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Frank Ocean Net Worth, Musician, Early Life

The story of Frank Ocean has been quiet for some time as the artist has yet to release a new album since 2016. Devoted fans know the artist makes music that is worth the wait.

Net Worth $15 million
Source Of WealthSinger
Born28th October 1987
Birth NameChristopher Francis "Frank" Ocean
Height6ft 1in (185cm)

What else should you know about the award-winning musical artist? We've gathered information about Frank Ocean net worth, early life, career, and more.

Frank Ocean Net Worth

Frank Ocean Net Worth: An estimated $15 million as of 2022. Frank Ocean's yearly salary is unknown, but it is likely he makes money from his music and features.

Early Life

Frank Ocean was born on October 28, 1987, in Long Beach, California. At birth, he was given the name Christopher Edwin Breaux. In March of 2014, he filed to legally change his name to Frank Ocean.

His family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana when Ocean was five years old. He spent most of his youth in Louisiana where he was exposed to the jazz scene.

He also consistently listened to his mother's R&B CDs of icons like Anita Baker and Celine Dion.

He showed musical interest early in life. By the age of 13, he wanted to become a songwriter and began making music.

When he wasn't studying for high school, he was working and recording music. He worked various jobs to pay for his own studio time.

After completing high school in 2005, he attended the University of New Orleans to study music.

In August of the same year, Hurricane Katrina hit and forced Ocean to transfer out of the school and complete his studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Ocean later moved to Los Angeles to continue recording projects. His intention was to stay temporarily, but he continued to make meaningful contacts within the music industry which made him extend his stay.

He wasn't making enough with his musical hobbies to put food on the table so Ocean took a job processing insurance claims while trying to follow his dreams.


Before releasing his debut mixtape and trending albums, Ocean began his musical career as a ghostwriter. He wrote songs for top names in the industry, like Beyoncé and Justin Bieber.

He contributed to the popular song "Bigger" in 2008 and even co-wrote Beyoncé's track "I Miss You" for her album "4." He also co-wrote for artists Brandy Norwood and John Legend.

In 2010, Ocean began working with the Los Angeles-based hip-hop collective, Odd Future. The group most notably included Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler, the Creator played a huge role in encouraging Ocean to continue songwriting. He was able to record demos with the help of his friends and submit them to local labels.

During this same time, Ocean met Tricky Stewart. Stewart was a producer that helped Ocean land a contract with Def Jam Records as a solo artist. The company didn't immediately offer him opportunities to record.

The following year after getting a contract deal, Ocean changed his name to Christopher Francis Ocean.

Nostalgia, ULTRA

Ocean had his breakout success in February of 2011 when he released a mixtape titled, nostalgia, ULTRA.

At the time, he was not on good terms with Def Jam because they had not been supportive of his efforts once they signed him. While working with Odd Future, his musical talents began to get noticed.

The self-released recording featured heavily sampled tracks and originally composed music. The sample tracks came from various artists and genres, including:

  • Coldplay
  • Eagles
  • MGMT

The mixtape received enthusiastic reviews from Rolling Stone, BBC, and NPR among others.

Superstars Kanye West and Jay-Z were also impressed with his efforts and asked him to contribute vocals for two tracks on their joint album, Watch the Throne.

Channel ORANGE

Because of the success of Ocean's mixtape, Def Jam Records wanted to repair their relationship with the artist. After the release of nostalgia, ULTRA, Ocean began working on a follow-up project.

In 2012, he revealed the track, Pyramids, via his Tumblr site once again. A month later, he performed another track from the upcoming album on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Before releasing the album, Ocean revealed that he had an interest in both men and women via an open letter that he posted on his website.

Many colleagues and fans in the music business showed their support for his decision to open up about his sexuality.

On July 10, 2012, channel ORANGE was released for download on iTunes. This was a week before the scheduled date to avoid an album leak on the internet.

Hours after its release, the album became No. 1 on the Top Albums chart. Ocean also allowed fans to stream the full album via his Tumblr website. A week after its release, the album was streamed in all other formats.

Channel ORANGE earned Ocean comparisons to R&B greats like Stevie Wonder and Prince. Along with topping charts, the album went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2013.

The same year, No Church in the Wild, a song featuring Ocean's vocals for Kanye West and Jay-Z's joint album, won the Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

During the Grammy's live show, Ocean performed "Forrest Gump" from the award-winning album.

Endless and Blonde

In August 2016, Ocean released his visual album, Endless. The next day, he released his second studio album, Blonde.

The albums shot to the top of the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Despite winning awards for his previous album, Ocean decided not to submit Blonde for Grammy consideration saying that the awards system is outdated.

On February 24, 2017, Ocean introduced his own show "Blonded Radio" on Apple Music. He co-hosts the show with Roof Acces and Vegyn. Currently, the show has 16 episodes that Apple Music listeners can enjoy.

On Blonded Radio, Ocean and his guests enjoy good music and talk about various topics. The first episode was a 30-minute conversion with psychologist Dr. Jame Fadiman about microdosing psychedelics as psychiatric treatment.

Each of the first seven episodes of Blonded Radio debuted a new Ocean feature or track.

In November 2017, the musician took to Tumblr to say that he finished an album but didn't put it out. This was about a month after Ocean turned 30.

The same year, he released two singles, Chanel and Lens. He also collaborated with Jay-Z and Tyler, the Creator to release the single, Biking.

Various Singles

Since releasing Blonde, Ocean has been very quiet in the music industry. Besides a few different singles, the artist hasn't released much.

Moon River was released in 2018. DHL and In My Room were both singles released in 2019.

In 2020, the artist released two more singles that led to speculation that the album was coming. Dear April (Side A - Acoustic) and Cayendo (Side A - Acoustic) were two singles that surprised his fans.

For the first time, Ocean sang in Spanish on Cayendo (Side A - Acoustic).

The two singles came out shortly after COVID-19 shut down the United States.


In 2020, Frank Ocean was one of three artists to be chosen to headline the two-weekend music festival, Coachella.

Fans speculated that the release of the two 2020 singles was an indication that he was going to release an album before the festival.

However, Coachella was canceled because of COVID-19. Frank Ocean also had to cancel his world tour for 2020.

Many hoped to see the ocean at Coachella the following year, but the virus also led to the cancellation of the festival in 2021. Coachella came back in 2022 without Frank Ocean on the list of headliners.


Most recently, Frank Ocean launched his own luxury lifestyle brand, Homer. Homer was revealed to the world on Friday, August 5, 2022. Homer is something that Ocean has been working on for three years.

The first collection includes silk scarves and fine jewelry. The collection is filled with handcrafted jewelry made from 18-karat gold, recycled sterling silver, lab-grown diamonds, and hand-painted enamel.

The jewelry comes in different pieces, such as cartoon-like charms, chain bracelets, necklaces, and studded earrings. The silk scarves come in various, bright colorways.

You can find the new catalog at Homer's New York City storefront or request items from the Homer website. The first collection is only available at the store, which opened on August 9, 2022, at 70-74 Bowery in Manhattan.

Interested customers can also go to the website to make an appointment to visit the jewelry store.


In 2017, Ocean was spotted with a man at the Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor fight in Las Vegas. Fans quickly figured out that the man he was with was Memo Guzman.

It wasn't until 2019 that Ocean confirmed he was dating Guzman since 2017. Since then, not much information has been released by the two. Frank Ocean rarely posts on social media and Guzman generally posts selfies.

Ocean began dating Guzman after reportedly being in a relationship with model Willy Carter which Ocean broke off.

In 2012, Ocean spoke about his sexuality in an open letter but was adamant about not defining his sexual orientation. All that was stated was that he had feelings for men and women.

When Ocean was 19 years old, he realized he had the same feelings for men that he had for women. After being attracted and gravitating to women in his early life, he met another boy his age with whom he fell in love with.

He described this feeling as his first love. Although the feelings weren't reciprocated, the friendship between the two had changed his life.


Ocean was raised by his mother, Katonya Breaux. She initially had a career in construction before founding Unsun Cosmetics which specializes in sunscreen. Ocean and his mother have a close relationship.

His father, Calvin Edward Cooksey, left Ocean and his family when he was just six years old.

Katonya was 21 when she had Ocean. He has an older sister named Ashley "Nikkii" Ellison who lives a pretty secluded life. Not much is known about her.

He also has a younger half-brother named Ryan Breaux. Ryan passed away from blunt force head injuries in a single vehicle collision in August of 2020. Ocean and his brother were very close.

The passing was unexpected and caused the quiet period we've seen from Ocean when it comes to music and life updates.


Frank Ocean has a huge fanbase for his melodic songs and visual art. However, he keeps very quiet about his personal life. We aim to shed some light on the commonly asked questions about the star.

Is Frank Ocean in a Relationship?

It is unknown whether or not Frank Ocean is still in a relationship with Memo Guzman. The two have not spoken publicly about their romance since 2019.

Is Frank Ocean Retired?

Frank Ocean hasn't released an album since 2016. It's been six years since Blonde was released, but the artist has put out singles since then.

When Did Frank Ocean Leave Odd Future?

After joining the hip-hop collective Odd Future in 2010, Ocean worked with them on various projects. He left Odd Future management in 2014.

Most of the artists from the group are still making music individually today.

Why Did Frank Ocean Change His Name?

Frank Ocean, born Christopher Edwin Breaux, legally changed his name to Christopher Francis Ocean because he believed it would look better in headlines.

The change was partially inspired by the film, Ocean's 11.

The Quiet Life of Frank Ocean

Despite being a charting artist with a beloved fanbase, Frank Ocean stays quiet about his personal life for the most part.

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