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Karol G Net Worth, Music, Early Life

With the genre of reggaeton becoming more and more popular, lots of talented artists are emerging. Karol G is one of the most influential Colombian reggaeton singers and songwriters making her mark in the industry today.

Karol G
Net Worth $10 million
Source Of WealthMusic
Born14th February 1991
Birth NameCarolina Giraldo Navarro
Height5ft 3in (160cm)

She's sold over 4.5 million singles, released half a dozen chart-topping singles, and earned the respect and admiration of the hottest stars in pop right now.

How did this amazing artist get her start in music? We're going to take a look at this quick guide about Karol G outlining her net worth, salary, career, awards, number-one hits, family, and more!

Karol G Net Worth

Karol G has a net worth of $10 million. Mostly grossed from her mega pop hits, Karol G also has an impressive social media following.

She has over 55 million followers on Instagram and receives billions of views on her YouTube videos. Her YouTube channel has a total of 27.5 million subscribers.

Her extremely successful collaboration, "Culpables," with singer-songwriter ex-boyfriend, Annuel AA, reached over a billion views on YouTube alone. As of May 2022, the singer has five music videos in YouTube Billion Views Club-an outstanding achievement for such a new artist!

Karol G Salary

Thanks to her music and social media following, Karol G brings in around $2 million per year. Her main source of income is from singing.

Although Karol G is most famous for her musical talents, she is also considered a businesswoman. She earns her money from advertisements and sponsors on social media platforms like YouTube.

In 2021 she joined forces with Smirnoff for the "Sabor for the People" campaign which promoted the Smirnoff Poco Pico Seltzer variety pack. The well-known vodka brand also served as one of Karol G's sponsors on the Bichota Tour.

One of her most recent money-making partnerships was with the famous shoe brand, Crocs. In February of 2022, Karol G and Crocs released two iconic designs decorated by Karol G herself for her fans. These styles were a success and are currently sold out on the Crocs website.

Karol G also has a modeling career she earns money from. She has done endorsement work with Cîroc, EL RUSSO, and THE24K.

Karol G Early Life

Karol G was born in Medellin, Colombia on February 14th, 1991. Her real name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro and she is the youngest of three siblings.

Karol G's love for music and singing started as a young girl. Her father, who was also a musician, was instrumental in helping her start her career. He was always pushing her to strive for the stars.

When she turned fourteen, she participated in the Colombian version of "The X Factor." Her performance blew people away and shortly after received many record deal offers.

Karol G studied Music at the University of Antioquia in Colombia. While she studied, she sang background vocals for various notable artists.

Despite hearing from record labels that women "don't do" reggaeton, Karol G kept working hard and now has an impressive resume loaded with chart-topping hits.

Karol G Career

Karol G's first record deals came a few years after her performance on "The X Factor" with Flamingo Records in Colombia and Diamond Music in Puerto Rico.

Some hit songs she released after signing with her record label include, "En la Playa," "Por ti," "Dime Que Si," and "Mil Maneras."

Karol G's collaboration with other musicians helped grow her fame. Her first collaboration with the infamous reggaeton sensation, Reykon, was released in 2012 called "301." This song helped pave her way into the music industry.

Following this single, Karol G continued working with other reggaeton artists, and in 2017 had her breakthrough career moment. Together with rapper sensation, Bad Bunny, the two released the hit, "Ahora Me Llama."

The official video of "Ahora Me Llama" continues to receive millions of views on YouTube with a current total of 965 million views.

Also in 2017, Karol G united with Ozuna and released the hit single "Hello." Considered another successful release, "Hello" currently has 280 million views on YouTube.

In addition to her music, Karol G appeared on the reality tv show, "Pequeños Gigantes USA," as a judge. She rated young artists who appeared before her hoping to make it big.

The world finally showed its love for Karol G in 2018 when she was nominated for the Best New Artist award at the Latin Grammy Awards and won. She was also nominated for Billboard Latin Music Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro Awards, and Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year in the female category.

Also in 2018, Karol G released another hit song, "Mi Cama." This song was number six on the Billboard Hot Latin chart and also featured J Balvin and Nicky Jam.

Winning Karol G's first award in the music industry certainly did not stop her. She was more determined than ever and continued to release hit after hit in the following years.

Smash Hits

The first song ever to reach one billion views on YouTube was the famous track, "China." This smash hit was a collaboration between many artists including Annuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna, and J Balvin. The video has a total of 1.9 billion views on YouTube.

"Bichota," another one of Karol G's hits, was released on October 23rd, 2020. It's no surprise the official music video has over one billion views on Youtube as well.

The song "Bichota" is about feeling empowered and daring. The Colombian artist wanted to send out a message to her dedicated fans about women being strong and confident.

Her famous nickname, "La Bichota," stemmed from the meaning of this song.

"Tusa" was released in 2021 pleasing the ears of millions. This fun dance song was the product of a partnership between Karol G and Nicki Minaj. The official music video, which portrays the artists as Goddesses, has a total of 1.3 billion views.

Other famous reggaeton artists Karol G has partnered up with throughout her career are Becky G, J Balvin, Mariah Angeliq, and Nicky Jam, to name a few.

Although she mainly writes and sings reggaeton, she showed her range when she released "Don't Be Shy" with one of the world's most famous DJs, Tiësto. "Don't Be Shy" is a fun dance hit where Karol G is found singing in English.

Karol G experimented with other genres of music including Latin trap and sertaneja (a music style from Brazil). Her talents are showcased in the song, "La Vida Continuó." This was a Spanish/Portuguese collaboration with a Brazilian duo called Simone & Simaria.

Karol G Relationship

Annuel AA is an extremely famous Puerto Rican artist who makes reggaeton and trap music. Karol G and Annuel AA made quite the noise on the internet when they announced their exclusive relationship.

The two musicians met back in 2018 on the set of their music video, "Culpables."  They were both extremely active on social media, constantly posting pictures together. Their fans loved to see it and their photos received hundreds of thousands of likes.

Once they started dating, they continued to collaborate to please their fans. Another hit single they made together is "Secreto" which was released in 2018. The official music video has 1.3 billion views on Youtube.

Karol G and Annuel AA announced their engagement in 2019 when Karol G came out on stage with an engagement ring on her finger at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Unfortunately, the duo publicly announced their split in 2021 breaking the hearts of millions.  Annuel AA moved on quickly and is already married to someone else.

Karol G recently wrote a song called "MAMIII" with another pop sensation, Becky G. The song is indirectly about Karol G's ex, mentioning things like "Because of how toxic you are, I don't want to see you anymore."

The beloved Karol G is currently single, although there are rumors about her and J Balvin dating.

Karol G Family

Karol G's father is one of her biggest fans. He has a presence on social media and is also known as Papa G. It's common to see Karol G at award shows and performances with her father by her side.

He was also an aspiring musician but Karol G mentioned that he left it all behind to take care of his family. In 2019, he played as the opening act for one of Karol G's concerts in their home city of Medellin.

Karol G also has two older sisters, Veronica Giraldo Navarro and Jessica Giraldo. They both have over 500,000 Instagram followers and post about beauty and lifestyle topics.

Both sisters have learned how to be successful and are now businesswomen. Jessica is a lawyer and Veronica works in aesthetics and beauty.

There is also a half-sister, Katherin Giraldo. Katherin does not speak to Karol G or her father but does not have any hatred towards them.  She is an entrepreneur and model with a strong presence on Instagram as well.

Karol G's mother, Marta Navarro, can be seen in a video posted on social media with her daughter. In the video, the mother dances with her arms around her daughter's waist to one of Karol G's famous songs.

It's obvious where Karol G gets her great looks from!


Karol G is in the prime of her career and continues to grow each day. She is breaking records and surpassing other artists' achievements by the minute.

Since she is claiming success so quickly, here are some frequently asked questions you may not know about the Colombian superstar.

Where Is Karol G From?

Karol G is from Colombia. She was born in Medellin.

Is Karol G Single?

Yes. She was dating the reggaeton singer, Annuel AA, but they broke up in 2021.

What Are Some of Karol G’s Most Famous Songs?

She is known for some of her most famous songs including, "Mi Cama" and "Ahora Me Llama".

What Is Karol G’s Net Worth?

Karol G has a net worth of $10 million.

How Much Does Karol G Make Each Year?

This figure keeps increasing but is estimated to be around $2 million per year.

Where Does Karol G Live?

Karol G bought a lavish mansion in Miami, Florida for $2 million. She also has made investments in real estate in New York City and Colombia.

Who Is Karol G’s Biggest Fan?

Karol G's biggest fan is her father. He has often been seen side-by-side with the Colombian pop star at music awards and performances. He played an instrumental role in building her career as a young girl.

How Tall Is Karol G?

Karol G is 5 foot 3 inches.

Does Karol G Have Collaborations With Other Famous Artists?

Yes, collaborations are a huge part of her fame. Some of the talented artists Karol G has worked with are Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Annuel AA, Nicki Minaj, and many others.

Does Karol G Like Cars?

Karol G has an impressive car collection. Her collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, a Ferrari 812 Superfast, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, Mercedes-AMG G63, and a Mercedes AMG GLE 43 Coupe.

What Color Hair Does Karol G Have?

Karol G had iconic blue hair for years. Her fans would show up at her concerts with blue wigs to show their love for their favorite artist.

She recently publicized that she was ditching the blue hair and has changed to a red hue. Her post on Instagram where she revealed her new hair color received over 7 million likes.

What Is Her Most Current Single?

"Provenza" is her latest release.

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