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Lexi Rivera Net Worth, YouTube, Early Life

Lexi Rivera is one of the biggest names on Youtube. After pursuing her career as a content creator, millions of Americans have grown loving her.

Net Worth $5 million
Source Of WealthYouTuber
Born7th June 2001
Birth NameAlexa Brooke Rivera
Height5ft 1in (152cm)

Thanks to this online notoriety, Lexi Rivera is making a ton of money every single day - even if she doesn't upload a new video. This is almost entirely due to her successful YouTube channel. Entrepreneurial vloggers have established a significant slice of the digital marketplace.

Perhaps you've been interested in establishing your own career as a digital content creator. If that's the case, you've come to just the right place by reading this article. It might benefit you to learn what you can from Lexi's own path into the world of online entertainment.

Detailed below is everything you need to know about Lexi's career, salary, love life, and more. You'll discover that a truly successful professional life as a content creator is, in essence, an entrepreneurial one. Lexi has worked hard to establish her empire, so let's take a closer look.

The Background of Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera was born in 2001 in Huntington Beach, California, making her 21 years old this year. Her birth name was Alexa Brook Rivera, but she started going by Lexi on Instagram. After she gained fame and success as Lexi, that's the name she's known by.

Growing up, Lexi was not as interested in schoolwork as she was in dancing and entertaining her friends and family. Raised in a middle-class American home, she attended the Huntington school system until she graduated high school. She also was a top-performing gymnast at the school, and she's still passionate about fitness as seen throughout her Internet content.

Lexi has three older brothers, named Brent, Brice, and Blake. Two of these brothers, Brent and Brice, are also social media stars who inspired Lexi's own career. Brent, in particular, was integral in building her online following after his own Internet success.

After high school, she enrolled in and was accepted into the University of California. Before she could start attending, though, she decided to pursue a YouTube content creation career instead. Her subsequent success speaks for itself.

How Did Lexi Gain Notoriety?

As mentioned above, Lexi's older brother Brent had established a platform for himself on YouTube. YouTube is the top video-sharing website of modern times, so it makes sense that she sought popularity there.

Watching him succeed in this way, Lexi decided at a young age to pursue a similar path to Internet notoriety. Plus, she was even featured in a few of her brother's YouTube videos. This was essential in spurring Lexi's love for content creation and belief in her ability to succeed in this realm.

Lexi's first YouTube video was uploaded in 2018. It was titled "Wait, Who's My Favorite Brother? (Q&A)." Months later, her third uploaded video was her first viral success.

Over the next couple of years, she posted all kinds of video content. She started becoming more well-known for her pranks, vlogging, comedy, and love for fitness.

In addition, she grew her Instagram following to the point where she became a respected model on the platform. With over 8 million followers on Instagram at such a young age, Lexi Rivera is well on her way to becoming a star everyone will know - even outside of the Internet.

What It Means to Be an Internet Personality

Content creators can now gain worldwide notoriety from the comfort of their own homes. In recent times, internet personalities have become some of the wealthiest people in the world, which is leading more and more people trying online platforms for themselves. Plus, they're in complete creative control of the content they produce.

This is the dream that Lexi Rivera sought, and she excelled in her work even at such a young age. Her success has not only brought her financial growth. In addition, she's had many opportunities to model, act, represent brands, and more.

The Work That Goes into Consistent Content Creation

While Lexi Rivera admittedly received help and encouragement from her older brothers, it's obvious she still worked extremely hard for her success. Creating regular YouTube and Instagram content is a full-time job if you're serious about it.

Not only do famous vloggers on the Internet such as Lexi have to plan and record consistent content to publish. There's also a full-fledged business being run behind the scenes.

Lexi has to also edit her videos before publishing them. In addition, she has to promote her content across all digital platforms she works through, which takes serious marketing skills.

If you're interested in this kind of career path, be prepared to constantly educate yourself about the latest content creation trends. Be prepared to work long hours.

If you're passionate about the content you're creating, though, you might just be motivated enough to become Internet famous like Lexi. Creating your own job, after all, is perhaps the most fulfilling kind of profession out there. What kind of content do you think you could offer the digital marketplace?

Recent Work of Lexi Rivera

One of Lexi's most popular videos was uploaded in 2019. It was called, "I'M PREGNANT." This fake pregnancy announcement was widely successful and entertaining for her vast following.

In addition, Lexi has been able to collaborate with other brands and entertainers over the years. One notable example was working with Andrew Davila.

It makes sense that Lexi has gravitated mostly toward Instagram and Youtube. They're some of the most popular websites in the world. Getting famous on these platforms can lead to bigger and better opportunities over time.

After all, YouTube itself is a widely successful content platform that society likely wouldn't know what to do without now that we rely on it so much. Experts estimate that the video-sharing platform is worth over $180 billion in 2022, with expectations of a rising value as time goes on.

Lexi Rivera doesn't show any sign of slowing down when it comes to building her content creation career. She's young, vibrant, and very able to achieve whatever level of success she sets her mind to.

Lexi Rivera's Net Worth and Salary

Lexi has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

How does she make so much money, though? Well, YouTube views can actually translate to income if a video is successful enough. For YouTube to pay someone's full-time income, though, views for each video will likely have to be in the range of six to seven figures.

Luckily for Lexi, her YouTube videos are definitely popular enough to get a healthy stream of income from publishing regular YouTube videos. Her channel gets over a million views every single day.

On top of that, Lexi generates income from her various other internet platforms and generates additional income through sponsorship.

Lexi Rivera's Relationships and Romantic Life

While we want to respect Lexi Rivera's privacy, she has made some public appearances with a couple of romantic partners over the years. As of right now, she is unmarried and dating the Internet personality mentioned before named Andrew Davila.

In the past, she has dated other celebrities. Perhaps the first one on our radar was Ben Azelart, who is a professional skateboarder. Lexi and Ben were publically and officially romantically involved back in 2018.

In November of 2020, though, Lexi and Ben ended their relationship after just two years. Lexi published a YouTube video talking about the separation of the couple. It indicated that the romance was very meaningful to both of them, and heartbreaking when it ended.

Now that Lexi is with Andrew, we hope the couple is happy and thriving. Perhaps we'll see them collaborate on more videos together as time goes on. What a power couple!

Other Tidbits About Lexi Rivera

Though Lexi is somewhat newer to the entertainment industry, her devoted fans still love all of the details of her life that they can get. We hope to see Lexi interviewed by many promotional outlets in the future so we can get to know her better.

One thing to note about Lexi is the fact that she identifies as a Christian. This comes from her upbringing and connection to her family, who are also Christians.

Lexi has blonde hair and blue eyes, and she reaches 5'1". She's in great physical shape, as fitness is an ongoing passion of hers. This passion started during her years as a gymnast in high school and continues into adulthood.

In fact, Lexi is constantly working out and talking about fitness on her YouTube channel.

How to Get Started in Your Own Content Creation Career Path

So, are you still interested in pursuing the path of creating regular and consistent digital content? Take note that becoming an Internet personality is not the only way you can make money by creating content online.

Many companies will hire content creators to market their products through videos and photos. This can be a lucrative career, especially as you develop your content creation skills over time.

Statistics show that the average corporate content creator can make over $50,000 each year. On the higher end, these professionals can make over $80,000 annually.

Whether you want to promote content for other businesses or attempt to become an Internet personality and entertainer, trust your skills and dedication enough to pursue it. You deserve to work in an occupation that ignites your passion and pays your bills.

For more guidance on ensuring you're making the most of your career, check out these blog articles. They'll help you sharpen your professional skills and succeed in any career path you take.

Follow Other Successful Internet Personalities

The career of Lexi Rivera is inspiring, no matter what industry you work in. If you want to watch a blossoming career and see if you can match its energy, keep following her on all of her digital platforms.

Now that you're inspired by the life and career of Lexi Rivera, it's time to invest in your own professional life. You deserve to pursue the profession of your dreams, even if that includes creating content for social media.

In addition, consider following other social media icons (like Charli D'Amelio, for example) to keep you inspired. This would be of particular value if you plan to establish yourself as an Internet personality too.

If you're motivated to get started on your content creation career after learning about Lexi Rivera, you're in luck. We're here to help all ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself make the most of your talents and dedication.

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