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Kevin O' Leary Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022) How much is Kevin O'Leary Worth?

Kevin O'Leary's Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022)

NET WORTH: $390 Million
Source of Wealth: Businessman
Born: July 9, 1954
Spouse: Linda O'Leary
Children: 2
Birth Name: Terence Thomas Kevin O'Leary
Height: 5 ft. 8 in. (1.77m)

Kevin O’ Leary: A Success Story

Terence Thomas Kavin O’ Leary also known as O’ Leary is a famous Canadian Businessman, Politician, writer and Television personality in North America. Kevin built the famous The Learning Company (also known as Softkey) for children. This global educational software had earned about 4.2 billion dollars in 1999. After that, he founded, co-founded and sold a number of industries with finance, entertainment, and storage. He is also a star on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and ABC’s Shark Tank. He is an owner of a mutual fund company names O’Leary Fund which has a fund of approximately 1.7 billion dollars. Side by side he also co-hosting CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange and Discovery Channel’s Project Earth. He is a host of Kevin O’ Leary Redemption.

First Step to Win:

Kevin O’ Leary was born in Quebec (Canada) in a middle-class family in 1954. He is the son of a small Businessman, Georgette. Georgette was an alcoholic person and due to over drinking reason, Kevin’s father died when Kevin was too young. After his father died, his mother took all the responsibility of the business as well as Kevin and his brother. After some time his mother married an economist named George Kanawaty.  Kanawaty worked in the UN’s International Labour Organisation. But he is also a famous investor and businessman.Due to his dynamic work, Kevin’s childhood had spent in so many places and he learned the basic rules of survival. Not only his stepfather but also his mother was an investor. But her whole life she hides it from her son and Leary came to know about this after his mother died when the will was executed. O’ Leary’s dream was to be a photographer but his stepfather influenced him to an investor too. In 1977 he successfully passed his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Environment Studies from the University of Waterloo. In 1980 he had done MBA in entrepreneur from Ivey Business School from the University of Western Ontario.

Struggle For A Name:

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My mother Georgette was the first woman - the first person really - who taught me that with perseverance, patience, and passion, you can achieve anything. The embodiment of strength. I am thankful for her, and all the women in my life today - in family, business, and friendship who continue to inspire me in the same way she did. Happy International Women’s Day! #iwd2020

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He started his first job as an intern under Nabisco and then he worked under Nabisco’s Cat food Brand as a brand manager. As I told this is his first step to business professionals, it helped him to experience the world a little bit. Before starting The Learning Company he and his 2 friends started an independent television channel named SET (Special Event Television). His TV channel got success due to some soccer films, documentaries and for showing various kinds of sports. Now from here, his real journey had started. He sold his own share from the SET and built The Learning Company also known as Softkey in 1986 in the Toronto Basement. The main motive of this company was to sell CD ROM based computer software. But at the beginning of 1990 so many companies were selling computer-related software and operating systems, so competition had increased. Then he decided to do something different to make his company’s popularity constant. O’ Leary started to develop a number of products based on mathematics and comprehensive reading skills. With this, they started selling games for computers on CDs. After that, he has enrolled himself as a co-founder of  StorageNow Holdings. It was so famous in Canada and had branches over 11 cities. In 2007 the net worth income of this company was about 110 million dollars.

Why Should We Follow Him?

For a businessman, it is necessary to do invest the money in the proper way and the proper place. As I told before that his mother was an investor too and she invested her one-third money from the monthly income and got benefited by that. By also walking in Late Mother’s way he started investing one-third of his money in shares. He received a lot of money from the investors who once made fun of his ideology and thinking. And he also proved his precious words, “ Don’t cry about money, it never cries for you”.

He started teaching a lot of people how to be a businessman. So many successful mentees are now established at various levels. He has the power to see the future, or better you can say he posses an ability to see the pathway for a better future. And this is why he wrote 3 books in a sequence to achieve a beautiful and peaceful life. Here you can see the name and motive of writing these books-

Cold Hard Truth: on Business, Money, and Life

His opinion on Entrepreneurship, Finance, Life, and money

Cold Hard Truth: on Men, Women, and Money

His opinion upon the 50 mistakes people often do to making money

Cold Hard Truth: on Family, Kids, and Money

The life with family, kids, and journey after retirement

You can easily understand that his books, his words are actually the reflection of his own life indeed. So if you are planning to do invest and start entrepreneurship then these books will be the light of your way in the dark. As I said Earlier so many people (you can see the names on the official website of his page ) are get benefited from his guidance so take a try if you want to be like them.

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In the studio doing voice over pick ups for a new 2020 commercial. You always have to return to the same studio where you recorded the original to match the “room tone”

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Consistency of O’ Leary:

Consistency is very important in our life. If we want to achieve our goal then we must take risks to follow with consistency at all conditions. At first, no one gets success as they wish but day by day after hard work one day the result will be in our favor. Take his life as an example, he started his journey with 0, after passing so many difficulties he is now a successful businessman. Still, now he is guiding so many students. He runs a TV show and also runs his Funding company. Once he was in politics too. Because his idea about finance is so sharp he predicted the correct future that the Liberal Government would fall after four years of economic collapse. At last, I just want to say if you planning to be an entrepreneur then do follow him and his valuable words, then success will knock your door.



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