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JiDion Net Worth, YouTube, Early Life

JiDion is an American entertainer and one of the most famous YouTubers in 2022. He creates comedy videos that feature pranks and funny lifestyle vlogs. JiDion is also an aspiring musician.

Net Worth $5 million
Source Of WealthYouTuber
Born12th December 2000
Birth NameJidon Adams
Height6ft 1in (193cm)

It is estimated that JiDion has a net worth of $5 million. He makes the majority of his money off of his YouTube videos, social media posts, and comedic songs.

Are you searching for information about JiDion's early life, career, family, and salary? Then stop searching and check out this complete guide to everything you need to know about this famous YouTuber.

JiDion's Salary

It is estimated that JiDion brings in $40,000 per month from his highly lucrative YouTube channel. That means his annual income is approximate $480,000.

It is yet to see how much monthly income JiDion's Prime Squad sponsorships will make him. The majority of his monthly income comes from ad sponsorships, which are estimated to pay around $20 per 1000 views.

JiDion's Early Life

JiDion's biography begins with his birth. He was born Jidon Adams in Houston, Texas. He entered the world on December 12th, 2000, making him 21 years old as of this writing.

JiDion is a Sagittarius, which makes sense considering his career as a creator and entrepreneur. Sagittarius signs are known for their independence and out-of-the-box thinking.

JiDion attended Clear Lake High School, which is a public school serving areas of Houston and the city of Pasadena. JiDion's high school mascot was the Falcon. He reportedly played defensive end for the Falcon's football team, averaging around three tackles per game.

If you watch JiDion's videos, then you know he never finished high school. That is because he was suspended during his senior year. The video I GOT SUSPENDED FOR HUSTLING AT MY SCHOOL was uploaded to his account in 2019.

JiDion's Career

JiDion is a YouTube creator who uploads comedic prank and vlog videos every Tuesday. His account is simply known as JiDion. Nearly 6 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel.

JiDion's first YouTube videos no longer exist. He started uploading videos in 2018 during his senior year of high school. These now-deleted videos consisted mostly of Twitch-like gameplay streams.

2019 was the year JiDion's YouTube career took off. He uploaded a viral video about why he got suspended from school. You can still view the video on his account today, where it has accumulated over one million views to date.

In Spring of 2019, JiDion acquired his first one million views. Later that year, his YouTube channel hit an impressive 100,000 subscribers. This is impressive because it took him a little over a year to hit this achievement.

During this time, JiDion started his now-famous video series about Shoe Palace and a manager named Tyrone. This series is still ongoing today. And JiDion has even created a few songs about Tyrone and Shoe Palace, including the hit F*** Tyrone.

JiDion's most-viewed video hit YouTube on December 31st, 2020. It currently has more than five million views on YouTube.

JiDion hit another milestone in the late summer of 2021 when his channel hit one million subscribers. That subscriber count has increased significantly since then, growing to 2 million in November 2021, 3 million in December 2021, and 4 million in February 2022. As of this writing, Jidion has over 5 million subs.

In terms of views, JiDion is doing impressively. He hit his first 10 million views in 2019. In June 2021, his views hit an incredible 50 million. Today, that view count has doubled to more than 100 million total views.

JiDion Songs

What you may not know about YouTuber JiDion is that he also creates music. His songs feature comedic lyrics and titles, including Thick Chicks, Sibling Luving, and I Thought It Was a Fart.

Many of JiDion's songs have come from his comedic YouTube series about his arch nemesis, Tyrone. Tyrone Cousin, F*** Tyrone and F*** Tyrone Pt. 2, and No Homies Left Behind are all songs that have come out of those videos.

In late 2021, JiDion released the song and music video for Thick Chicks. The lyrics of this song parody some of Lizzo's top hits while also raving about JiDion's love of "thick chicks."

JiDion's Family and Relationships

Very little is known about JiDion's family, including his parents and siblings. He is also reportedly single, rarely sharing any information about his dating life.

Though unverified, there have been rumors that JiDion is of mixed race descent. He has black hair and dark brown eyes. Most people believe him to be a Black man of African American descent.

JiDion FAQs

There is still so much to know about the budding influencer, JiDion. He has only been on the scene for a few years. Yet, already, people are searching the web for the following frequently asked questions.

What Is JiDion's Real Name?

JiDion's real name is Jidon. His last name is Adams, making his full legal name Jidon Adams.

Some sources say that Jidon Adams' real name is Jidion or Jaden. Because the influencer does not use his real name on any of his socials, it is yet to see which of these three names is actually correct.

Is JiDion Religious?

Yes, JiDion is pretty vocal about his belief in the Christian religion. This is unsurprising, considering that Christianity is the #1 religion celebrated in his hometown of Houston, Texas.

Is JiDion Bald?

JiDion either lost most of his hair or shaved his head because he usually appears almost bald. It is hard to tell for sure, though. That is because he usually covers his head with a durag in photos and videos.

JiDion may not have a lot of hair on his head, but he does have a big bushy beard to make up for it!

Is JiDion on Twitch?

JiDion used to have a Twitch channel. Like his second YouTube channel, he named his Twitch jidionpremium. He never posted any gaming streams, preferring to chat with his audience instead.

Twitch placed a 14-day ban on JiDion at the beginning of 2022. The platform banned him due to alleged sexism and a "hate raid" he performed against female Pokimane streamers.

It is reported that JiDion has tried to get the platform to unban him since this event. However, the platform has now permanently banned the YouTuber from ever using Twitch again.

Does JiDion Vape?

In November 2021, JiDion posted a video called "Vape Patrol." He visited the campus of the University of Georgia campus and stopped students who were using vapes. At one point, he hits someone's vape and then throws it across the lawn.

This video led to a surge in interest about whether or not JiDion vapes. While it is unclear whether he vapes for sure, he did cough a lot when he hit a vape in one of his videos. Odds are that means that JiDion does not, in fact, vape.

Does JiDion Have a Girlfriend?

As far as we know, JiDion is currently a single man. He keeps his relationships pretty under wraps, though.

What we do know for sure, though, is that this popular YouTube is not married. Otherwise, he would not jokingly claim to date the famous singer and rapper, Lizzo.

Does JiDion Like Lizzo?

It is safer to say that JiDion does not just like Lizzo. It is more accurate to say that the famous comedian and YouTuber loves Lizzo.

JiDion has been making videos about loving Lizzo for a few years now. He has even brought this joke to interviews. He did this on the Jake Paul Show and the One a Serious Note podcast.

At the end of 2021, JiDion even wrote a love song for Lizzo. Lizzo even reacted to both the song and the music video live, which JiDion reacted to on his own channel, JiDionPremium. His video earned over three million views.

During Lizzo's reaction, she made it very clear that she and JiDion are not dating. She also made it very clear that she did not even know JiDion before his fans sent her his video. But she did say she really liked the song!

Does JiDion Own Prime?

JiDion does not own Prime, but he was the first influencer chosen as a member of the Prime Squad. Through the Prime Squad, he will receive sponsorships to promote the Prime hydration sports drink.

The real owners of Prime sports drinks are Logan Paul and KSI. Logan Paul is also a famous YouTuber and social media influencer. Paul is also known for his career as a professional wrestler.

KSI is a British YouTuber and rapper. His real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji. Like Logan Paul, KSI is also a professional wrestler.

Does JiDion Have a Second YouTube Channel?

JiDion's self-named YouTube channel is not his only account. He also has an account called JiDionPremium. He mainly posts reaction videos on this account, which nearly 2 million people subscribe to.

JiDion also has a YouTube Shorts channel called JiDion Shorts. He created this channel in July 2021. However, he has not posted on this channel in more than a month, and it only has around 79,000 subs as of this writing.

Has JiDion Collabbed With Other YouTubers?

Yes, JiDion has collaborated with many different influencers over the years. This includes YouTuber Baylen Levine. Levine appears in almost all of JiDion's popular YouTube videos.

Controversially, the gaming streamer Pokimane collaborated with JiDion after he allegedly showed misogyny towards her on Twitch. Pokimane, also known as Imane Anys, explained that she decided to collab with him after he issued her a genuine apology.

Additionally, JiDion has collaborated with top-tier YouTube influencers like Shane Dawson and Tana Mongeau.

Does JiDion Go to College?

Many of JiDion's prank videos take place on different college campuses across the country. So, you would be forgiven if you thought JiDion was enrolled in college. But the YouTuber actually does not attend college, preferring to focus on his career as a YouTuber and social media influencer.

In his videos, JiDion has visited many different campuses, including the University of Georgia. He also crashed a class at Harvard in early 2022.

Other videos on JiDion's channel show him getting a haircut during a college lecture, crashing a college reunion, trolling students on a college campus, cheating on a college exam, taking a bath during online learning classes, and more.

Does JiDion Have Instagram?

Yes, JiDion is on Instagram. You can find his profile at the handle @jidion_.

JiDion is also on Twitter. Tweet at him with the handle @jidion6.

If you are looking for this YouTuber on TikTok, find his profile with the handle @jidion.

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JiDion is an American YouTuber and social media influencer. He has a net worth of approximately $5 million and an annual salary of over $400,000. He currently has over five million YouTube subscribers and nearly half a billion views.

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