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Tommy Fury Net Worth, Boxing, Love Island

Tommy Fury is a British boxer who gained notoriety after appearing on the reality show Love Island. Fury is the brother of heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, and the two are often compared to each other in the media.

Tommy Fury
Net Worth $4 million
Source Of WealthBoxing
Born7th May 1999
Birth NameTommy Fury
Height6ft 0in (183cm)

You might recognize Tommy Fury's name from the popular British dating show Love Island or from his half-brother Tyson Fury, who's known in boxing as the two-time heavyweight champion. Either way, Tommy Fury has built quite a name for himself through his second-place finish on Love Island, long-term relationship with popular Instagram star Molly Mae Hague, and his successful boxing career.

Known as one of the top British boxers, Tommy Fury has generated an impressive amount of wealth from a variety of business ventures. But, how much is he worth? And, what's his annual salary?

If you're interested in learning more about Tommy Fury, how he got his start in boxing, and everything from his early life to his now worldwide fame, keep reading.

Tommy Fury's Net Worth

Tommy Fury's net worth is around $4 million. Part of his income comes from his boxing career, where he competes in the light-heavyweight division. As one of the most famous boxers in the United Kingdom, Fury can fight for large sums of money.

And, while he did feature on Love Island, he missed out on the £50,000 prize. Fury and Molly Mae placed second on the show, which meant they only walked away with about $283 per week that they appeared on the show.

However, after his appearance on Love Island, Fury's fame skyrocketed and he racked up tons of Instagram followers. As of 2022, Fury's social media has racked up over 4 million followers. This has given Fury an additional stream of income through brand deals and endorsements.

These combinations of revenue streams allow Fury to take home about $1 million per year. That number could grow further as Fury furthers his boxing career and his social media fame continues to rise.

Early Life

So, how did Tommy For (aka TNT) Fury get his start? Fury was born on May 7th, 1999 in Manchester, England. His birthday makes Fury a Taurus. Today, Fury stands over 6 feet tall and weighs about 165 pounds.

Originally named Thomas Michael John Fury, he's the son of John Fury, a former professional boxer. His mother, Chantel Fury, is Mauritian while his father is of Irish descent.

Fury's father was a successful boxer in the 1980s and 1990s. Fury's half-brother, Tyson Fury, as well as his cousins, are all successful boxers as well. So, Fury's early life was very much centered around the sport.

Tommy Fury's cousin Hughie Fury is also a big name in boxing. He won a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division at the Youth World Championships.

It's unclear whether or not Tommy's parents, John and Chantel, were married when they had Tommy. Fury's father is known as a tough guy: He was sentenced to prison for nearly 11 years for a brawl. But, his support of Tommy has never wavered.

When Fury first started in boxing as a young kid, his father was his trainer. And, now that he's out of prison, he regularly attends Tommy's fights and training sessions.

While there isn't much information on Tommy Fury's early schooling days, he did complete high school before appearing on Love Island. He attended St. Ambrose Barlow High School in Manchester.



Boxing has been a major part of Tommy's life since he was 12 years old. While he trained and sparred with his brothers, cousins, and other boxing friends regularly, it wasn't until he turned 18 that Fury joined the world of professional boxing.

He fought 12 amateur fights as a teenager and even went to nationals. From there, he made it to the finals and won the north regionals competition twice. However, professional boxing is much more intense and competitive than boxing at the amateur level.

He first made his professional debut against boxer Jevgenijs Andrejevs in 2018 at the Manchester arena. Fury scored a four-round points decision victory, which means he triumphed over Andrejevs in a 40-36 win. This fight took place as part of the greater Josh Card vs. Carl Frampton featherweight world title fight.

Fury's second fight proved to be even more fruitful. He had his first ever first-round knockout (KO) against Callum Ide in March of 2019. However, he stepped away from the ring for the next nine months to compete in Love Island.

Love Island

Tommy Fury's career path took a new direction towards reality tv when he joined the #1 reality show in the UK, Love Island. In June of 2019, Fury joined the Love Island cast for season 5 where we quickly became known as one of the most charismatic, funny, and charming guys in the villa.

The show's premise goes a little something like this: 5 girls and 5 guys are coupled up in a villa where they compete for a $50,000 prize. The longest-standing couples by the end of the 2-month long show have to depend on the public's vote to ultimately take home the prize money.

In other words, just because you're in a couple by the end of the show doesn't mean you're going to win. You have to be well-liked by the viewers, who decide on the winner by voting for their favorite couple. At any point during the show, if viewers find your coupling unfavorable or you find yourself single for an extended time, you can be voted off of the show.

You also compete regularly in "cheeky" challenges against other islanders. These challenges are a way to let loose inside the villa, but can sometimes stir things up between cast mates since they usually involve flirty activities.

While Fury mingled with Love Island costars Maura Higgins and Lucie Donlan, he quickly became a couple with social media star Molly Mae Hague. Despite some criticism from fellow cast mates and viewers of the show, Hague and Fury were one of the four couples left standing by the end. They placed second overall and remain together today.

Brand Partnerships and Endorsements

Thanks to the fame Fury generated on Love Island, his social media following grew enormously. His social media following, combined with his professional boxing career, helped him secure several notable brand deals with brands like Hellman's mayonnaise.

Being an Instagram star is a lucrative business if you have a big enough following. Fury appeared in a Hellman's advertisement where he nicknamed the mayonnaise "Molly Mayo".

The commercial shows Fury seductively walking into a room where he finds a big jar of Hellman's mayo covered in a blonde wig. The advertisement plays off of his success on Love Island where Fury's "head is turned" by the mayonnaise. Viewers found it hilarious and very much on-brand for the charismatic, lighthearted guy Tommy's known as.

He admitted to eating a bucketful of mayonnaise a day while in the Love Island villa which contributed to his ongoing relationship with the Hellman's brand. In addition to this brand deal, Fury also has partnerships with boohooMAN, McDonald's, and Disney Plus.

He released a fall collection after this Love Island appearance with boohooMAN, and regularly posts on his Instagram which allows him to generate revenue from brand sponsors and endorsements of products.


Molly Mae

Since his Love Island coupling in 2019, Tommy has stuck with long-term girlfriend Molly Mae Hague. The two moved in together immediately following the show in a lavish apartment in Manchester. Since then, they've moved two more times, both times into luxurious, spacious apartments.

They recently moved into a multi million pound mansion in Cheshire, which they are currently renovating. The twosome experienced an alarming burglary in 2021 where thieves stole nearly $1 million worth of designer jewelry, clothes, bags, and shoes.

Since then, Fury and Hague moved into a temporary apartment before settling in their new home. And, despite initial criticism of their coupling on Love Island, Fury and Hague seem to have a loving, happy relationship.

Fury has called Hague the love of his life, and the two have spoken extensively about plans to wed and have children together. Molly Mae is a wealthy, successful woman in her own right. She's most famous for her large Instagram following (a whopping 6.5 million), ongoing involvement with the fast fashion giant Pretty Little Thing, and her own self-tan brand "Filter by Molly Mae".

Collectively, Fury and Hague pull in around $5 million a year. Recently, Molly Mae was named the creative director of Pretty Little Thing. She regularly releases collections and leads the creation of new designs.

Some of the twosome's favorite activities include going to theme parks, eating out, and watching movies whether that's their home in Cheshire or at a drive-in theater. However, it wasn't all roses for Fury when it comes to relationships. Before his appearance on Love Island, Fury was in a long-term relationship with another social media star—Millie Roberts.


Before Tommy Fury met Molly Mae, he dated Millie Roberts for about 10 months. The timeline of their relationship and his appearance on Love Island is not exactly agreed upon by the exes.

Fury states that his relationship with Roberts had ended months before his appearance on the show. However, Roberts claims they were in a committed relationship up until he left for the show, only breaking things off a few weeks before.

She's spoken to this press about Fury but it's never seemed to faze Fury or Molly Mae. Once Fury left the villa with Molly Mae, they've been strong ever since.

Mille Roberts is known as  one of Fury's only serious, long-term girlfriend before Molly Mae.


You've already learned who Tommy's parents are, but let's dive a bit deeper into Fury's family tree. Tommy's dad, John Fury Sr., was a successful boxer in his own right. Not only did he train Tommy, but he also trained Tommy's half-brother Tyson.

Tyson is the older sibling of Tommy and also one of the most recognizable names among sports in the UK. He's the current WBC and Ring Magazine World Heavyweight Champion. Winning runs in his blood—he's still undefeated today after more than 30 fights.

Tommy also has two more half-siblings. Brothers John Jr and Shane are older than Tommy and are the sons of his dad John. There's no denying that the Fury family are boxing giants—Tommy's other brother, Roman Fury, has also made his start in professional boxing.

And, Tommy's uncle, Peter Fury, is a famous boxing trainer. He trains his son, Hughie Fury, who is Tommy's cousin. Peter has trained other members of the Fury family, including Tyson. Tommy's cousin is also older and is the first ever British boxer to win a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division in 2012 for the Youth World Championships.

Finally, another cousin of Tommy Fury is Andy Lee. Andy is also a professional boxer and a former world champion in the middleweight division. He now works as boxing analyst.

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