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Jack Harlow - Net Worth, Music, Early Life

Jack Harlow has burst onto the scene with hit after hit. Despite being relatively new to the scene his ability to consistently release music that his fans love has lead to a steep rise.

jack harlow
Net Worth $10 million
Source Of WealthSinger
Born13 March 1998
Birth NameJackman Thomas Harlow
Height5ft 10in (180cm)

With all this success, many people want to learn more about Harlow. He certainly has an interesting background, both in music and his personal life. His charming personality and calm nature have made him a much-needed outlier in the world of celebrities.

If you're ready to read more about the exciting life of Jack Harlow, have a look at the list below.

Early Life

Jack Harlow was born on the 13th of March 1998 in Kentucky. Harlow has always had an interest in music and started to rap when he was just twelve years old. He often wrote rap songs with his friends from school. This honed his skills and instilled a passion in Harlow that has made him a popular rapper today.

Harlow used the game Guitar Hero to record his rapping with a school friend. The two then began to sell their music at their middle school.

Harlow soon got his hands on a professional microphone and began to record even more music using it. He even made his first mixtape, which was called Extra Credit. As Harlow became more familiar with the techniques needed to be a songwriter, he developed his skills as a lyricist.

In 2015, Harlow released his first EP which was called The Handsome Harlow. During this time, he was also playing sold-out shows around Louisville. As Harlow began to make a name for himself in his hometown, he continued to work on his craft.

After he opened for Vince Staples and following his high school graduation, Harlow released a mixtape titled 18. He also began booking more frequent gigs across North America, including at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.


Harlow's career has been majorly successful so far. He's already had several number ones and has worked with some iconic musicians and singers. But, of course, he had to work as hard as everyone else to truly become the king of music he is today.

By keeping his eye on the prize, Harlow has been able to forge a name for himself in a difficult and fiercely competitive industry.


Harlow's music beginnings start in 2017. During the year, he released two singles, "Routine" and "Dark Knight." This second single was a struggle for a young Harlow, who suffered from writer's block as he tried to complete it. However, with the help of fellow musician Cyhi the Prynce, Harlow was able to finish the song.

The two singles formed part of Harlow's mixtape "Gazebo," which he toured from November 2017 until January 2018. His tour caught the attention of several big names in the industry, and he opened for Portugal. The Man following his tour.

However, Harlow still struggled financially despite the growing interest in his music career. He soon moved to Atlanta and decided to work in Chick-fil-A to make more money.

Thankfully, this would all still turn out well for Harlow. He hadn't been working in the restaurant for too long when he met DJ Drama, a well-established record executive. This meeting would be the beginning of Harlow's road to global success.

Early Successes

DJ Drama signed Harlow to his label Generation Now. To further promote Harlow as an artist, the music video for his single "Sundown" was released the day it was announced he had signed with Generation Now.

Harlow released his mixtape "Loose" shortly after being signed to Generation Now. The mixtape was heavily promoted, and Harlow toured it from November to December around North America.

"Loose" was critically acclaimed and received a nomination at the BET Hip Hop Awards for Best Mixtape in 2019.

Harlow continued to make music with Generation Now over the next two years. While he was becoming more well-known throughout America and had certainly amassed a loyal group of fans there, he had yet to reach audiences outside of the USA.

That was until Harlow began trending on TikTok. His single "What's Poppin" was being used on the platform, which brought the attention of the world to Harlow. The video for the song currently has 135 million views.


Following the attention Harlow gained for "What's Poppin," he continued to develop new and creative music. The song even got a remix in 2020, featuring artists such as Lil Wayne. This launched the song to the second position on the Hot 100 chart.

But it may have been his collaboration with fellow rapper Lil Nas X that truly granted Harlow the fame he deserved. When Lil Nas X released "industry Baby", Harlow was the featured artist on the track. He has performed the song live on stage with Lil Nas X, which created much excitement around his future as a rapper.

Since then, Harlow has become a household name. Known for his catchy verses and clever lyrics, he is fast becoming one of rap's next superstars. His most recently released single, "First Class", was his second number-one on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song features samples from Fergie's "Glamourous." It's clear that Harlow is able to combine past hits with modern themes and lyrics to jump straight to this much sought-after top spot. The song was number one for three weeks, although it was not consecutive.

Net Worth

Jack Harlow has a net worth of around $10 million. Harlow appears to keep his personal life very private, so it is not clear exactly what he likes to spend his money on.

If Harlow is to continue on his upward trend of fame and fortune, it is likely he'll see his net worth expand in the next few years. Like other celebrities, he hasn't actually confirmed his net worth.


Jack Harlow makes around $1,000,000 a year. This is a normal salary for someone who hasn't been in the music industry professionally for a long time. However, it is likely this number could double or even triple in the near future considering Harlow's already phenomenal global reach.

Many musicians make most of their money by selling tickets to their shows while they tour. Harlow is touring different festivals and venues throughout the second half of 2022 and stands to make quite a bit of money from these performances.


It's Harlow's chilled-out persona and nonchalant attitude that seem to make him a big hit with his female fans. However, he has disclosed that he wouldn't ever want to get caught up with a fan romantically, as it would make him "close up."

On the celebrity side of dating, rumors seem to follow Harlow wherever he goes. He was linked briefly to fellow rapper Saweetie after he introduced himself to her during a red carpet interview.

However, he quickly shot down any rumors and informed fans that he simply wanted to introduce himself.

Currently, Harlow appears to be single. However, despite his easy-going attitude he does seem to keep his private life close to his chest. As someone who is amassing a great degree of fame very quickly, it's no wonder that Harlow wishes to remain out of the spotlight where he can.


Harlow's mother is the CEO of the Louisville company "Signarama." The company creates signs for businesses in need of extra advertising. She runs the company with her partner and Jack's father, Brian.

Perhaps this is where Harlow got his ambition from, gaining inspiration from both his parents and other influential people who worked hard to "make it."

Harlow also has a younger brother called Clayborn but known as "Clay." Clay Harlow keeps a much lower profile than his older brother. However, Jack's rise to international fame has seeped into Clay's life, as he now has an Instagram following of over 10 thousand.

Harlow's family seems to keep mostly quiet about his success. However, they are also very supportive of his career and appear to be proud that he has made it a success. His mother sent him an endearing text before the release of one of his albums that reinforced how important his family is to him.


Harlow has led an interesting and varied life, but his driving force has always been music. It's this unyielding ambition that allowed Harlow to break so successfully into one of the world's most difficult industries.

Because of this, he has quickly become an inspiration to aspiring rappers and musicians all over the world.

Who Has Jack Harlow Worked With?

Harlow has worked with some of the world's most influential rappers in the span of his short career. One of Harlow's most successful collaborations was with fellow rapper Lil Nas X. The song "Industry Baby" was one of Harlow's first major successes as a rapper and shot him into the realm of international fame.

Harlow has also worked with some Louisville natives. His song "Thru the Night" featured Bryson Tiller and performed well commercially.

Harlow's single "What's Poppin" featured verses from Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne, and DaBaby. This major collaboration happened early in Harlow's career, marking him as a rapper destined for success.

Has He Ever Won Awards for His Music?

Harlow has already amassed an impressive amount of awards and nominations for someone who hasn't been in the industry for very long.

He won his first major award in 2021 at the Billboard Music Awards. "Industry Baby" took home the award for Top Rap Song, and Harlow was able to enjoy this success with Lil Nas X.

Harlow has also been nominated for three Grammy awards. His own single "What's Poppin" was nominated for best rap performance in 2021. In 2022, "Industry Baby" was nominated for Best Melodic Rap performance.

Harlow's third Grammy nomination came in the form of Lil Nas X's album "Montero" being nominated for Album of the Year. Harlow would have won as a featured songwriter and artist due to "Industry Baby" being featured on the album.

While Harlow has yet to bag himself a coveted Grammy, it seems that it is just a matter of time for the young rapper. As he continues to establish himself as a ground-breaking and creative artist, more awards will surely come his way.

What's Next for the Rapper?

The world is Harlow's oyster when it comes to his future. He will continue to tour his new album "Come Home the Kids Miss You" for the remainder of 2022.

It's recently been revealed that Harlow will make his acting debut. In the remake of "White Men Can't Jump" Harlow is set to make an appearance, though it is not yet clear in what capacity.

Regardless of Harlow's future, he has already left a clear and dominating mark on a tough industry. Harlow seems to be on the path toward success as many other well-known celebrities.

Jack Harlow Has a Bright Future Ahead Of Him

Jack Harlow has had an eventful career so far, and it looks like things are only going to get better for the rapper. With his songs continuously being used on social media platforms like TikTok, his popularity as an artist is set to grow exponentially.

It's clear Harlow's dedication to rap and music is what got him this far. Regardless of the struggles, he faced, from writer's block to financial hardships, he persevered. That's the making of a true icon.

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