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Steve Will Do It Net Worth - Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Steve Deleonardis, commonly known as Steve Will Do It, is a popular YouTuber, content creator, and social media influencer from Florida.

Net Worth $5 million
Source Of WealthYoutube
Born25th August 1998
Birth NameSteve Deleonardis
Height5ft 9in (175cm)

Rising to popularity through online videos, Steve was quickly given the name “Steve Will Do It” as he launched his personal YouTube channel. Steve grew his audience over the years and turned into a major philanthropist along the way. Steve gave away 32 cars, 52 watches, 3 houses, and over $1 million in cash to people in his videos. This further skyrocketed his personal career and net worth to around $5 million today.

Steve Will Do It’s Net Worth

Stephen Deleonardis, commonly known as Steve or Steve Will Do It, is an American entertainer and YouTuber from Florida. Steve was born in 1998 and grew up with his mother in Oviedo, Florida until moving to Los Angeles to further his career as a YouTuber.

Steve gained notoriety with some insane videos of him consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. These challenges were incredibly dangerous, which only helped elevate his popularity amongst young adults and university students around the country.

This popularity managed to catch the eye of Kyle Forgeard, a Canadian YouTuber that was trying to expand his own company, Nelk, to the United States. Kyle contacted Steve even before he created a YouTube channel and invited him to work with Nelk to create and build a brand of his own. Steve has shown his appreciation to Kyle and attributes much of his mainstream success to Kyle and early videos made with Nelk.

Partnering With Nelk

Steve then partnered with Nelk as they expanded aggressively into the United States. Steve completed hundreds of drinking challenges on his own channel and started doing lifestyle content for Nelk. This helped build a more personal brand for Steve that resulted in brand deals and other commercial opportunities.

One of the most profitable opportunities that arose for Steve was launching his own clothing line along with Nelk’s Full Send Collection. This gave Steve a steady source of income, as his YouTube videos were often restricted due to the adult-specific content.

Despite being permanently banned from YouTube in 2022, Steve still has multiple income streams running for him. These sources help maintain his net worth of around $5 million.

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Early Life

The prankster came from humble beginnings in Oviedo, Florida. Born in 1998, Steve was an extroverted character throughout his childhood. Growing up with his mother in Florida, Steve always had big ambitions to move to Los Angeles. However, nobody knew that his ability to drink would be the talent that takes him there.

Steve admitted to drinking from an early age, with his friends edging him to drink faster and faster. This emerged into a talent that his friends started recording and sharing on social media. This slowly caught the attention of Canadian YouTuber, Kyle Forgeard.

Kyle then reached out to Steve and started collaborating with his Canadian prank channel, Nelk. It was through this partnership that Steve saw his talents and personality being a real career opportunity for him.


Steve’s career started to take off after meeting with Kyle and the rest of the team at Nelk. At this time, Nelk was still a small ensemble of creators trying to enter the U.S. market with their hilarious and over-the-top prank videos. The content was incredibly niche and targeted toward college students, but once it began to take off, there was no slowing down.

Nelk filmed prank videos but also used lifestyle vlogs to blend and fill the gaps between their pranks. This made it perfect for Steve to showcase his talents to new college students every week.

Nelk traveled to various universities to party with fans and capture the entire experience for their YouTube channel. Here, Steve managed to impress people with his ability to drink, making him an instant fan favorite.

Steve’s YouTube Channel

Steve used this popularity to launch his very own YouTube channel. On his own channel, Steve used to complete unique challenges that managed to increase in difficulty every time. This channel quickly expanded to include lifestyle content based on Steve’s everyday life.

This is where Steve was able to fully express his bubbly and entertaining personality to the world. Even though Steve has attributed much of his success to Nelk, Steve’s solo career was just as impressive. His YouTube channel exploded and was consistently growing faster than Nelk.

Steve managed to leverage this into commercial opportunities such as his own brand of drinking boot, clothing line, and even a few branded videos with online casinos. Steve is a controversial character on YouTube due to his drinking but also his smoking and gambling habits. This tends to age-restrict his videos quite often but has surprisingly increased his overall popularity.

While most companies saw Steve’s bad habits and ran for the exits, these traits made him incredibly appealing to crypto casinos and online gambling companies. This is rumored to be where Steve managed to make most of his money.

Nelk Boys

Steve joined Nelk in 2019 and regularly participated in Nelk videos with drinking and smoking challenges. With Nelk, Steve traveled throughout Europe, filming epic prank videos and local content for his YouTube channel. The relationship with Nelk was mutually beneficial, as Nelk would gain an interesting cast member for their videos while Steve would get a platform to hopefully grow his own brand.

This worked exactly how Steve would imagine, as his collaboration with Nelk expanded into launching his very own clothing line. This clothing line was designed to run alongside Nelk’s Full Send Collection with unique drops every month.

While official numbers were never revealed, many speculate that Steve managed to sell just as much merch by himself as the entire Nelk brand. This made Steve the richest member of Nelk, something that other members were not shy to point out on their YouTube channel.

Personal Giving

Steve is one of the most generous people on the planet. As mentioned above, Steve has used his wealth and popularity to give away more than $1 million in cash. In addition to this, Steve has given away multiple Rolex watches to his immediate staff, over 30 brand-new cars to families in need, and a few houses as well.

Taking inspiration from fellow YouTuber, David Dobrik, Steve even launched merchandise specifically for the purpose of funding more generous gifts in the future.


Steve has managed to create an impressive brand with his image and online popularity. Steve Will Do It LLC is often referred to in his videos as a holding company for his investment, which we estimate to be worth around $3.5 million right now.


Steve holds a stake in Nelk but also has lucrative partnerships with online casinos and crypto exchanges, and he even holds a significant amount of bitcoin as an investment as well.

While it's unknown if Steve receives a salary from Nelk, it does not seem like he needs one. Steve makes more than enough money from his affiliation with Nelk and his own personal YouTube channel.

Professional Relationships

Steve has managed to make some noteworthy friendships along the way. When starting out in the world of YouTube, Steve befriended bodybuilder and YouTuber, Bradley Martyn. Bradley was significantly older and more mature than Steve, making for some interesting content surrounding the way the two lived in Los Angeles.

Another notable friend that Steve managed to make in Los Angeles was former UFC owner, Dana White. Dana immediately took to both Steve and Nelk, inviting them to a number of private events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dana is also good friends with Donald Trump and managed to get the Nelk Boys invited to fly on Air Force One to one of the former president’s campaign rallies.

Family and Friends

Steve grew up with his mother in Florida and remains close with her today. In 2021, Steve visited Florida and gifted his mother with a brand-new Range Rover. In addition to this, Steve also purchased a new home for himself and his mom.

Steve is also close to his uncle on his mother’s side of the family. This uncle made numerous appearances in Steve’s videos due to his entertaining personality. Known as Uncle Tim, he featured on multiple holidays and road trips with Steve filled with the same lifestyle content that managed to make Steve famous in the first place.

This appealed to Steve’s audience as it showed a glimpse of where Steve got his erratic behavior and lifestyle habits from but in a real and entertaining way.


Steve is not immune to online controversies but has managed to thrive despite them. The first major controversy was when Steve got into a verbal back and forth with Demi Levato on Twitter. The musician saw some of Steve’s videos and took the liberty to privately message him about the health risks of what he was doing.

Steve managed to turn this around to boost his own popularity, using his raw humor to make multiple videos about the incident for his YouTube channel.

Another major controversy that went for Steve’s income was his partnership with an online casino. Steve was known to be a high-stakes gambler and managed to land a lucrative deal with a popular crypto casino. The rumored details of his deal with the casino leaked online, leaving fans with a sour taste in their mouths.

This was because Steve’s deal included a percentage of the losses his fans would incur when they use his link to sign up to their site. This essentially told fans that Steve would profit directly every time they lost money gambling online.

Deals like this are incredibly common within the industry but did not go over well with Steve’s fanbase. This led to Steve addressing the situation on his YouTube channel to try and put his fans at ease with the entire sponsorship arrangement.

Controversies With Nelk

Steve also managed to land himself in hot water on behalf of Nelk. The YouTube group traveled often to film new videos for their YouTube channel. Each video makes the attempt to be bigger and more outrageous than the last.

While Nelk does travel with lawyers on standby, some incidents leave the group open to criticism online. The most recent being the group’s activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group hosted parties and even traveled during the lockdown, breaking a few regulations in the process.

This did not go well with some of their critics online, but the group managed to justify their behavior to their fanbase with no real long-term issues for the brand as a whole. Nelk aligned their brand to be extravagant rule breakers, so issues like this did not do much damage to them.

The Essentials of the Steve Will Do It

Steve Will Do It may not be on YouTube anymore but is still regarded as one of the most successful influencers to make a name for themselves online. Steve managed to collect millions of subscribers and leverage his fame to grow his wealth to $5 million.

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