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Kountry Net Worth, Comedy, Early Life

Kountry Wayne is one of the hottest comedians on tour today, but he's becoming a household name through the success of his social media skits.

Net Worth $4 million
Source Of WealthComedy
Born9th December 1987
Birth NameWayne Colley
Height5ft 7in (170cm)

Born Wayne Colley, Kountry Wayne grew up in Millen, Georgia. His career aspirations were not in comedy, but he hoped to become one of the great rappers of all time. His career trajectory changed overnight when he uploaded a video of himself to Facebook.

The overwhelming response led to Colley posting content daily. He began to incorporate family members and his sons. The popularity of the videos continued to spread, and soon, he had a strong following of 4 million subscribers across multiple platforms.

Early Life of Kountry Wayne

Colley was born December 9, 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia, which is about 22 miles north of Millen. According to Colley, his mother, Melissa, passed away when he was 11. In interviews, he talks about his father and shares that he has spent time in prison on drug charges.

Following the passing of his mother, Colley bounced around. He lived briefly with his father before moving to live with his grandmother. He spent his later teen years living with cousins who felt more like his brothers and sisters.

Colley does have biological siblings. He has seven maternal brothers and sisters and two paternal sisters. His parents were never married.

Colley is very transparent about his upbringing and teenage years. He has been open in interviews about following the path of his father and engaging in illegal drug activity. Thankfully, he was about to channel his energy into more positive opportunities.

The decision to change his life had a lot to do with fathering seven children by the time he was 22.

Kountry Wayne's Family Life

Today, Colley has ten children. He is very active in their lives and maintains a good relationship with their mothers.

His three oldest children, who include sons Tony and Tamar, are shared with his high school sweetheart. The three youngest children, which have a daughter named after his mother, are shared with his ex-wife Gena Colley. His marriage to Colley is the only time he's been married.

He admits the other children were born out of lust with various women with whom he had casual relationships. In an online YouTube interview, he stated that "you know we're from the country. We had no cable, so that was all we were doing".

He goes so far as to say that he feared getting too big too fast and the truth coming out to the public before he could get custody. So while he worked with the state, he took his time reaching his career goals.

Colley never wanted to be an absentee father. He knew he had to figure out a way to support all of his children and their mothers.

Gena Colley

Colley and Gena had been together seven years before they decided to exchange vows. She was instrumental in helping him with his daughter once he gained custody.

As Colley went on tour as his career as a comedian came together, she took care of his daughter.

Eventually, the two decided to tie the knot. However, the marriage was short-lived. When asked why the two could have a strong relationship for seven years and it all falls apart once they married, Colley stated, "I'm all about my kids, like that's all it's about for me."

Controversy surrounded his divorce when blog sites ran stories that the comedian was dating fellow comedian Jess Hilarious while still married to Gena Colley. All three parties have gone public to give their versions of what really happened.

Around that time, Colley learned he had fathered yet another son, who appeared to have been conceived during his courtship with Gena Colley. The relationship with Jess Hilarious ended shortly after, as well.

At one point, Gena Colley managed his company, Kountry Wayne Entertainment.

Becoming Kountry Wayne

Soon after becoming a dad, Colley tried his hand at being a rapper, a profession that didn't pan out. He also had a local nightclub where he hosted parties and brought in artists to perform.

He returned to the nightclub scene after his stint as a rapper came up short. By then, Colley was going by the stage name Kountry Wayne and had a few memorable songs like Child Abuse and Dope Boy Anthem.

Although he states his heart wasn't into rap, Kountry Wayne revived his rap career in 2021 when he partnered with top music producer Zaveon. The two worked together on a rap album under Colley's fictional character "Drip," who gained popularity among the many characters he plays in the Kountry Wayne skits. Drip was featured on the top-rated Breakfast Club Morning Show.

Kountry Wayne the Viral Sensation

Colley's career would take a huge turn when he posted a video on Facebook and later on Instagram. The video received millions of views and numerous likes across social content-sharing platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Viewers immediately connect with the Kountry Wayne persona. He provided real-life reactions to real-life situations. In the first viral video, Colley pretends to like his girlfriend's cooking, although the food is horrible.

The next video depicted him waiting for the results of an STD test. The response was overwhelming, and he knew he was on to something big. He set his mind to creating content daily to keep his audience entertained and his subscribership growing.

He states his followers grew to one million within three months. Although he wasn't earning revenue from social media then, his popularity increased.

People were learning about his nightclubs and packing them out to say they met Kountry Wayne and took a picture with him. The increased business helped grow the revenue at the nightclubs.

Kountry Wayne the Comedian

Soon after his popularity blossomed and he became a household name, people started encouraging him to pursue a career as a comedian. He figured the people knew what they liked, and if they thought he was funny, maybe he should give comedy a shot.

In the early days of his journey in comedy, Kountry Wayne was a host at many venues because his popularity drew crowds. His appearance was selling out shows for the venue. He started doing the math and realized how much money he could earn as one of the acts.

After watching other comedians, he began to write material and build up his confidence working in material as he introduced the acts for the night. He finally decided to take his shot, and it was a success. People loved his routine.

2016 Child Support Tour

Like many comedians, he began performing in smaller venues. He did the Atlanta comedy circuits to build his confidence and gain traction.

In 2016, he formed Child Support Tour. It was a 45-city tour where Kountry Wayne performed before sold-out crowds. Then he started receiving large paychecks.

2017 Rickey Smiley's The Comedy Explosion

In 2017, following the success of the Child Support Tour, Kountry Wayne joined a cast of top comedians when he was asked to be a part of The Comedy Explosion. This show was the brainchild of comedian and talk show host Rickey Smiley.

Colley joined comedians Loni Love, Rip Michaels, and Toni Rock.

2022 Straight Out the Mud Tour

In January 2022, Colley announced the Straight Out the Mud Tour. The announcement came on the heels of being named one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch in 2021. The 42-city tour kicked off in Kansas City, Missouri.

The hot comedian is already preparing for his next tour, which has hinted will be titled the For the Streets tour. No dates have been announced.

Additional Tours and Appearances

In addition to the notable tours above, Kountry Wayne has been a hit as part of the following productions.

  • 2020 The People's Champ Tour
  • 2021 Real Life Comedy Tour
  • VH-1's Nick Cannon Presents Wild N' Out

Colley co-headlined in the Real Life Comedy Tour with veteran comedian Mike Epps. The show was later ranked number one on Pollster's Global Concert List. He's also been featured as a top ten comedian on the Hollywood Reporter's top comedian's list.

Kountry Wayne has transformed over the past years. In his earlier content, he used profanity and derogatory terms to refer to people in his skits. As his brand grew, he also matured and transformed into a household name.

Jesus is Poppin'

Today, Kountry Wayne is known as a unique brand that provides faith-based high-energy performances and clean content. His rebranding landed him a role in BET's film, Holiday Heartbreak.

He also has a clothing line named for his famous saying, Jesus is Poppin'. The line carries hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, and two-piece sweat suits. The popular items sell out in hours when new stock is announced.

Kountry Net Worth

Colley's estimated net worth is said to be about $4 million.

His income is generated from content creation contracts with Facebook and YouTube. He announced earlier this year that he was moving his content from Instagram to YouTube, insinuating YouTube had offered a bigger revenue split. While on Instagram, he proclaimed he was earning $10K a month.

Taking his Kountry Wayne persona on tour is reported to earn his $100K annually. Plus, there is the revenue from his successful clothing line.

New Home

Despite his enormous success, Kountry Wayne continues to reside in Georgia, where he recently unveiled an 8,500 sq. ft. mansion he built. The estate sits on about three acres and features a luxury swimming pool and customized three-hoop basketball court.

Colley designed the home with his children in mind. Each one has a custom bedroom. His daughters have a fully equipped salon.

The home also has a formal dining room, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a game room equipped with a carnival-style basketball hoops game.

Colley's master suite takes up one wing of the home. The most extravagant feature is the walk-through shower, the size of the master bedroom in most homes.

An avid Dallas Cowboys fan, he has Cowboys-themed viewing room with framed autographed jerseys and footballs.

Taking Care of His Family

We know he's doing well for himself and speaks openly about his earnings from his online skits. He's known to walk around with wads of cash and boast about supporting all of the mothers of his children. Colley claims to have purchased each a home and luxury vehicle.

Several of the mothers and his children appear in his skits, which he says he pays them well. His two oldest sons were gifted expensive luxury vehicles when they turned sixteen. Colley also shared in one of his skits that he no longer pays child support for the two boys because they earn for their content.

In addition to his kids and their mothers, Kountry Wayne's skits have also featured several of his siblings, his father, and his grandmothers. He's created many opportunities for numerous aspiring actors and actresses and employs an entire production crew.

What's Next for Kountry Wayne?

Kountry Wayne wrapped up on a full-length feature film earlier this year. He's riding this wave and enjoying every minute. There is no word on when the movie will get released.

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