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Lil Dicky Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022) How much is Lil Dicky Worth?

Lil Dicky's Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022)

NET WORTH: $8 Million
Source of Wealth: Rapper
Born: March 15, 1988
Birth Name: David Andrew Burd
Height: 5ft. 9in. (1.77m)

How Much Is Lil Dicky Net Worth?

Lil dicky, aka David Andrew Burd, is a rapper from the United States. He was born on 15th March 1988, in Pennsylvania. Apart from rapping, Burd is a renowned comedian. Dave, a television series based on his life, is a comedy show where he plays himself. You must be wondering what is lil dicky net worth, early life, and career highlights. Let’s move ahead and discuss them one by one.

Early Life

Belonging to a middle-class family, Dicky was born in Pennsylvania. He studied at Cheltenham High School. Burd accepts that he was a class clown but with good grades. After graduating, he attended the University of Richmond. Dave East, rapper, also went to the same university at that time. After passing with flying colors, Burd transferred to San Francisco, California. He worked as an account manager in an ad agency. Later, the company appointed him as a copywriter. It happened because Dicky presented his progress reports in the form of rap. He wrote copies for advertisements, which include the NBA’s BIG campaign ad.

David had an interest in rapping since childhood. He grew up listening to Nas and Jay-Z. In the fifth grade, he used rap music to write a history report. That is when rapping captivated his attention.    


The rapper started his career in 2011. He was still working with the agency, so it took him two years to record his first song, So Hard. According to him, he started rapping to get attention for his comedic manner. But rapping fascinated him, and he did not leave it.

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Burd shot So Hard using only a laptop and a microphone. His actual career started in 2013. After that, he released one song per week for a consecutive five months. Dicky received fame after his 2013 release, Ex-boyfriend, gaining a million views in the first 24 hours of the release. He then released a series of songs, Hump days.  

After a release of over 30 songs, he initiated a Kickstarter. He stated that he ran out of money and asked the public for funds for his rap career. With the goal of only $70,000, the Kickstarter collected funding of $113,000. The following year, he appeared in a live concert for the first time. Burd planned a simultaneous career in acting/comedy. He released his debut album, Professional Rapper, in 2015, which features renowned artists such as Snoop Dogg, Fetty Wap, Retro Jace, etc. The album achieved 7th rank on the Billboard 200. In 2016, David earned a spot in XXL magazine’s freshmen line-up and Dave East, Anderson Paak, Lol Uzi Vert, Lil Yatchy, and other artists.

Dicky released a music video, Pillow Talking, in 2017. It ranked 49th most expensive video ever created due to its special effects. The same year, he launched an EP, I’m Brian. His next year started with a single, Freaky Friday, which also features Chris Brown. With over 100 million views in a month, the song created hysteria. It was also the year of his first Australian tour. It was special because he had spent two years studying in Melbourne.

Burd released a music video, Earth, which featured Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Kevin Hart, and even Leonardo Dicaprio. The main aim of this video was to create general awareness about environmental practices. The rapper refers to the video as the most important he ever did. He stated that a significant portion of the song’s profits goes to charities.    

TV Series

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The year 2020 marked his television debut. The show, Dave, where he plays himself, started in March 2020. The producers have renewed the show for further seasons. It is about the fictional version of Lil Dicky. In the series, Dicky wants to become the best rappers of all time. The show also stars Taylor Misiak, Andrew Santino, and Travis Bennet. Apart from these stars, Justin Bieber, Benny Blanco, Macklemore, Ninja, and many others have made guest appearances on the show. The series started with ten weekly episodes.

Tours & Live Concerts

Lil Dicky’s live concerts are a treat to watch. They are a mixture of comedy and rap. The rapper accepted that his events are 25% stand-up, and the remaining is rap. He has been on several tours from 2015 to 2018, covering countries like Australia and New Zealand with these tours. His first live concert was in February 2014, in TLA, Philadelphia.        

Career highlights

Here are some of Lil Dicky’s most famous songs/albums:

  • Professional rapper
  • Earth
  • Ex-boyfriend
  • Pillow talking
  • Freaky Friday

Guest appearances

Dicky appeared in the 2016 hit, Watch Yo Self.12 Apart from that, there are no guest appearances.  

Personal Life

There has not been any controversy about Dicky’s relationships. The rapper is a bachelor. The rapper says he has no interest in marriage.

Style & Inspirations

Dicky’s videos are creatively intriguing. Boston Magazine said that his content emerges from real-life experiences. They added that he creates his videos on these occurrences to conceive a visual story.

All of his songs follow the same pattern. For instance, he created a rap video where he rap battles with Adolf Hitler. The rapper has even made a rap on being a Jewish kid. He says his audience is a mixture of pop-rap and comedy hip-hop.        

Burd’s style is unique from other rappers. The flow of words in his music is flawless. He refers to his style as an answer to the egotistical nature of modern rap. The reason being his raps have creative visuals with an appropriate amount of wit and humor. The rapper admires Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, and J. Cole. He gets his inspirations from them. Dicky’s favorite rapper is Drake.

Net worth

Lil Dicky net worth stands at $8 million. He has a cottage, which costs about $2.5 million, in Venice. It covers a vast area of over 2100 square feet. He also owns an online clothing store called Lil Dicky Merch. What began with a $113,000 crowd-funding took him to $8 million net worth. It is amazing.



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