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Javon Walton Net Worth, Acting, Early Life

Zendaya may be the star of Euphoria, but Javon Walton made waves in the finale of season two of the show after already being a fan favorite since season one. "Ashtray" is a beloved character in the HBO series, but what was he doing before this show, and what is he doing now?

Javron Walton
Net Worth $1 million
Source Of WealthActing
Born22nd July 2006
Birth NameJavon Walton
Height5ft 6in (167cm)

We'll uncover the details of this young star by going over his net worth, salary, early life, career, relationship, and family, and by answering FAQs.

Javon Walton Net Worth

Javon "Wanna" Walton has a net worth of $1 million. His annual salary is ~$200,000 per year. He is a multi-talented American child star who can go far in the entertainment industry.

Although he is most known for his role in Euphoria, he is also a professional boxer.

His source of income comes from TV shows, web series, brand endorsements, sponsorship deals, and film acting. He's collaborated with various fitness and boxing equipment brands to make money.

Early Life

Javon Walton was born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 22, 2006. He grew up close with his twin brother, Daelo Walton. The two also have an older sister named Jayla Cookie Walton.

He was born into a well-established Christian family and practices the Christian faith.

Since he was younger, his dream was to compete in the Junior Olympics as a boxer. He started with an internet career run by his father, DJ.

His father was a boxing coach that served five years as the Vice President for USA Boxing. He now owns "OnWard," a gym in Georgia. DJ is one of the biggest boxing influences for Walton.

Although Walton spends a lot of time boxing and acting, he still values education. Reports say that Walton is an early high school graduate. He attended a local private school and was home-schooled.

Walton still has years of his early life ahead of him as he is still young.


Despite being so young, Walton has a pretty impressive resume.

His passion for boxing sparked when he was just two years old watching tournaments on TV. Before going pro, he was punching couch pillows and begging his dad to take him to the gym to try boxing.

He started training at four years old after his father finally took him to the gym after plenty of begging. It was there that he met many famous boxers which made him even more interested in the sport.

When he was eight years old, he qualified for the Junior Olympics in boxing. At age 11, he was the only child in the state of Georgia to hold State Championship titles in gymnastics and boxing.

He is also the first person in Georgia to hold both champion titles at the same time.

He has won the title of the Georgia State Champion five times. He is also a four-time USA Boxing South East Regional champion.

He completed the National tournament when he was 12, becoming one of four American kids to be ranked as Elite in Tumbling and Trampoline by USA Gymnastics.

His end goal for boxing is to compete in the 2024 Olympics when he will be about 18 years old, the age that makes him eligible to compete in boxing.

More likely, he will compete in the 2028 Los Angeles games to reach his ultimate goal of winning a gold medal. When the Olympics roll around, his sole focus will be on boxing.

Acting and modeling will take a backseat until the games are complete.

Each year, he trains with his father harder and harder. The two spend weekends traveling across the country so that Walton can compete in boxing tournaments to gain more experience.

The Steve Harvey Show

In October of 2017, Walton appeared on Steve Harvey's show that highlighted interesting children. Harvey discovered Walton on social media before inviting him to the show.

He showed off his boxing skills and then finished his appearance with an unforgettable handstand and a landing backflip off of Harvey's desk.

The scenes from the show made it to YouTube and had over 10 million views, sparking interest in HBO and building up his growing fanbase.

Six months after he went on the show, he received an opportunity to be in an Under Armour commercial. Under Armour sponsored Walton as the brand's youngest endorsed athlete.

He completed various commercials with the brand in 2016. In 2018, he was cast in a commercial alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.


In 2019, the hit HBO series, Euphoria jumpstarted Walton's acting career. He played the role of Ashtray in the first and second seasons, gaining a lot of fans for his performance.

Jennifer Venditti, the Euphoria casting director, saw Walton on Steve Harvey's show. She reached out to his father to ask if he was interested in trying out acting.

Walton was interested and landed the role of the child drug dealer alongside his older brother in the show, Angus Cloud.

Euphoria was his first acting job. Although he hasn't been in the industry for long, he loves acting and meeting other actors.

Walton claims he wasn't nervous for the gig even though his very first scene was with Zendaya herself. He says he learned a lot by watching how she was always in character while on set.

SPOILER ALERT: It seemed clear that Ashtray met his demise in Euphoria season two, but fans speculate that he could be alive somehow. It is not confirmed if Walton will renew his role in the show.


Shortly after showing off his acting skills in Euphoria, Walton was cast in the Amazon thriller Utopia. In this project, Walton plays a street-smart kid living in the projects.

His character, Grant, finds a mysterious graphic novel titled Utopia. The book is curious and seems to have clues about conspiracies in real life.


The film Samaritan is set to be released Friday, August 26, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video. Walton stars in this movie alongside acting icon Sylvester Stallone.

Walton landed the role of Sam Cleary for this movie back in 2020. COVID hit and halted production in the middle of filming.

The film is about a young boy, Walton, who learns a superhero might still be alive despite many believing he went missing 20 years prior.

The Addams Family 2

Walton dabbled in voice acting by being cast as Pugsley in The Addams Family 2. The role in the first movie belonged to Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard.

Wolfhard had to exit the role in the second movie due to aging. His voice was becoming too different and older to play Pugsley. Enter Javon Walton.

The Umbrella Academy

Netflix's original series, The Umbrella Academy, recently released its third season. Walton was a new addition to the cast of extraordinary beings as a supporting role.

Walton portrays Stanley, the son of Diego Hargreeve and Lila. As a teenage punk, he causes trouble for Diego wherever he can make it.

Netflix newcomers earn around $20,000 for each episode. His net worth could rise with future episodes in this gig.

It's unknown whether or not Walton's character will return to the show in season four.


On July 18, 2022, Walton became the face of Travis Scott's new Air Jordan 1 Low shoe collab.

This fashion campaign features moody photos of Walton showing off his kicks. The Cactus Jack brand owner also debuted a short film starring Walton, called "Don't Get Caught."

Both Scott and Walton shared the short film promoting the sneakers. In the video, Walton is seen snooping around the Cactus Jack headquarters and getting ahold of the new sneaker at a McDonald's.


Javon Walton has a devoted and vast fan base, but he is not dating anyone. This is likely due to the fact that he is only 16 years of age and is busy with other endeavors.


Walton is the son of Jessica Walton and DJ Walton. Before working with USA Boxing, DJ worked for Ball4Real Streetball tour as the director. At the same time, he served as the president of FTGU Music.

His gym where he works as a boxing coach, OnWard, sells sports equipment, accessories, and clothing.

While his father trains and coaches Walton in boxing, his mother manages his acting career.

Both parents are entrepreneurs. In 2012, they developed an interactive storytelling app for children with Alicia Keys. DJ has a working relationship with Keys since co-founding the musician's company.

Javon has a younger brother, twin brother, and older sister. His sister, Jayla, is 17 years old and is also dabbling in acting. She was part of the Utopia series with her brother.

Jaden, Walton's twin brother, is featured on a lot of modeling events with Javon.

Javon's youngest brother, Daelo, is seven years old. Despite being so young, he has started acting, thanks to the inspiration from his brother.

While on the set of Euphoria, Daelo wanted to do a scene and ended up doing it really well. He was playing the role of Ashtray, saying all of the drug names and pulling off the acting.

The producers decided to send the footage of Daelo to Euphoria writer, Sam Levinson. He ended up loving Daelo's performance and created an opportunity for him to appear in the show.

If you've seen Euphoria, you've watched the flashbacks of Ashtray as a younger boy. This boy is played by Daelo. The two siblings are grateful that the show creates opportunities for them to work together.


There are a lot of things known about Walton, but these common questions tend to come up more often than others. Let's answer them now.

What Is Javon Walton's Nickname?

Walton has an unrelenting drive to succeed, which is where his nickname comes from. Javon "Wanna" Walton can do anything he "Wanna" do.

The saying has stuck ever since he was five years old after his dad gave him the nickname.

Does Javon Walton Still Box?

Despite being extremely busy with acting and modeling these days, Walton still makes time for his first passion, boxing.

His plan is to qualify for the Olympics when he turns 18 and win a gold medal.

Does Javon Walton Have Tattoos?

Ashtray, Walton's character in Euphoria, has unmissable face tattoos. These are drawn on marker tattoos. Walton does not have real permanent tattoos.

How Was Javon Walton Discovered?

Walton was discovered by Steve Harvey from his YouTube videos that show off his boxing skills.

Under Armor and casting directors from Euphoria saw Walton on this show and offered him gigs in modeling and acting. After his breakout role in the HBO series, other acting offers began coming in.

Is Javon Walton a Twin?

Walton has a twin brother, Jaden Walton. He also has a younger brother and an older sister.

The Future Is Bright for Javon Walton

Whether you loved him in Euphoria or The Umbrella Academy, you know the future is bright for Javon Walton.

Early fans know him for his boxing skills and look forward to seeing him compete in the Olympics when he qualifies.

As a young star, Walton still has a lot of growing to do. With the way his career has exploded in the past few years, we can assume more opportunities will be knocking on his door.

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