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Elton John Net Worth, Singer, Early Life

Rolling Stone ranks Elton John as the 38th greatest singer of all time - certainly not an accomplishment to be sniffed at!

Elton John
Net Worth $600 million
Source Of WealthSinger
Born25th March 1947
Birth NameSir Elton Hercules John CH CBE
Height5ft 8in (172cm)

From Rocketman to Your Song, the accomplished musician is certainly one of the world's most famous. His eclectic mix of music is still enjoyed by new generations today and shows no sign of dying out any time soon.

If you're interested in learning more about the music by Elton John, net worth, and early life, we've put together everything you need to know. Learn more about the man behind the music and uncover new depths in his lyrics.

Let's dive in!

Elton John Net Worth

Elton John's net worth is estimated at around $600 million. This puts him in the top 10 richest musicians of all time, alongside the likes of Paul McCartney, Jay Z, and Madonna.

This is partly due to the timelessness of his music - with many records still being bought today - and the fact he's still releasing music. His unique fusion of pop and rock, alongside a natural talent for piano playing, caused a stir in the music industry, propelling him to fame. His net worth now comes from putting out decades of popular songs and countless tours.

Elton John Early Life

Now you know more about Elton John's salary, let's move on to his early life.

Elton John was born on March 25th, 1947, and given the name Reginald Kenneth Dwight (not exactly a celebrity name!). He was born and raised in Middlesex, England, in the small village of Pinner.

He had a difficult relationship with both his parents throughout his life, but particularly with his dad, Stanley Dwight. Elton's mother, Sheila Eileen, married Stanley in 1945, though John was mainly raised by his mother and grandmother. Throughout his life, he's spoken of his restrictive childhood and the disapproval of his father as he tried to pursue a career in the music industry, creating a job of his own.

However, both his parents enjoyed music and played instruments themselves. John recalls them bringing home many records that he would listen to with them, including those by Elvis Presley and Bill Haley & His Comets - two artists that would influence the rock and roll aspect of his own music.

Musical Talent and a Rocky Home life

John's talent was evident from an early age, far surpassing his parents' flair. He learned how to play the piano at the age of four without any teaching and would play back music he heard without a note wrong. At the age of 11, he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London after flawlessly playing back a four-page score by George Friderick Handel without any prior practice and on his first time hearing the piece.

His home life wasn't quite as easy as his musical journey, though, with his parents divorcing when he was a teenager. As he grew up, the rocky relationship with his father grew with him until the absent dad was no longer a large figure in his life. Instead, his new stepfather, Fred Farebrother, became his primary male role model.

At 17, he left school altogether against the wishes of his dad, ready to pursue a career in what he loved the most in life: music.

The Beginnings of His Musical Career

Elton John began his career as a musician with humble beginnings. Initially, he would earn money by playing the piano in local pubs and bars. With help from his mum and stepfather, he was hired at the Northwood Hills Hotel to play regularly from Thursday to Sunday, where he played covers along with a few of his original songs.

He also worked at a music publishing company, running errands during the day to earn extra money. It wasn't exactly Holywood, but his foot was in the door.

In the early sixties, he formed his first serious band, Bluesology. This is also when he began wearing his now iconic pair of horn-rimmed glasses. It's said he was attempting to look like Buddy Holly, a huge icon of the 50s who John looked up to.

He didn't need the glasses, but it was a worthy sacrifice for the stage!

By the mid to late 60s, John and his band were supporting larger bands, such as Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles, and Long John Baldry.

Working in the Industry

In 1967, John saw an advert for a job at Liberty Records. He met with Ray Williams, a manager at the label, who handed John lyrics written by Bernie Taupin, who has also applied for the role. John wrote music for the lyrics and partnered up with Taupin, discovering the partnership worked wonderfully for both of them.

This was the point when Reginald Kenneth Dwight became known as Elton John, a name that fused together aspects of his bandmates' names and had the stage presence he was looking for. He was beginning to leave the small boy from Pinner behind, becoming his own man out of the shadow of his childhood.

John and Taupin began working at DJM Records as songwriters in 1968, writing music for other artists for the next two years. The songs were easy-listening and quick to produce, with the two making a natural team.

Elton John's Early Musical Work

It wasn't long before John and Taupin began writing higher-quality music for John to record under the DJM label. Together, they created John's first album Empty Sky in 1969. Although the album was a flop and considered a failure, it was the start of a flourishing recording career.

The next year, in 1970, John's self-titled album Elton John was released, with a formula John would come to use many times in following albums. Rock and roll jams alongside emotional ballads, poignant lyrics, and lighthearted beats wrapped up together in one incredible album. It was Elton John's first success, marking the beginning of a spectacular career.

The second single of the album, Your Song, is still one of John's most famous and well-loved records. It reached number 7 on the UK chart and number 8 on the US chart, with the album charting in the top 10 in both countries.

Rise to Fame

Elton John's career really took off after his success with his second album. Honky Château, his fifth album, was the first to reach number 1 in the US and gave us many hits, including the world-famous Rocket Man. His next six albums all reached the top spot on the US charts.

Still regarded as one of his greatest works, John released Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in 1973. It was received with acclaim by critics and became an instant number 1 in both the US and the UK, remaining at the top of the charts for two months. John was a bonafide success, with a relatively short and definitely meteoric rise to fame.

Elton John's Biggest Hits

The discography of Elton John isn't just expansive but filled with hits, too. Some of his most successful songs include:

  • Candle in the Wind
  • I'm Still Standing
  • Crocodile Rock
  • Tiny Dancer
  • Step into Christmas
  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  • Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
  • Bennie and the Jets

He also famously contributed to the soundtrack for the original The Lion King movie, writing songs with Tim Rice. Can You Feel the Love Tonight was written by Tim Rice and sung by Elton John and became one of the most famous Disney songs of all time.

Elton John's World-Famous Wardrobe

One of the most iconic things about Elton John (besides, of course, his music) is his wardrobe. Full of feathers, bright colors, and eclectic accessories, he's famed for his incredible outfits onstage. In an interview, he said that he was never seen as a sex symbol, so he moved towards the humorous side for his clothing, wearing the brightest, boldest outfits to ensure people looked at him.

His stage presence is undeniably part of his huge success. His music itself was phenomenal, and he has a very impressive resume, but add to that someone who didn't shy away from expressing himself through his clothing, and you have the perfect recipe for success.

Elton John's Charitable Work

Elton John is well-known for his charitable work, giving plenty back to the community. After becoming sober, he founded his charitable organization, the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Since its launch, it has delivered over $400 million to programs for HIV/AIDS work globally, making a huge change in the fight against this infection.

He also supports many other charities and organizations, including the Royal Academy of Music and the Globe Theatre in the UK. In 2020, John arranged and hosted the iHeart Living Room Concert for America, raising money for coronavirus funds.

Elton John Partners

Elton John and family life have always been tricky. Raised in a home with an unhappy relationship, he wasn't shown a good example of love from a young age. Instead, family was something restrictive and controlling, holding him back from his life goals.

However, John did take a chance on love and was married in 1984 to Renate Blauel, a female recording engineer. Of course, the union didn't last long, and the couple divorced in 1988. John still speaks highly of Blauel but says he didn't want to live a lie.

He also had a relationship with his manager, John Reid. In Rocketman, the relationship is depicted as unhealthy and toxic, with Elton John saying in a real-life interview that he was desperate to be loved.

Fortunately, it wasn't always destined to end in tears for the musician. In 1993, he began seeing David Furnish, a filmmaker from Toronto. The couple were among the first to be united in a civil partnership in the UK and were married on the same day nine years later.

The happily-married couple now has two sons, both born via a surrogate. John also has a wealth of godchildren from different couples, including David and Victoria Beckham's sons Brooklyn and Romeo. From a boy in a cold home to a man surrounded by love, light, and laughter, John's story is one of hope for anyone else out there who simply wants to be loved.

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The early life of Elton John, net worth, and career are all brilliantly portrayed in the biopic Rocketman. If you'd like to learn more about the world-famous celebrity, we highly recommend giving it a watch.

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