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Riyaz Aly Net Worth, Social Media Influencer, Early Life

Many young people dream of stardom, and talent can take a person far. Riyaz Aly has made it happen, heres how he did it.

Social Media
Net Worth $0.7 million
Source Of WealthSocial Media Influencer
Born14th September 2003
Birth NameRiyaz Afreen
Height5ft 6in (168cm)

Riyaz Aly is one example of such success. As a young social media sensation, he has gained a huge following internationally on many different social media platforms, and that attention only continues to grow.

If you've heard of Riyaz Aly, you may be wondering how he rose to such fame and fortune at such a young age, as well as what he's currently up to now. And if you haven't heard of him, well, you're about to!

Let's dive in and have a look at Riyaz Aly's career so far and all that he has accomplished.

Who Is Riyaz Aly?

Riyaz Aly is a famous TikTok star, budding actor, fashion blogger, and social media influencer. He originally gained the attention of people all around the world through his Instagram and TikTok videos, and ever since then, he has been stepping up his game in terms of engaging and creative social media content.

Being currently only 18 years old, Riyaz Aly is one of the youngest social media stars in Bhutan (his hometown). His success for his age is inspirational, and he's sure to continue an upward trend to fame and fortune through the hard work and dedication he has already shown.

What Are His Life and Family Like?

Riyaz Aly was born on September 14, 2003 (making him on the cusp of 19 years old when this article was written). He was born in Jaigaon, Bhutan, into a Muslim family.

A surprise fun fact for dedicated fans and newcomers to the star alike, Riyaz Aly is not his real name. He was born Riyaz Afreen, and Riyaz Aly is just a nickname he goes by.

He has two parents and a sister. His father's name is Afroz Afreen, his mother is Shabnam Afreen, and his sister is Reeza Afreen. His sister Reeza is also a social media influencer, with over 3 million followers on Instagram and over 7,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Riyaz's sister calls herself a video creator and takes after her brother in terms of her social media engagement and creative videos.

As of now, Riyaz lives with his family members in a luxurious and comfortable house in Mumbai.

When Riyaz Aly was just 14 years old, he took up an interest in his physical health and fitness and started going to the gym regularly. He continues to do this, and the results of his dedication to working out are evident: his physique is impressive. It's said that Riyaz enjoys cardio the most and likes the uplifting end rejuvenating feeling it gives him.

Riyaz Aly doesn't just take his social media impact and acting career seriously; he also dedicates significant time to his schooling. He finished his learning in 2020 at Shri Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala School, which is in Jaigaon, Bhutan. He completed his 10th standard and had excellent marks, showing that he's an impressive student who puts in the effort for his schooling.

It's not known whether Riyaz Aly will continue his studies at college, especially since his career is currently thriving. So it could be expected that he doesn't feel the need to pursue higher education...but time will tell!

What Is Riyaz Aly's Net Worth and Salary?

Riyaz Aly's net worth and current salary are up for much debate on the internet, as many different sources state different amounts.

His current net worth as of 2022 is $2.5 million US dollar

His yearly income in estimated rupees is around 1.5 Crore.

Riyaz Aly makes most of his money from his videos on social media, with TikTok and Instagram bringing in large amounts of money. He does many different brand endorsements on these social media pages, which is another main source of his income. He also makes money from his YouTube channel.

For each brand endorsement, it's speculated that he makes anywhere from two to five lakh rupees on average.

Most recently, he started being featured in music videos, giving him another source of money. As a rising star, his income is only expected to increase year after year.

It's said that Riyaz Aly's net worth will continue to increase by 9-11% each year.

While much of Riyaz Aly's net worth and salary details are a mystery for now, it's likely that they will both continue to increase with each new video he creates and every project he takes on.

What Are the Details of Riyaz Aly's Career?

Riyaz Aly has claimed an unconventional career path, just like many young celebs his age. But how did he start out, and where have his projects taken him? Keep reading here to find out all the details.

Becoming a TikTok Star

In 2017, Riyaz Aly began posting videos on Instagram, testing out the waters of the social media app and finding his niche. After getting the hang of video creation and gaining some followers, Riyaz took his creativity to one of the newest and most popular social media apps at the time: TikTok.

Riyaz quickly blew up on TikTok, becoming one of Bhutan's youngest TikTok sensations within his first year of using the platform. The videos that he would post included many different kinds of content, from dancing videos to comedy clips.

His most popular videos, and likely the reason he catapulted into fame, were his lip-sync videos. Here he would lip-sync to popular songs, often dancing along, including others in his videos, and wearing stylish clothing.

His outgoing and friendly personality combined with his attractive looks and creative ideas gained him millions of followers (over 43 million to be exact!) on TikTok. However, his success would soon be hit with a large speed bump: the TikTok ban.

Switching to Instagram and YouTube

When TikTok was banned by the Indian government, Riyaz Aly wasted no time feeling sad about it and immediately switched back to Instagram. Here he continued posting the same type of videos he had been making on TikTok, collecting millions of followers (26 million!) on this platform instead.

On Instagram, he continued to gain popularity by creating funny videos, lip-syncing, and modeling his clothing for others to see and take inspiration from.

Dipping His Toes in the World of Professional Acting

Most recently, Riyaz has been getting more involved in the world of acting.

In 2019, he debuted in his very first music video for the song "Yaari Hai" (meaning "It's Friendship") by Tony Kakkar. This jumpstarted a string of other appearances in music videos, including the videos for songs like "1 AM," "Pahadan," "Superstar," and "Daily Daily."

If his role in these music videos is any indication of where his career is taking him, we can likely expect to see him in many others in the future (and maybe even a feature film!).

Riyaz Aly is successfully making a name for himself in every industry he tries. Forbes listed Riyaz on their 30 Under 30 - Asia: Media, Marketing, and Advertising list when he was just 17 years old - a true honor!

Is Riyaz Aly in a Relationship?

Riyaz Aly has stated that he is not currently in a relationship or seeing anyone. While he does post videos with many different people in them, these seem to just be platonic friendships.

Since Riyaz Aly is still quite young, it makes sense that he doesn't have much relationship experience yet. He has said that his focus right now is on his career and getting it to where he'd like it to be. There will be plenty of time for relationships and dating in the future.

However, Riyaz Aly does seem to prefer that his personal life stays out of the public eye, so it will come as no surprise if he does try to keep his dating life private.

If he does start dating someone (and he wants his fans and followers to know about it!), he will likely post about it on his social media pages when the time is right.

What Are Frequently Asked Questions About Riyaz Aly?

Now you know some of the details of Riyaz Aly's home life and upbringing, as well as how his career took off. But what are some of the other questions you're dying to know the answers to?

Here's a look at other frequently asked questions about the star.

What Does Riyaz Aly Look Like?

Riyaz Aly has dark brown eyes as well as dark brown hair. He's approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, too. He's admired for his beautiful complexion and head full of hair, which he styles regularly.

He also takes great pride in his appearance, working out often and wearing fashionable clothing. Many of his videos are showing off his outfits to his followers so they can see his current taste in clothes, shoes, and accessories.

How Do I Find Riyaz Aly on Social Media Platforms Like Instagram and YouTube?

One of the best ways to find Riyaz Aly is through his Instagram profile. You can follow him @riyaz.14 (you'll know it's his official profile if you see the blue check that Instagram gives to show that a profile is that authentic person) where he has over 27 million followers. On Instagram, you can see many of his lip-sync videos, his modeling pictures, videos of him and his friends, and other projects he has been working on.

If you're looking for Riyaz Aly on TikTok, you can find him under the same account name: riyaz.14. On TikTok he has more than 45 million followers and a whopping 2.1 billion likes, clearly showing how popular his videos are around the world. There's plenty of content on his TikTok page that will keep you scrolling for hours.

Looking for Riyaz Aly's YouTube channel? You can find many videos of him by simply typing "Riyaz Aly" into YouTube's search bar. Or, if you're trying to find him on Facebook, you can try the same tactic.

A word of caution: Riyaz Aly has many different fan accounts made by admirers, not himself (especially on Twitter and Instagram!). If you're looking for his social media page, make sure it's the real one.

What Are Some of Riyaz Aly's Favorite Activities or Hobbies?

Riyaz Aly is quoted as enjoying activities such as dancing, going to the gym and working out, traveling to new places, trying new foods, and spending time with family and friends.

As he's still a teenager, he doesn't drink, and he also doesn't smoke.

Riyaz Aly did a great job of turning his most loved passion - creating funny videos - into a career. Which is something we could all hope to aspire to!

Riyaz Aly: A Young Star Climbing the Ladder to Success

Whether you're a young hopeful who is trying to reach fame through social media, or you're someone inspired by Riyaz Aly's career path so far, there's much to learn from the young professional. Hopefully, with all of this information on the timeline of his career and his personal interests, you're feeling inspired to follow your dreams too (and put in the hard work!).

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