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MS Dhoni Net Worth, Cricket, Early Life

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has played more matches than any other international cricket captain. He's a true titan of Indian sport. But how much do you know about MS Dhoni? There's much more to the man than a few eye-catching stats. Both on and off the field, Dhoni has achieved so much.

MS Dhoni
Net Worth $200 million
Source Of WealthCricket
Born7th July 1981
Birth NameMahendra Singh Dhoni
Height5ft 11in (180cm)

Want to learn more about one of the greatest cricketers the world has ever seen? You've come to the right place! Read on to learn all the details you'll ever need to know.

From a Small House to Billionaire – MS Dhoni's Net Worth and Salary

Dhoni's net worth is impressive. But he doesn't just make his money from sports. He's successfully built his net worth through a range of methods. You could say he's as versatile in the world of business as he is on the cricket field.

Net Worth

MS Dhoni's net worth is currently estimated at around $200 million. That makes him one of the wealthiest men in India and one of the richest sports stars in Asia.

Dhoni's wealth is so high, that he is the highest individual taxpayer in Jharkhand.


This high-achieving professional athlete has sensibly invested much of his career earnings into business holdings.

His most notable business interest is SEVEN, a lifestyle brand offering clothing and footwear. He also owns a portion of auto sales company CARS24. With both businesses, Dhoni works as a brand ambassador, using his famous face to give the businesses a key advertising boost.

Advertising and Investments

As one of the most recognizable faces in India, it's only natural that Dhoni has been able to sell his image for use in various advertisements and endorsements.

In big Indian cities, one can hardly walk down the street without catching sight of the man's face promoting some new product or service. Dhoni has endorsements with over a dozen companies, including Pepsi and Titan.

As expected, Dhoni also has interests in a variety of sports teams. He owns shares in Ranchi Rays, a field hockey club based in his hometown. He is also a co-owner of Chennaiyin FC, a soccer franchise in the Indian Super League, and Mahi Racing Team India, a motorcycle-racing franchise.

Finally, Dhoni also has a partnership with an entertainment franchise, Dhoni Entertainment. The company aims to produce a range of movies and shows and began its output with a documentary about the return of the Chennai Super Kings in 2018.

From a Small Apartment to the Cricket World – The Early Life of MS Dhoni

Today, Dhoni is a cricket player known far and wide, with millions of dollars to his name. But things haven't always been so easy for the star. His beginnings were surprisingly humble.

Born in Ranchi, Jharkhand, in July 1981, Dhoni was raised in a Hindu family as the youngest of three children. His father worked as a pump operator and a ticket examiner at Kharagpur railway station. The family lived in a one-bedroom apartment close to the MECON Stadium.

From an early age, Dhoni showed a strong aptitude for sport. But he was more interested in soccer and badminton than cricket, even representing his school's soccer team as a goalkeeper.

By pure luck, Dhoni got his start in cricket. When a local team was short of a wicketkeeper, he agreed to fill in. His performance was so impressive that he earned a permanent spot on the team, competing with the local outfit from 1995-1998. In one game, he made local news by scoring a double century!

He was also a member of the Vinoo Mankad Trophy Under-16 Championship team for the 1997-98 season, and in the following years, Dhoni began taking cricket more seriously.

From Bihar to the Indian Cricket Team – MS Dhoni's Career

Today, we all know MS Dhoni as one of the greatest athletes India has ever produced.  But it wasn't always that way! Let's learn a little about Dhoni's rise to sports stardom.

Humble Beginnings

After the success of his junior cricket career, Dhoni got his first taste of adult cricket. He joined the now defunct team of Central Coal Limited, earning a monthly stipend of Rs 2,200.

Next, Dhoni joined Bihar, competing in the Ranji Trophy for the 1999-2000 season. Although he was a success in the tournament, he still wasn't a professional cricket player. He had to play for more corporate teams, like the South Eastern Railways team in Kharagpur.

His powerful batting soon earned Dhoni the recognition he deserved. Moving up to the Jharkhand cricket team, he competed in the Randji ODI tournament.

Premier League Career

2010 saw Dhoni join the Indian Premier League. He signed a contract with the Chennai Super Kings, earning an initial salary of $1.5 million. This made him the highest-paid player in the league.

Dhoni was quickly made team captain, and under his leadership, the team thrived, winning multiple titles. But the success could not last forever. In 2015, the Super Kings were given a two-year ban from the sport, a moment Dhoni described as his darkest.

But this was not the end of Dhoni's Indian Premier League career. He joined a new IPL franchise, the Rising Pune Supergiant. Although he initially served as the team's captain, his performances for the side were less than impressive, and he was stripped of his leadership role after only one season.

In 2018, Dhoni returned to the Super Kings, and his form immediately improved as he led the squad to an IPL victory. Dhoni continued to be a key member of the Super Kings squad, leading them to another title in 2021, before relinquishing his team captaincy in 2022.

International Career

Dhoni isn't just a success in domestic cricket. He is also an international sports star, leading India to glory on the world stage.

His first taste of international action came in 2003 when he was called up to the India A squad. Dhoni gained valuable experience touring Zimbabwe and Kenya along with fellow Indian stars.

It wasn't long before Dhoni made it into the senior India team. With his skills and determination, it was only a matter of time before he caught the eye of the national team. In 2005, Dhoni duly made his test match debut.

In 2007, India won the ICC World T20, with Dhoni's batting and leadership proving decisive. India beat long-time rivals Pakistan in the final.

2011 saw one of Dhoni's proudest achievements in international cricket. He led India to a World Cup victory, scoring a match-winning six in the final against Sri Lanka.

In 2013, he captained India to a win in the 2013 Champions Trophy in England. It was the third major international trophy in Dhoni's career and an achievement that cemented his reputation as an international hero.

But as Dhoni grew older, he was no longer the powerhouse he once was. In 2017, he handed off the captaincy, deciding to spend less time on leadership and more time on playing.

International Retirement

All good things must come to an end. And it was the same with MS Dhoni, who announced his retirement from international cricket in 2020. With three ICC tournament wins and 350 one-day international appearances, Dhoni perhaps felt he had achieved everything he could on the international stage.

Leadership Abilities

Throughout his cricket career, Dhoni has been widely praised for his superb leadership abilities. It's no wonder he has served as captain for many of the teams he represented.

Dhoni was always seen as a cool head on the cricket field. Even when matches were hotting up, and players were clashing, Dhoni was known for calming things down.

From Kashmir to Kolkata – MS Dhoni's Relationship

In terms of romantic relationships, Dhoni has been as successful in love as he has been on the cricket field. In 2010, he settled down with his wife, Shakshi Singh Rawat.

While the pair had only officially become engaged the day before, they had been dating for a long time previously, and the occasion had been planned well in advance. The ceremony itself was a quiet affair, mostly attended by close friends and family.

From Brother to Father – MS Dhoni's Family

Despite the success of his career, MS Dhoni has never forgotten his roots. He dedicates plenty of time to his siblings, children, and wider family. Even now, he lives with his parents and supports them in their old age.

In 2015, Dhoni became a father for the first time when his daughter was born. As yet, the girl is Dhoni's only child. Perhaps he'll be ready to expand his family once his cricket career finally comes to a close.

From the Cricket Field to the Battle Field - Military Career

Throughout his esteemed cricket career, Dhoni has faced a whole variety of battles on the sporting field. In recent years, he's been preparing for other kinds of battles too.

Dhoni is a Lieutenant Colonel in India's Territorial Army. He was awarded the rank in 2011 due to his services to cricket.

In 2015, Lieutenant Colonel Dhoni opted to forgo India's tour of the West Indies to spend some time on military duty instead. He spent 15 days in Ladakh and Siachen, training and learning the military trade.

The former national team captain's leadership abilities will no doubt come in useful over his military career. And it's a certainty the rank and file will be delighted to have him around!

Dhoni has been described as a brand ambassador of the Indian army. He has been a big morale booster for troops, visiting soldiers in hospital and playing sports with active duty troops.

Lieutenant Colonel Dhoni is also a trained parachute soldier. He achieved one of his private childhood dreams by training in the art of the aerial drop. Having made several jumps, he can boast the title of Indian paratrooper.

MS Dhoni FAQ

Aside from these basic details, there's a lot more to learn about this legend of cricket. Let's learn some more facts about the man as we try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What's Next for MS Dhoni?

He may have retired from international cricket, but Dhoni plays on in the IPL.

Still, in recent years, Dhoni has begun focusing more on his outside business commitments. It seems like only a matter of time before he hangs up his bat for good and leaves the game of cricket behind him,

Is There an MS Dhoni Museum?

There is! If you're lucky enough to be in Kharagpur, you can enjoy exploring the MS Dhoni museum. Based in a hostel room where Dhoni lived during his time as a railway worker, it includes a variety of artifacts and exhibits from Dhoni's life and career.

What are MS Dhoni's Hobbies?

Between sporting, business, and family commitments, Dhoni doesn't have much free time these days. But he still finds time to enjoy the occasional hobby.

His key passion is motorcycles, and he can often be seen riding the roads around his home. He is said to own more than 35 bikes and he even maintains a small motorbike museum.

MS Dhoni Records

Throughout his illustrious career, MS Dhoni set some truly impressive records. Some of the most impressive include:

  • First Indian wicket-keeper to reach 4,000 career Test runs
  • Most dismissals by an Indian wicket-keeper with 294
  • First player with a career batting average of over 50 to reach 10,000 runs in ODIs
  • Longest streak of T20 matches without a duck (84)

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