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Shane Dawson Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022)

Shane Dawson's Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022)

NET WORTH: $12 Million
Source of Wealth: Youtuber, Writer, Actor, Producer, Musician
Born: July 19, 1988
Age: 32
Birth Name: Shane Lee Yaw
Height: 6ft. 0in. (1.83m)

Shane Dawson: His Life And His YouTube Career

Shane Dawson is a 31-year-old guy who now has crossed more than 22 million subscribers on YouTube. He has been creating and posting his videos for about a decade now. At first, he used to make videos on comedic skits and parodies which landed him a huge success because of the audience size that kept growing through these videos. His audience has been loyal to him and they have been watching him evolve from skits to his new hour-long documentaries about conspiracy theories and other YouTubers.

His fame and glory and all these years of hard work have landed him great success. Shane Dawson net worth now is 12 million. He has written a book, features podcasts, and numerous Television as well as movie appearances His latest video is a documentary about makeup YouTuber Jeffree Star which was published on 1st October.

Introduction to the man -  Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson’s real name is Shane Lee Yaw. He was born on July 19, 1988. He is an American Youtuber whose stage name goes by Shane Dawson. He started on YouTube as a parody channel which made comedy sketches on various topics. This earned him a lot of attention and fame, by 2010 he had half a billion views on his channel. Many of his early work, the comedic sketches, also faced some criticism but he never let anything pull him down. During this interval, he also published 6 songs during his short-lived music career. One of the songs was “Superluv” and there were other numerous parody videos of other music videos.

In 2013, he launched his podcast called “Shane and Friends”. This show ran for 4 long years and had 140 episodes in total. He also launched his only feature film called “Not Cool” and also appeared in “The Chair”. His movie appearances include “Smiley” and “Internet Famous”.

He later evolved his channel. He conspiracy where he would make an hour-long video discussing conspiracy theories on the web. “Conspiracy Series with Shane Dawson” is his most-watched work. He also made many docu-series about other YouTubers too. In these videos, he would discuss other YouTubers and his most-watched docu-series is about Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, and TaraCon. He has also written two books which became New York’s Best Selling Books. These books were, “I Hate Myself” and “It Gets Worse”.

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As of now, his 3 different YouTube channels have a total of 4.5 billion views.

Early Life of Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson or Shane Lee Yaw grew up in Long Beach in California. He completed his schooling at Lakewood High School. He has two older brothers. The three brothers were very close and supported each other, especially when Dawson faced bullying in school. His interest in making videos came from his school time where he would make videos for school projects. This led Shane Dawson net worth to 12 million.

Dawson had an alcoholic father and he was also bullied for being overweight. Later, at 18, he joined a program by Jenny Craig and completed his weight loss goals. After his success, he started working at Jenny Craig’s store and was promoted to the post of manager. He even did many auditions for acting gigs which landed him the idea of starting his own because he didn’t receive much success there. He started his channel “Shane Dawson TV” but due soon his content received criticism when he uploaded a pole dancing video at work. He and his 6 other co-workers lost their jobs because of it.

His work and first essence of success

Dawson’s first video that got viral and landed him so much fame and recognition was “Fred is Dead”. In this video, he is doing a comedy sketch where he kills the beloved “Fred”. The video alone has earned him 25 million views. To carry out his day to day life, he even worked very hard by doing odd jobs. He worked as a security guard at an aquarium. But during all his jobs, he continued to create videos and sketches.

By 2011, Shane Dawson was the 5th most subscribed YouTuber. YouTube took notice of his fame and recognition and offered him to join their partner program. This allowed him to become a full-time YouTuber. In 2012, Shane featured in his most famous movie work called “Smiley” and then in 2014 he worked on “Not Cool”.  His recent movie was in 2016 where he played the character Thomas “The Parody Boss”. The name of the movie was “Internet Famous”. His podcasts, “Shane and Friends”, ran for four years from 2013 t0 2017 and had 140 successful episodes.

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Shane Dawson has many times used the platform of YouTube to discuss the matter that he believes crucial to be discussed. He made a public apology to all the people who were offended by his content via YouTube video. He has also made impactful videos discussing ideologies he believes in. His most powerful video could be considered in 2014 where he talked about having body dysmorphia. In 2015 he made a video to come out as a bisexual which was very much appreciated and supported by his fandom.

Awards and Nominations

He has won many awards over his decade long career. The first time he was nominated was in 2010 where he was nominated and won the “Streamy Award” for Best Vlogger. In the same year, 2010, he was even nominated and won the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Web Star.

He was once again nominated for Teen Choice Award in 2011. He got himself nominated for the People’s Choice Award in the 2017 and Streamy Award in the same year. He was nominated for Streamy Awards for three categories in 2018 and won all the categories: Creator of the Year, Documentary, and Editing for the “The Truth about The TanaCon”.

In 2018, the same year he also won the People’s Choice Award for The Social Star of 2018. In 2019 he was awarded the Youtuber of the Year Award by The Shorty Awards.

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