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Hasbulla Magomedov Net Worth, Height, Social Media

Hasbulla feels that he has been blessed in his life. Looking at how much of a social media celebrity he's become, one can't help but agree.

Social media reactions
Net Worth $1 million
Source Of WealthSocial-Media Star
Born5th July 2003
Birth NameHasbulla Magomedov
Height3ft 3in (93cm)

Hasbulla Magomedov is a social media influencer who became particularly popular as an Instagram celebrity. It's fair to say that he's now conquering TikTok and YouTube.

One can even say that he'll overtake any popular MMA fighter and become one of the most well-known figures in the fighting industry. For many, he already is.

But who is Hasbulla and how did he get his start?

Here's his fascinating life and career:

Who Is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla Magomedov is a Russian social media celebrity who was born in a village called Aksha. This is a small village located in the Zabaykalsky Krai region of Southeastern Russia. He was born on July 5th, 2003.

Due to his appearance, it's often believed that Hasbulla is a child. But he has an unspecified condition that contributes to his height and child-like experience.

While he was born in Aksha, he grew up in Makhachkala, a city located in the Republic of Dagestan in Southwestern Russia. He was raised in a Muslim household and not too much is known about his upbringing at present.

We do know that he's proud to be from Makhachkala and wishes to improve the city. We also know that he's confident and not self-conscious about his condition.

Whether he ever felt uncomfortable about his condition is unknown. But you might also feel nervous and might struggle to put yourself out there. If you feel your anxiety holds you back, you should look at how to build your confidence.

Hasbulla's Net Worth

Hasbulla has a net worth of around $1 million. However, this hasn't been confirmed as Hasbulla is rather private about his finances.

Nevertheless, one can expect that his fame is paying off and that he's reaping the rewards of his hard work. It's estimated that he earns at least $80K per year.

While this might be a slightly above-average salary in most Western countries, one must remember that this is a fortune by Russian standards. It's especially abundant in the Republic of Dagestan.

The opportunities for Hasbulla to make more money are there. One wonders what opportunities he'll take whether they be advertisements, cameo appearances, or professional MMA fights.

However, while Hasbulla might wish to keep earning more money and enjoying luxury, money isn't the central focus of life. This will get discussed in the next section.

How Hasbulla Became Famous

While celebrities of yesteryear had to hope to get their big breaks, the playing field has never been more even. Hasbulla has taken advantage of the popularity of social media and leveraged his personality.

He hasn't sought a job. Rather, he has created his own job. He first drew attention because of his unique and rather cute look, but it was his antics that have contributed to his longevity.

One of the main attractions that draw fans to Hasbulla is his fighter spirit. No doubt he picked this up from his upbringing in Dagestan, a republic famous for its fighters and athletes.

If you watch his videos, you'll often see him fighting others — whether it's children his size or hitting a cocky interviewer, or even sparring with his friends such as CZN Burak. There's also his fighting rivalry with Abdurozik, which we'll discuss in the next section.

His fame has crossed the borders of Dagestan and even traveled across the vast lands of the Russian Federation. He's traveled the world from Dubai to Las Vegas.

As one can expect, he earns money while traveling as his videos on social media bring in a lucrative income. When Hasbulla does travel abroad, he's recognized everywhere he travels. In every city, locals, celebrities, and journalists want to have a word with him.

One of the pressing questions on everyone's mind is when he'll fight it out with Abdurozik.

Hasbulla and Abdurozik

Now we get into one of the most dynamic and interesting parts of Hasbulla's career: his rivalry with Abdurozik.

Abdurozik is a popular singer who is famous in his native Tajikistan and is also a resident of the Emirate of Dubai. Like Hasbulla, he also gained notice for his short stature and his sweet appearance.

However, like Hasbulla, Abdurozik also has a warrior spirit. It's not clear how it started, but the two of them have a feud and have challenged each other to a fight!

Many have speculated that a fight between the two of them would be more popular than even the most popular MMA fighter taking on his rival.

Thanks to fighting promoter Ashab Tamaev the two of them got together for a pre-fight press conference which was recorded and uploaded to his popular YouTube channel.

The press conference was recorded in Russian but thanks to English subtitles, it brought widespread attention to the two social media celebrities. It made fans of either of them eager to see a fight between the two!

Toward the end of the press conference, the two fighters got heated and wanted to attack each other. Ashab and his compatriot had to stop them from beating each other up!

The Backlash

While some fans encourage the rivalry, there are also plenty of people who love both Hasbulla and Abdurozik. Some people believe that the rivalry is staged just so that the two gentlemen can make some fast cash.

The Sports Association of Little People of Russia has stated that the fight is unethical. As a result, it might never happen no matter how many fans try to egg them on.

One can't deny that this fiasco, however, has brought more attention to the two of them. Even if it's all fabricated, it confirms that Hasbulla is a marketing genius.

What's Next For Hasbulla?

We've mentioned Hasbulla's Islamic background and a huge part of the press conference between him and Abdurozik involved the two men discussing their faith. In fact, they both challenged each other for behaving in ways not fitting for Muslims.

However, Hasbulla is a devout Muslim and regularly reads the Holy Qu'ran and wishes to become an Imam when he grows a bit older. He prays 5 times per day in accordance with his faith.

He also fasts for Ramadan, and one can expect that he has plans to visit Mecca for the Hajj, the holy pilgrimage for Muslims.

There isn't much of a discussion as to when Hasbulla will become an Imam or how many years this is likely to take. We also don't know if he will step away from the social media celebrity lifestyle when this happens.

One can expect that he will as it won't fare well with his new lifestyle. It's possible, however, that he will use social media to discuss his faith and its teachings.

So we may still see Hasbulla in the future just as often as we do now. The only difference will be in how he presents himself online.

Many people show affection toward Hasbulla as if he were their friend or even child. Many people who meet him will hug him or even pick him up. Others will call him 'brother' upon meeting him due to their love of his on-screen persona.

This might change if he does indeed become an Imam. He'll have to take on a more serious persona. In this case, we hope that his fans will respect his decision and respect the authority that one expects from a religious cleric.

Hasbulla's Interests

Hasbulla's interests are fitting for any social media star. Like many other internet celebrities whether it's The Tate Brothers, Dan Bilzerian, or Tai Lopez, he loves luxury cars.

While he can't reach the steering wheel or even the pedals, it's not unusual to see a video of Hasbulla exiting a Rolls-Royce or a photo of him sitting at the wheel of a Lamborghini.

He also enjoys fine dining. Regardless of which city he's in, you can expect him to enjoy delicious steaks and other dishes. He'll often go to a Michelin Star restaurant and he'll often be visited by the chefs of such restaurants.

He's also fond of fruits with a particular love for strawberries. He also loves deserts and loves to drink smoothies and milkshakes.

Apart from these luxury treats, Hasbulla enjoys spending time with animals. He has a fondness for monkeys and some of his most popular videos include him caring for these primates.

It also seems that Hasbulla loves to fight. It's not just with Abdurozik that he likes to get his fists out. He loves to train at the boxing gym and this has earned him the moniker of "mini Khabib," owing to his friendship and fondness for Khabib Nurmagomedov.

We've only seen him open up about his life during the press conference with Abdurozik and in an interview with Barstool Sports.

As his fame grows, one can hope we'll see more interviews with Hasbulla. He doesn't have a strong grasp of English but we can hopefully see Russian interviews with English subtitles.

Hasbulla's Family

Hasbulla is famous but he respects his family's privacy. His father's name is Abdulmanap and not too much is known about his life or profession.

Hasbulla's mother's name is not known either. Hasbulla has one sister and her name isn't known either.

Much is not known about Hasbulla's extended family. While he enjoys the attention, he likes to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Owing to his culture and his Islamic faith, Hasbulla is a family-oriented person. While not open about his family life, he's given much of his wealth to help his parents.

Behind the social media antics, there's a lot to learn from his cultural upbringing and values. It shows that even with fame and wealth, one shouldn't forget to support one's family.

Fun Facts About Hasbulla

Let's wrap up by learning some fun facts about Hasbulla and his life and career.

There hasn't been much discussion as to Hasbulla's ethnicity. The Republic of Dagestan is one of Russia's most diverse regions and has over 30 spoken languages.

As a Muslim, Hasbulla knows a bit of Arabic that's needed to read and chant Qu'ranic verses. He also speaks a little bit of English and one of his most famous English phrases is when he threatened Dan Hooker who was fighting his friend Islam Makhachev

Hasbulla is respected in his native Russia and is a local celebrity across Dagestan. He has also used some of the earnings to improve the development of Makhachkala.

We don't know too much else about Hasbulla apart from his social media antics. Perhaps we will know more about his personal life and upbringing as he becomes more famous.

Or he might prefer to keep it hushed so we can enjoy the character of Hasbulla more rather than knowing who he is when the cameras aren't rolling. We must, of course, respect his privacy no matter how popular he's become.

Hasbulla has had quite a ride so far, and he's still young! While we don't know too much about his earlier ambitions, it's clear that he was born for social media stardom.

What We Can Learn From Hasbulla

Hasbulla initially got attention due to his unique look but he's arguably one of the most entertaining social media celebrities there are.

From a small village in Russia, he has become one of the most popular men in the entire world!

He's likely to continue being famous on social media for years. He might also one day step aside to focus on his faith. But we won't forget Hasbulla anytime soon.

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