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Paris Hilton Net Worth, Media Personality, Early Life

When you think about celebrities who have it all, Paris Hilton comes to mind. Hilton was able to create an entire empire for herself. But how did she generate such and enormous net worth?

Paris Hilton
Net Worth $303 million
Source Of WealthMedia Personality
Born17th February 1981
Birth NameParis Whitney Hilton
Height5ft 8in (173cm)

Paris Hilton's fame sparked in 2003 and it's been growing ever since. Even in the modern day, people reference the stylish model for her beauty and talent as a businesswoman. Some say Hilton is the original creator of being "famous for being famous", but others say her stardom sparked from her skills as a model and socialite.

No matter the disputes, her fans agree that almost everyone has heard of Paris Hilton. Are you curious about how she gained her wealth? Do you want to learn more about the typical Paris Hilton net worth? Continue reading so you can learn everything about the Hiltons!

Who Is Paris Hilton?

There is no fixed title for Paris Hilton, because anything you think she hasn't done, she has! Paris Hilton is an American socialite, model, businesswoman, and media personality. She has also dabbled in being an actress, entertainer, and musician.

We can all agree that she is one of the most popular celebrities in today's culture. After years of success, Hilton's name has more accolades than the majority of media personalities.

Paris Hilton Early Life

On February 17, 1981, in New York City, Paris Whitney Hilton was born to Kathy Hilton and Richard Hilton. Her family consists of two brothers and one sister. Conrad Hilton is her great-grandfather and the founder of Hilton Hotels.

Hilton's father was a businessman while her mother was a socialite. Paris Hilton's family was conservative and strict with her time. The media personality grew up Catholic and adhered to such values; those values included no make-up, no fashionable clothing, and no boyfriends.

Paris Hilton was raised to be the ideal poster child. She took etiquette classes and was pressured to be an elegant woman.

Paris Hilton Career

It's hard to figure out where exactly Hilton's career started and ended. That's mainly because it's still ongoing!

Paris Hilton signed with Donald Trump's modeling management around 19 years old. Modeling became the start of her career as she modeled for Vanity Fair, Vogue, and For Him Magazine. Her beauty must have pulled many eyes because eventually, Hilton pursued being an actress.

The Simple Life

The Simple Life was a 2003 reality television series that focused on Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton living a rural lifestyle in Arkansas. It was a big hit for the Fox network and drew in 13 million viewers. The two best friends played ditzy, dumb blonde personas and entertained their fans every second.

Unfortunately, the show was canceled in 2005 after the two friends fought. But Hilton's hard work doesn't stop there.

"Paris" Debut Album

Hilton's album "Paris" contained several tracks, with the song "Stars Are Blind" being played on almost every pop station in the United States. Her voice was compared to Britney Spears as she reached number six on the Billboard 200.

Her other song, "Nothing in This World", was released by Warner Bros. Records and became a go-to song for many teen flick movies.

Other Successes

If you thought Hilton's various professions stop there, then prepare to be wrong. Paris Hilton would go on to produce perfumes, hair extensions, high-quality shoes, and even modeling for high echelon wine brands such as Rich Prosecco.

Paris Hilton's film appearances are endless as well. She's starred or been a cameo in various shows, such as The Hottie and the Nottie, My Name Is Earl, and Paris Hilton's My New BFF. In 2020, she released a documentary titled This Is Paris to reflect on her life from child to international star.

Hilton continues to manage all of her professions. She's modeled for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty brand and Kim Kardashian's merchandise. In 2022, Hilton does podcasts and has released more fashion brands, such as her recent tracksuits line.

Paris Hilton Relationship

Paris Hilton got married to Carter Reum during a lavish wedding. Hilton swooned over her Prince Charming and wore no less than four designer wedding dresses. If that isn't true love, I don't know what is.

But Hilton didn't always have luck with men. She struggled through many relationships before reaching Carter Reum. Rick Salomon, Nick Carter, Chad Michael Murray, and Josh Henderson are some of the men she has been linked with.

Paris Hilton Net Worth

Paris Hilton's net worth is estimated to be $303 million. Hilton is from a wealthy family, so her net worth is only going to continue to grow. Her monthly income is about $2 million, and her yearly income is around $24 million.

Paris Hilton Facts

She may be a celebrity, but Paris Hilton is no different than anyone else. Here are a few fun facts about the media personality!

1. She's a Dog Lover!

Hilton has been a long lover of everything furry and cute. She admits that she's had over seventeen animals at once. This includes bunnies, small dogs, a pig, and even a pony. All of them have unique names such as Princess Piglet, Prada, and Peter Pan.

2. Hilton's an Amazing Cook

Hilton created the show Cooking With Paris to showcase her skills with other celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, and Saweetie were a few celebrities to cameoed on the show. They would make tasty meals together like tacos, vegan burgers, or Italian food.

3. She Was a Cheerleader

She's not only a singer but a dancer too! In high school, Hilton was filled with school spirit and enjoyed cheerleading. At this point, what else hasn't she done?

4. Her Shoe Size Is 11

You wouldn't expect Paris Hilton to have many insecurities, but she hates her feet. Hilton wears heels more than she wears socks, but who knew she was hiding size 11 feet?

5. She Has Catchphrases!

"That's hot" and "Sliving" are two of Paris Hilton's most popular catchphrases. These phrases were mostly used during her reality television show The Simple Life. Since then, Hilton has trademarked these phrases so they cannot appear on clothing apparel without her consent.

6. She's a DJ

No one can say Paris Hilton does not have skills. DJing is no easy task, yet Hilton seems to do it effortlessly.  She's been practicing her DJ skills for years now. So before you attend a club where celebrities frequent, check and see if Paris Hilton is playing the party songs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Paris Hilton

She's a nationally known figure, so questions about Paris Hilton are endless. Take a look at the few common questions people have about the media personality.

1. How Much Is Paris Hilton Worth?

Hilton is worth around $303 million. Her wealth comes from the steady income from her retail businesses. She has over 45 stores and 19 product lines. Paris Hilton was also given an inheritance by her great-grandfather and promised a portion of his estate.

Hilton gains millions of dollars from being a DJ. Not only does she play for her fans, but her gorgeous looks and personality make for a great party addition. The most she has made in one night is $1 million.

No, Perez Hilton is a celebrity gossip commentator who used Hilton's last name to garner more attention. His real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Paris and Perez Hilton have met and claim to be friendly.

3. Has Paris Hilton Been in Any Scandals?

Paris Hilton's most famous scandal is the release of her adult tape in 2004.

4. Who Is Paris Hilton Dating?

As of 2022, Paris Hilton is married to Carter Reum. Reum is a venture capitalist, author, and American entrepreneur. They met through mutual friends and started dating in November 2019. For their wedding, Hilton wore four designer dresses and enjoyed her lavish venue.

Carter Reum is a co-founder of an alcohol brand name VEEV Spirits. He attended Columbia University and is the author of Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success.

5. Does Paris Hilton Have Kids?

Not yet! But Hilton is already been thinking about children more often than not. She wants to have twins so she can have a boy and a girl. Kim Kardashian, a long-time friend, suggested Hilton freeze her eggs so she can guarantee motherhood.

There was a scandal that Hilton was pregnant in 2021. However, Hilton shut down these rumors and stated she is not.

6. What Is Paris Hilton's Social Media?

Hilton has millions of followers on all of her social media pages. She posts herself DJing, modeling, and enjoying her married life. Her pages are as followed:

  • Instagram: @parishilton
  • Twitter: @parishilton
  • Facebook: @parishilton

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