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Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Career, Early Life

Kevin Samuels was a life coach, dating coach, social media influencer, and image consultant who largely rose to prominence in the last few years.

video creator
Net Worth $5 million
Source Of WealthYoutuber
Born13th March 1965
Death5th May 2022
Birth NameKevin Roshon Samuels
Height6ft 2in (188cm)

Circa March 2020, the pandemic rocked the world to its core.

During this time, as many as 60% of people began working from home and either spending more time at home with their significant other or themselves. The scariness and uncertainty of the situation forced people to take a hard look at both their financial lives and relationships.

Enter Kevin Samuels.

Before he died suddenly in the spring of 2022, he took the world by storm with his tough love and common sense approach of preaching to push men and women to take a hard look at themselves to get what they say they want out of life.

It also caused his net worth to skyrocket. Let's take a look at his life.

The Late Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels died in May of 2022 of hypertension complications when he collapsed and could not be resuscitated.

His message often brought about controversy whenever his clips went viral. He started a YouTube channel years ago offering fragrance, style, and career advice to men.

His brand didn't go through the roof until he brought women into his message, which also coincided with the fearful times that people were going through during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To boil down why his message resonated, the fear of the pandemic made a lot of men realize that they weren't satisfied with their finances, career, or ability to attract women, and many realized that the career they thought they coveted didn't bring about the happiness or fulfillment they wanted, and that marriage, family, or motherhood was something they desired.

The message sent a lightning rod throughout the internet, which led to must-see YouTube and Instagram content five days a week for the better part of the past 2 years.

Not only did this create polarizing water cooler conversation, but it also took his net worth and brand to the next level.

What Was Kevin Samuels' Net Worth?

Prior to his death, Kevin Samuels had a $5 million net worth. This was impressive when you consider the fact that he was a man without a brand or any form of celebrity prior to taking the internet by storm.

Add that to the fact that he wasn't a young man, and built his brand in his 50s. This is reminiscent of artists and entrepreneurs like Stan Lee, Toni Morrison, Martha Stuart, and Samuel L. Jackson, who all found smashing success later in life.

If you followed the YouTube channel, you literally got to see his success increase in real-time, as he upgraded his production values, living arrangement, and wardrobe little by little.

If you're going to learn about some lessons of success and how he gained his net worth, it starts by considering where he earned his money.

How Did Kevin Samuels Earn Money?

At the time of his death, Kevin Samuels lived in a luxury apartment in Atlanta. It pays to examine his various streams of income to see how he was able to grow his net worth.

Much of his net worth was built around his content and his message. Here are some ways that he built his wealth brick by brick:

A Life Coach and Motivator

When his obituary was written by media outlets, it was often stated that he was polarizing to women, particularly black women. However, prior to creating any sort of buzz, he dealt out tough love medicine to many men of all ages trying to make something of themselves.

He was a motivational speaker in a sense, as he held streams in which men could call in and let him know where they wanted to be in life. As Samuels would do with his call-in show that largely consisted of female callers, he would ask these men a series of questions and find out the deficiencies that were holding them back from the dreams they said they wanted.

Aside from the YouTube content, Kevin Samuels also provided one-on-one coaching to the men who got in touch and wanted help meeting their goals and didn't know where to begin.

These private consultations served as a major source of income up until the time of his death.

He Gave Advice as a Dating Expert

Kevin Samuels also earned plenty of income giving advice as a dating expert, both one-on-one privately, and on his social media platforms and Patreon account.

Much of his advice poked holes in the old-school Disney tropes revolving around romance and interactions between men and women. He offers a more practical and common sense approach, since both men and women tend to sell themselves unrealistic dreams related to the mating game.

He Originally Worked as an Image Consultant

Before he ever decided to create a YouTube account, Kevin Samuels' bread and butter was as an image consultant. He had a knack for fashion and helping both men and women look their best, so that they can feel their best, and get the best outcomes from their professional lives.

He focused on fragrance, footwear, and wardrobes that brought out peoples' style choices. His private image consultations helped people find out what looked best and fit best, and also added professional and life advice when requested.

It's documented by some celebrities that when he was still a nobody, Kevin Samuels would hang out outside of expensive boutiques trying to convince people to hire him for image consulting services. This is an example that his entrepreneurial spirit existed long before he ever had a $5 million net worth.

Quickly Rose to Prominence as a Social Media Influencer

Kevin Samuels' YouTube following grew to 1.5 million followers during the pandemic and its aftermath. Everything that was going on in the world created a perfect storm for the content that he was putting out.

A video clip entitled "Average at Best" set the internet on fire and brought a lot of eyeballs to the volumes of content that he had already created. While many scripted shows went on hiatus and sports leagues hit the pause button, Kevin Samuels was going live on YouTube five nights per week, minimum.

We live in a world where YouTube personalities like KSI are writing blank checks and doing whatever they want in life. It's a legitimate source of revenue when you study algorithms and understand how people interact with the platform.

Kevin Samuels not only earned ad revenue through his YouTube views, but he also wasn't shy about collecting tips from viewers during each and every broadcast. He had a segment that he played before getting into the meat of the show during which he would give people time to give donations.

While the song "Money World" played, along with a clip of an attractive woman doing a dance routine, viewers would happily pay their dues for the content they were receiving. Viewers would sometimes tip $100 or even $1,000 at a time in appreciation.

When you multiply these times by the many nights he went live in a 2-plus year stretch, it's easy to see how this stream of income bolstered his net worth.

"High-Value Man"

Kevin Samuels became somewhat controversial for his stances toward men long before he was criticized by women. The main polarizing point of contention came due to the concept of the "High-Value Man".

It's not a term that he created, but it's one that he pushed on men who desired to become the highest version of themselves. In order to become a high-value man, a man must:

  • Earn at least $10,000 per month, adjusted depending on your city's cost of living
  • Earn this money for at least 3 to 5 years
  • It must be LinkedIn verifiable income so that people know what you do
  • Must be useful to the community and the group
  • Having a network of other high-value men

Much of his content revolved around the concept, why it exists, and why men should strive to separate themselves by joining this group. Since large groups of women not only want but expect these types of men in their romantic relationships; he also pushed women to recognize what these men want out of a woman, and to examine whether they're competitive for them.

"Show Your Work"

Much of Kevin Samuels' ethos revolved around putting in the work to get what you want out of life. When young men called in to his show, he told them not to complain about their lot in life unless they were working 60-plus hours per week.

He also pushed people to show their work, and let their work speak for themselves, rather than thinking that anyone owed them anything. One of his most used phrases during his broadcasts was "The world does not owe you understanding."

"Fit, Feminine, Friendly"

While much has been written in magazines about how to attract the man of your dreams, Kevin Samuels boiled it down to three core principles: fit, feminine, and friendly.

This was a big reason that his message became so polarizing during the time that he was alive. We also happen to live during the body positivity movement, where women are pushing back against what they deem unrealistic expectations and wanting to be accepted for who they are.

Friendliness was a big item because a smile can go a long way.

Spearheaded Successful Marriages

One of Kevin Samuels' points of pride was that he put together a number of engagements and successful marriages. He created a social media group called "The Mix", in which he put together eligible young men and women who were interested in marriage.

This was something that he would mention whenever his critics or detractors called his message toxic or damaging.

Kevin Samuels Prior Life

It takes looking at Kevin Samuels' prior life to understand what pushed him to push these messages that grew his net worth. He grew up an art kid in Oklahoma, participating in dance and singing.

He would eventually go on to college as an engineering major, which is why his message was so analytical, often incorporating facts, data, and statistics. Perhaps most importantly, he dealt with a life-changing illness when he was diagnosed with cancer in college.

He had to leave school to fight the disease, and surviving cancer gave him an appreciation of life and the recognition that life isn't promised. During college, he joined Kappa Alpha Psi, Incorporated fraternity, which is where he learned the importance of networking, that business is a social activity, and life is all about relationships.

Kevin Samuels started his professional career in sales after leaving college due to his illness. This is where he developed his insane work ethic, learned marketing, and the understanding that you first have to provide value if you want people to do anything for you in life.

The Life and Times of Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels was as controversial as he was enigmatic. Whether you agree with his message or not, the concept of showing your work and becoming the highest version of yourself is strong enough to inspire you as you look to build your net worth.

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