostalgia, which was complicated by COVID-19 and other world events.

Dua Lipa has also been busy in 2022 as well. She recently partnered with Megan Thee Stallion for the new single off Megan's recently released album, Traumazine. This single, Sweetest Pie, is the first time the two artists have collaborated.

In summer 2022, she also collaborated with Calvin Harris for their first single since 2018, when they paired up to create "One Kiss." Fans can expect more news from Dua Lipa soon regarding future projects.


Dua Lipa's career isn't confined to the music industry. Like many other pop stars, she also has a successful career as a model.

As a popular musician, Dua Lipa has netted many high-profile magazine covers. This success paired with her start in modeling means that she's been able to represent some high-profile brands.

Lipa has appeared on Teen Vogue, Vogue, Elle, GQ, and more. In 2017, she worked as a global ambassador for Foot Locker. As an American shoe company, they had Dua Lipa represent some of the women's collections that they offer. She also appeared in an advertising campaign for Patrizia Pepe, an Italian brand.

Lipa partnered with Nyden to create 4 clothing collections in 2017-2018. However, the project didn't go perfectly and they are no longer working together.

She's also worked with Adidas and Pepe Jeans. Her collaboration with Pepe Jeans turned out to be a landmark occasion for the singer, as she launched a capsule with them for a fall/winter collection.

Born in 1995, Dua Lipa has strong nostalgia for Y2K fashion. When designing her capsule, she leaned hard on this nostalgia to create denim outfits, chain mail dresses, and other fun pieces that she loved.

Lipa went on to have a second collab with Pepe Jeans, which included bodycon dresses, knitwear, miniskirts, and more. Her third and last collaboration with Pepe Jeans was focused on denim, titled 'Denim Decades."

She has also modeled for Puma, Versace, MAC Cosmetics, Yves Saint Laurent, and Evian. However, one of the most exciting developments in Lipa's recent modeling career is Versace's Spring/Summer 2022 show at Milan Fashion Week.

The event was soundtracked to songs from her most recent album, Future Nostalgia. Versace's event was  Dua Lipa's runway debut, in which she walked to her own music.


For a high-profile pop star, Dua Lipa has kept a tight lid on her romantic life. Many pop stars, learning their lesson from tabloid culture and vicious paparazzi, have chosen to do the same thing.

As far as we know, Dua Lipa was linked to Isaac Carew prior to her career kicking off. Then, she dated Paul Klein. Most recently, she dated Anwar Hadid for two years.

According to most sources, Dua Lipa is currently single. She ended her relationship with Anwar Hadid and hasn't been romantically linked to anyone since.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dua Lipa

For a pop star like Dua Lipa, everyone wants to know everything about her. No detail is too small or too private. However, one of the most commonly asked questions is regarding her salary and net worth.

It's hard to pin down a specific salary for a pop star. Artists still get paid off songs they did in the past, which means a revenue boost if an old song happens to go viral. The idea of a salary is also dependent on how many modeling gigs Dua Lipa takes on, what music and collaborations she does, and what brand ambassador opportunities she takes.

Fortunately, Dua Lipa's net worth is a little easier to pin down. In 2022, it's estimated that her net worth is somewhere around 40 million dollars.

Being Dua Lipa

As a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, performer, model, and activist, being Dua Lipa is anything but easy. Any job with that much visibility comes with a lot of pressure!

Our net worths are for entertainment purposes only. We do our best to provide accurate figures, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The figures are based on public information and estimates, and may not reflect the true value of assets or liabilities.



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