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Kate Bush Net Worth, Musician, Early Life

Kate Bush is an iconic pop superstar known for her classic hits like "Wuthering Heights" and "Running Up That Hill." The latter song was recently included in the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix and experienced a resurgence. Now everybody is listening to Kate Bush again.

Kate Bush
Net Worth $70 million
Source Of WealthMusician
Born30th July 1958
Birth NameCatherine Bush CBE
Height5ft 2in (160cm)

But what about her life? Not many people nowadays know all about the other stuff Kate Bush has done in her life. Read on to learn more about this fascinating singer-songwriter who has captured the public's attention yet again.

Read to learn all about things like Kate Bush's net worth, Kate Bush's personal life, her upbringing, and more.

Kate Bush's Net Worth

Kate Bush boasts a net worth of $70 million. She piled up this hefty sum thanks to her work as a singer-songwriter and music producer. In the 1980s, it seemed like you couldn't go anywhere without hearing a Kate Bush song.

But how did this captivating chanteuse get her start?

Kate Bush's Early Life

Kate Bush was born Catherine Bush to an English father and an Irish mother in Bexleyheath, Kent, in the United Kingdom. They raised Kate in an old farmhouse near Bexleyheath.

Kate Bush's family excelled in the arts, unsurprisingly. Her mother danced traditional Irish dancing, her father played piano, and her brothers both either played music, wrote poetry, or did photography. Kate Bush and her brother also learned karate.

Kate Bush's family believed in Roman Catholicism. At the age of 11, Kate Bush taught herself how to play piano and the organ. She began writing original songs around this time, as well.

Kate Bush's parents sent her to a Catholic girls' school nearby. By the time she turned 16, Bush compiled a tape of nearly 50 of her original songs. However, this tape failed to impress the record producers she mailed it to.

Kate Bush's big break came when her parents mailed her demo tape to David Gilmour of the British psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Gilmour enjoyed Bush's music and decided to help Bush create a new demo tape that would sound more slick and more like a professionally recorded demo tape. This tape worked like magic and earned Bush her first record deal with EMI Group Limited.

Even after getting this record deal, Bush still waited two years to produce her debut album. She continued her studies at the Catholic girls' school and sometimes released bootlegs of her songs. However, in 1978 she decided it was time to get back in the professional studio and start her music career.

Kate Bush's Career

Kate Bush became a pop star in 1979 with her debut album The Kick Inside. This album became such a massive success thanks to Bush's debut single, "Wuthering Heights."  It is a beautiful pop ballad inspired by the 19th-century novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Bush sings the song "Wuthering Heights" from the perspective of the character Cathy, perhaps as her ghost, calling out to her former lover, Heathcliff. This song, "Wuthering Heights," made a huge impression on the British public and the music video dazzled people, as well. The music video features iconic imagery of Kate Bush dancing on a hill in a red dress.

Bush's debut album The Kick Inside featured other famous and popular songs, as well. This album included "The Man with the Child in His Eyes," "Kite," "Strange Phenomena," "Them Heavy People," and "Moving," among others. The album received positive reviews from both the public and from music critics, and it still receives positive feedback to this day.

Kate Bush titled her second album Lionheart. Unlike The Kick Inside, this new album did not wow both critics and the public. Kate Bush herself later said the album should have received more time and attention before EMI released it.

Lionheart included the singles "Wow," "Hammer Horror," and "Symphony in Blue." "Symphony in Blue" became a very popular song of Bush's, so the album was not a complete failure by any means.

Her Next Two Albums

Kate Bush became a prolific singer-songwriter and record producer. She continued to write songs and make music at an impressive clip. Bush recorded her third studio album in 1980, and this was the first studio album she produced.

Bush called this album Never For Ever. The album soared to number one on UK charts and included three hit singles. Bush decided to release three songs from the albums as singles, and she picked "Breathing," "Army Dreamers," and "Babooshka." "Babooshka" in particular became popular with the public.

In 1982, Bush produced an album by herself, The Dreaming. Due to this newfound freedom, Bush experimented quite a bit with her music.

Bush's experimentation on The Dreaming did not impress critics or the public as much as her previous albums. This album did well in the United States, but in the UK it did not do as well as her first three releases.


Kate Bush achieved perhaps her greatest success with her next album, Hounds of Love. Hounds of Love included her extremely popular hit single, "Running Up That Hill." This album went to number one in the UK. It also included the singles "Cloudbusting," "Hounds of Love," and "The Big Sky."

Hounds of Love earned Bush several nominations at the 1986 Brit Awards. The popularity of this album prompted EMI to release a greatest hits album the following year, titled The Whole Story. That year, Bush also collaborated on a track with Peter Gabriel, which did very well on the charts.

Two years later, Bush released an album titled The Sensual World. The title of that album took inspiration from the James Joyce novel, Ulysses. This album gave Bush her best success yet in the United States.

The next year, Bush performed a cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man," which earned her big success in the United Kingdom. Bush had even bigger success in the United States a couple years later in 1993 when she released The Red Shoes.

Bush titled The Red Shoes after a British film from 1948. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger directed the film, which took place in the world of London ballet. Kate Bush took great inspiration from this film.

The Red Shoes gave Kate Bush great success in the United Kingdom. She released the singles "The Red Shoes," "Rubberband Girl," "And So is Love," and "Moments of Pleasure."

Taking a Break

After Bush released The Red Shoes, she took a hiatus from music and from fame. Her public image came to be known as a recluse or as an eccentric. But the truth was that she was just taking some time off to focus on her family.

Bush gave birth to a son in 1998 and named him Albert. She has continued to produce and record albums and still has a very devoted fanbase.

In the 2020s, Kate Bush's hit single "Running Up That Hill" from 1985 was included in an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things. Bush's popularity came back in a big way and the song returned to prominence.

Personal Life and Relationships

Kate Bush's husband's name is Danny McIntosh. He plays guitar for a variety of artists. Before marrying McIntosh, Bush dated a sound engineer named Del Palmer.

Bush's parents raised her Roman Catholic. Though she does not still regard herself as a Roman Catholic, she appreciates Roman Catholicism and says it influenced her music and art. Bush says she does not eat meat.

Bush said the reason her albums take so long nowadays before they are released is due to her focus on her family life. However, she also said she wished the albums did not take her so long to produce.

The Essentials of Kate Bush

Kate Bush's net worth is $70 million. Bush rose to stardom in the 1980s and never looked back. She amassed her net worth thanks to a sparkling career in the music industry as a singer-songwriter and producer. Her single "Running Up That Hill" experienced a huge resurgence recently and young people across the world are discovering this fascinating artist for the first time.

Kate Bush pioneered British pop music for female solo artists. She was the first of them to go to number one on the UK pop charts.

Kate Bush's career, personal life, and net worth are fascinating subjects to the public and to the legions of Kate Bush fans. If you enjoyed reading about Kate Bush and all there is to know about her, check out our other blogs about celebrities and their net worths.

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