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Justin Bieber - Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter. Born in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Bieber began his career by posting videos of himself singing popular songs online.

Justin Beiber
Net Worth $350 million
Source Of WealthMusic
Born1st March 1994
Birth NameJustin Drew Bieber
Height5ft 9in (175cm)

If you are wondering who Justin Bieber is or want to know more about him, this article will get you up to speed. No matter whether you enjoy his music or not, his rise to fame and subsequent net worth is impressive.

Read on for everything you need to know about Justin Bieber.

Who Is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer discovered by Scott (Scooter) Braun via Youtube and has been in the music industry for over ten years. He is 28 years old and was born in 1994. He released his debut album 'My World' in 2009, and since then, his music has won over the hearts of all ages, with many calling themselves 'Beliebers.'

His music is mainly the genres of pop and R&B, with some of his major hits including:

  • Sorry (2015)
  • Love Yourself (2015)
  • Baby (2010)
  • I Don't Care with Ed Sheeran (2019)
  • Ghost (2021)
  • Despacito with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yanke (2017)
  • Peaches (2021)

He released his sixth studio album, Justice, in 2021, which went to number one, meaning he has had eight number-one albums. With this album, he broke another record to be the youngest solo artist with this many number-one albums. Elvis Presley previously held this record.

He is a solo artist but often collaborates with other musicians. He has worked with Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Jaden Smith, Daddy Yanke, and others on hit records. He mainly sings in English but also speaks French.

Justin Bieber's Net Worth

Justin Bieber's net worth is $350 million.

Justin Bieber's net worth was estimated at $500,000 in early 2010, but by late 2010 his hit Baby sent his net worth to over $5 million. Since then, his career has continued to flourish, and his worth continues to grow, with estimations of his salary being between 60 and 80 million dollars per year.

Justin Bieber's net worth mainly comes from his music sales, concerts, and tours. He has had three world tours, with his Purpose World Tour gaining over $250 million. He has also made a documentary series called Justin Bieber in 2020 and two films about his concerts.

However, he also earns money in different ways, such as through endorsements. He has had endorsements with a variety of well-known brands, including:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Adidas
  • T-mobile
  • Proactiv
  • Schmidt's Naturals

He also has his own fragrance line and other merchandise. He gains extra earnings from platforms such as Youtube. He has over 69 million subscribers, ranking as the number one channel in Canada and the 5th in music videos, so he makes a lot in ad revenues.

Identifying his overall net worth can be difficult, but it is well within the millions. He also owns a luxury car collection and real estate.

Justin Bieber Early Life

Justin Bieber was born on the 1st March 1994; his full name is Justin Drew Bieber. He was born in St. Joseph's hospital in London, Canada, to Patricia Mallette and Jeremy Jack Bieber. His mum was 18 years old and raised him as a single mother.

Justin grew up in Stratford, Ontario, attending Jeans Sauve Catholic School and St. Michael Catholic Secondary school in Stratford, Ontario. He completed high school in 2012.

Justin always had an interest in music, learning different musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet. He would record himself singing covers of songs and would participate in various singing competitions, including a local Stratford singing competition.

Justin Bieber Career

Justin Bieber's mother would share songs of Justin singing songs on YouTube for families and friends to see. These videos included singing with acoustic guitar and covering R&B songs. American record executive Scott Braun was searching on YouTube for another singer when he saw Justin's videos by accident.

Scott Braun invited Justin Bieber to Atlanta to record demos and work on his music career. One of the high-profile artists Justin met was Usher, and Justin ended up signing with Usher's mentor L.A. Reid at Island Def Jam Records through RBMG.

Justin Bieber was around 13 years old at the time and has not looked back. He now has six studio albums, over 70 singles (including featured artist singles), three compilation albums, three remix albums, and nine promotional singles.

Here are some of his major career milestones:

  • First single: 'One Time' worldwide hit and certified platinum
  • First EP album 'My World' reaches international popularity
  • Performed in front of then-president Barack Obama
  • Performed at the first Grammys in 2010
  • First tour in 2010
  • Released the concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in 2011
  • First male artist's Christmas album to debut in the top spot in 2011
  • Third consecutive album to reach number one in 2012
  • Returned to live performance in 2015
  • Largest sales for the week of a music career in 2015 with 'Purpose'
  • Released documentary series in 2020 and fifth number-one album
  • In 2021 he released the sixth studio album Justice
  • Had eighth number one single 'Stay' in 2021

Justin Bieber has had many achievements throughout his career. It is estimated that he has had over 150 million record sales.

His voice has naturally changed over time and his style of music, with later albums focusing more on the genre of R&B. His features on famous TV shows such as Comedy Central and his social media presence also helped his career gain momentum.

He has also spoken about his past issues with loneliness and depression, hoping to help others who experience similar feelings. He had to cancel part of his 2017 tour 'Purpose' due to his mental health, and by 2019 was speaking openly about seeking treatment.

In 2022 Justin Bieber was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which has caused half his face to be paralyzed. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder, and Justin Bieber is currently undergoing treatment and has canceled upcoming shows.

Awards and Achievements

Justin Bieber has achieved a lot during his music career despite his struggles. He often states his loved ones, and Christian faith helped him turn his life around. He has gained many rewards and achievements, including:

  • He has won two out of 22 Grammy award nominations
  • One Latin Grammy award
  • Eight Juno awards
  • Two Brit awards
  • 26 billboard music awards
  • Received a Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013
  • Received three certified Diamond singles from RIAA

The RIAA is the Recording Industry of America. Justin Bieber has also won various fan-voted accolades such as American music awards, MTV Video music awards, and Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards.

Justin Bieber has also set many Guinness world records. These include:

  • Most viewed music channel on Youtube
  • The first artist in the US with five US number-one albums under 18
  • Most songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in a single week
  • Most streamed Spotify track in one week (What Do You Mean?)

Justin Bieber has received many nominations, awards, and achievements over his career so far. This makes him one of the most successful solo singers with a high net worth before 30 years old. He has become a strong influence in many fans' lives, but he often cites his family, wife, and religion as his most significant achievements in life.

Justin Bieber Relationships

Justin Bieber's facts would not be complete without some information about Justin Bieber's relationships. However, as with many relationships, the actual details remain a mystery unless Justin Bieber speaks openly about them. Many people want to know who Justin is dating, but he is now married.

His wife is Hailey Baldwin (now Hailey Bieber), who he married in 2018 and 2019 in two separate ceremonies. Hailey Baldwin is a supermodel with her own impressive net worth and career. She was only 21 when she married Justin Bieber.

Hailey and Justin Bieber first met when Hailey when she was a fan backstage at one of his concerts. They dated around 2015 until 2016, then rekindled their romance in Miami in 2018. They had bumped into each other at a church conference and soon began dating.

Currently, Justin Bieber does not have any children. He has adopted many dogs over the years.

Past Relationships

Before he was with Hailey, Justin Bieber had other relationships, including with well-known public figures. These included:

  • Selena Gomez
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Sofia Richie

His longest relationship was with Selena Gomez until 2018. Many fans liked them together, as Selena and Justin had a following of fans who had grown up alongside the two stars. Their relationship was on and off until 2018, which ended for unknown reasons.

Justin then reunited with Hailey, whom he had previously dated until 2016.

Family History

Justin grew up with his mother, Patricia Mallette (Pattie). His parents were never married, and his maternal Grandma Diane and his stepfather Bruce helped raise him. He also has three half-siblings through his father's side and had a relationship with his father growing up.

Justin Bieber has different ancestry connections, including French-Canadia, English, Scottish, German, and Irish. His great-grandfather was born in the town of Bonaventure, which is in the Gaspé Peninsula of Québec. This town was founded by Arcadian refugees who escaped British deportations in the 1750s.

Justin Bieber FAQ

Now you know some Justin Bieber facts. But there are many frequently asked questions about him too. Here are some of the top questions about Justin Bieber:

How Much Do Justin's Concerts Earn?

Justin Bieber earns an estimated $1 million per night on tour. His highest-grossing tour was Purpose in 2016.

Does Justin Bieber Have Tattoos?

Justin Bieber has over sixty tattoos. He got his first tattoo when he was sixteen, and now he has many all over his body. His tattoos are a signature part of his look.

Did Justin Come From a Low-income Background?

Justin Bieber lived below the Canadian poverty line growing up. He has previously spoken about being teased due to his background. He mainly self-taught himself how to play instruments and began earning money through singing competitions.

Does Justin Have Any Fears?

It is said that Justin Bieber fears the dentist. He also stayed away from music for five years and spoke about fearing being received again. However, once he started performing again, he regained his confidence.

How Much Is a Private Concert With Justin Bieber?

Fees vary for hiring Justin Bieber to perform at a private concert. Fees range from $1,000,000. Concert tickets can range from $150 to over $200.

All You Need to Know About Justin Bieber

Whether you like or know about Justin Bieber's music, people can agree that he has achieved a lot at an early age. Justin Bieber's net worth, his comeback after troubles with the law, and his return to music after battling depression also prove this.

He has inspired many people with his work and continues to gain fans. His success is admirable, and despite being in the limelight from a young age, he has also managed to find happiness in his private life.

Our net worths are for entertainment purposes only. We do our best to provide accurate figures, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The figures are based on public information and estimates, and may not reflect the true value of assets or liabilities.



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