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Jenna Marbles Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022) How much is Jenna Marbles Worth?

Jenna Marbles's Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022)

NET WORTH: $8 Million
Source of Wealth: Youtube personality, writer, comedian
Born: September 15, 1986
Birth Name: Jenna Nicole Mourey
Height: 5ft. 5in. (1.66m)

Jenna Marbles Net Worth- The Road To Fame

On platforms like YouTube, stars rise and then drop off. One day their channel and video go viral but after a few months, it goes kaput and they begin losing views and subscribers. Of course, there are YouTubers like Pewdiepie who keep on gaining viewers but it can be safely said that he is an exception.

But he's not the only one who is rising in his stardom. Jenna Marbles is another YouTube star who has been on the platform for ten years and more. Yet her videos keep on getting millions of views. Want to know what a decade of being on YouTube has given her in terms of wealth? Then read on below:

Who is Jenna Marbles?

Jenna Marbles or Jenna Mourey is a YouTube personality, a writer, and a comedian as well. She publishes videos and began her YouTube journey in the year 2010. What does she post? She makes videos on her life where she offers very dubious life advice to her viewers. For example, one of her videos is on how you can avoid talking and interacting with people you dislike.

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Today I stole my boyfriends hairdresser @rifrafhair and he turned my (like 6 inch) roots into this beautifully blended and toned blonde look and I'm so excited! Colors are fun but it's so nice to grow it out and have it look this natural and healthy, thank you so much!

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She didn't achieve YouTube fame very soon. In fact, during the early years on YouTube, Jenna worked in Boston as a go-go dancer as well as a writer. Once she began earning enough from YouTube and got endorsements she quit Boston and those jobs. She moved on to Los Angeles next and began focusing on her videos.

Where is she now?

Jenna is doing well for herself. She travels to various universities and colleges where she is a speaker. Along with that she also co-hosts a podcast as well as makes videos of course. People who follow her will know that she streams gameplays on her Twitch channel as well. For a woman she started as a Youtuber, she has certainly expanded her profile a lot. Know that Julien Solomita is her boyfriend. He is also a Twitch streamer and Youtuber as well. Solomita pretty frequently stars on her channels.

Does her YouTube channel have a lot of subscribers?

Jenna is someone who stays out of public controversies. She hasn't made a career for herself with trolling or shock videos like Pewdiepie and the Paul brothers have. Her videos are wacky and funny which appeals to a wide demographic. Jenna has loyal followers which have allowed her to gain her millions. Currently, she has around 20 million YouTube subscribers who loyally watch her videos.

What kind of videos does she make?

Since Jenna has been on YouTube for a decade so her content has evolved as well. Her first videos had titles like- 'How girls get dressed.' Of course as with YouTube and general media as well nowadays, this was clickbait.

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I love my ot.

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Nowadays Jenna posts a different kind of content. She posts about making Halloween costumes or caking a hundred makeup layers. It may not seem so at first glance, but her content has changed a lot. Also, she rarely does clickbait nowadays. You will get to see exactly what the title says. Well, mostly that is. Jenna doesn't have a particular niche she sticks to. She makes whatever she wants. Her fans love watching her because she is funny but not in a put-others-down kind of way.

So how much is she worth?

You have read the whole thing above so by now you must have estimated that she earns white handsomely. It's estimated that Jenna Marbles Net Worth is $8 million right now. That's not bad at all for a YouTube star who makes funny videos.

It must be said that along with her 20 million YouTube subscribers, her Twitch channel has 230,000 followers and counting. She gains revenue from her ads and also from her Twitch followers. Along with this, she co-hosts a podcast with her boyfriend as well. It is called Jenna & Julien Podcast and it is sponsored well by brands. That's not all the ways she makes money. Her fans know that Jenna actually hosted a weekly radio show that ran for a longtime on SiriusXM. She earned a good bit of steady income from that as well.

Famous quotes by Jenna Marbles

One of the reasons why Jenna is famous is because she was relatable. Here are the quotes which resonate the most with her fans:

● "When I'm feeling sad, or lonely, and I don't know what I'm doing and I don't know where I'm going, I imagine the Cool Awesome Future Version of Myself just telling my present self, "It's okay. You just gotta grab that giraffe by the ears and ride it on out."- Jenna Marbles

● "I believe that you become yourself every single day of your life through   your   choices   and   how   you   think.   And   that's   constantly changing every day... You are constantly changing, evolving through your experiences, how you interpret your experiences, and how you choose to do things in the future based on those experiences... Being yourself means you think with your own mind, and you make your own choices and that makes you you." - Jenna Marbles

● "You are constantly changing & evolving through your experiences, how you interpret your experiences, and how you choose to do things in the future based on those experiences."- Jenna Marbles

● " You've already got a natural glow, kind of, cuz you're drunk, so just make it way more intense, everybody loves someone who's so red in the face. Are you embarrassed? No, I'm just excited to be here. I'm normal, I swear. Do you want my phone number?" - Jenna Marbles

● "As weird and awful and terrible as it may seem to be yourself sometimes, it will always reward you."- Jenna Marbles

● "If you want to be like someone, there's nothing stopping you from modelling yourself after someone else. You don't have to BE them -that's not your job in life. Your job in life is not to be someone else. You just want to be as good at being you as that person is at being them." - Jenna Marbles

Fans like Jenna because she is fun, wacky, and relatable. She has been on YouTube for a long time so it makes sense that she has earned a lot. Hopefully, she stays for years to come.



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