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Soulja Boy Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022) How much is Soulja Boy Worth?

Soulja Boy's Net Worth and Life Story (Updated 2022)

NET WORTH: $30 Million
Source of Wealth: Rapper, Actor, Record Producer
Born: July 28, 1990
Birth Name: DeAndre Cortez Way
Height: 5ft. 8in. (1.72m)

The Soulja Boy Net Worth And His Life Story

Soulja Boy or DeAndre Cortez Way is an American producer, rapper, and actor. He started his career in singing in the year 2007 with his debut song Crank that. He self-published this song on the Internet, which eventually became number one amongst Billboard Hits. He was also listed in the Forbes magazine for earning $7 million in the year 2010. The Soulja boy, also known as Young Draco, was born in Chicago in the US. His primary genres of performance are hip hop, pop raps, snaps, etc. He had performed in association with Sean Kingston, Lil B, now wow, Gucci, Gucci Mane. With the deal with the poker company, Soulja boy net worth had been one of Google's top searches.

Childhood and life before musical career

He was born in Chicago in 1990 and moved to the place he first got in produced music, Atlanta. He later moved to Mississippi, where his father provided a recording studio to fulfill his musical dreams and explore the musical world. A year after that, he posted his first song on a website. After receiving great reviews for the song on the site, he self-published a new song in the year2007.

Career in Music

His musical career hit great peaks with the self-published song Crank that, that he published in 2007. During its first airplay, he met Mr. Collin park for signing a deal with Interscope records. The song became more famous with its use in Entourage, a television series. It later went on to top the Billboard Hot 100. His debut album launched in 2007 also entered Billboard hot two hundred. The best aspect of the award-winning album was made using a basic demo version of FL studio. He was also nominated for his work on Crank that for Grammy awards, which he couldn't win that year but gained a major attraction from the music enthusiasts, and several of them claimed that he is a rising change in the rap music world. Songs like Bird Walk, Kiss me thru the phone, Turn my swag on all were huge entertainers, and they topped the Billboard Hot 200. Turn my swag on was sung by him using an autotune, which later went on to be downloaded by one million users in a year. The lead single of Pretty boy swag album topped the Billboard Hot 100 and ranked in the top five of rap songs.

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Seven years on from 2011, it was an era of mixtapes for Soulja boy. His first mixtape was endorsed by saying a perfect video game background for winning the game. He then proceeded to launch mixtapes for a long time and worked with Birdman and Bow Wow. His dream of working alongside Drake came true with his 2013 album. We made it. He went in to make his first digital mixtape, Busta rhymes. He also co-wrote and worked on Nicki Minaj's single Yass Bish, which also was a huge hit and received great feedback from the critics. He also wrote a song on the famous NBA player titled Stephen Curry. He has released a series of albums under the title King Soulja, and the most recent one is King Soulja 9.

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He believes in not so lyrical yet good music style. His songs Crank that, and Pretty boy swag is proof that his best songs do not adhere to the lyrics rather prefer to be a simple and straight conveyance to the audience.


In addition to singing great raps, Soulja boy also produces records. He produced several of his songs and produced songs like I am not a human being 2, MMM, Carter V, etc. He produced Nicki Minaj's Yass Bish, which was a huge appreciation gatherer. Another remarkable work gained by him was a writing credit in Beyoncé's album Lemonade. There had also been rumors of him producing Kanye West's album, but that hasn't worked out yet.

A career in Fashion Designing

In the year 2008, he launched his clothing brand titled SOD clothing. He then created his brand in the shoe line Yums. He, along with D Young, styles a new brand Ocean Gang in the year 2012. He created another clothing line named BLVD supply in the same year and is still available in stores in California.

Career in Acting

He started his career in the visual entertainment field with an animated series titled Soulja boy, but that series released an episode. He was keen on making a film about his life and career and was soon approached by Peter Spirer with plans of making a documentary about his life. The documentary consists of real stage performances of the star. Also, it has interviews with his father, who was a member of the Stacks on Deck Entertainment. The movie was released in 2011, which unfortunately coincided with the date when Soulja boy was arrested for some drug charges. He made his debut acting in the remake of the movie Juice, in which he played the role of the bishop. He also guest-starred a movie titled Officer Down.

Soulja and Gaming

Soulja was keen on gaming, just like music. He had signed a deal with the World Poker Fund, and there was a huge rumor of him getting $400million royalty. There was a lot of confusion about the soulja boy net worth with the signing of this deal. But it was later confirmed by Forbes that the company itself was worth $12million, and the royalty of $400 million is not based on complete cash but other future factors.

He also launched his gaming consoles titled Souljagame, Retro Soulja boy mini, Souljagame Fuze, etc. But most of it was overpriced and wasn't appreciated by the game enthusiasts. The games also faced legal issues from Nintendo as they were copyright violations of the original Nintendo series.

Soulja boy net worth

The current net worth of Soulja boy is estimated to be $30 million, according to the leading Forbes magazine.




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