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Vicky Kaushal Net Worth, Acting, Early Life

Vicky Kaushal is a well-known and highly sought-after actor. He has appeared in many Hindi films since beginning his acting career in 2012. But the actor took a less conventional route to stardom than others before him.

Net Worth $5 million
Source Of WealthActing
Born16th May 1988
Birth Name Vicky Kaushal
Height6ft 0in (182cm)

As an actor, Kaushal has brought his unique talent to the screens. And as a person, his intelligence has allowed him to reach the pinnacle of fame and still maintain his down-to-earth charisma.

If you'd like to learn more about Vicky Kaushal and his life and career, read more about him below.

Early Life

Kaushal was born in Mumbai on the 16th of May 1988. He was introduced to the world of filmmaking at a young age, as his father was a well-established action-film director.

However, his father wasn't interested in allowing his son to have a career in show business. He pointed Kaushal in a more academic direction throughout his education. This led to Kaushal graduating with an engineering degree from Mumbai's Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology.

Despite his academic career path, it did not take long after graduating for Kaushal to realize that this was not the right choice for him. In spite of his father's insistence that he continue on the engineer career path, Kaushal went on to study acting at Kishore Namit Kapoor's academy. Here, he learned the skills he needed to hone his craft.

After leaving the academy, Kaushal found that there were few opportunities to secure worthwhile roles. But he continued undeterred and worked in various areas of the filmmaking world to support himself.

Kaushal got his break while working as an assistant director to Anurag Kashyap, a well-known Hindi filmmaker. Kashyap gave Kaushal small roles in his next two films, starting Kaushal on the road to success.


Though Kaushal has only been in the acting industry since 2012, he has already made a huge name for himself. From humble beginnings in independent films to his career breakthrough, it is Kaushal's commitment to acting and his craft that has made him the megastar he is today.

Early Career

In the independent drama Masaan, which was directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, Kaushal had his first prominent part. After Rajkummar Rao withdrew, Kaushal was cast after an audition.

Kaushal spent time in Benaras, where the movie is situated, and studied the behavior of the locals in order to portray a young man from a low socioeconomic background who yearns for more. This was the beginning of his journey into method acting.

At the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, the film took home two prizes, including the FIPRESCI Prize. Masaan received favorable reviews and was hailed by The New York Times as a prime example of Indian cinema's enhanced realism.

Kaushal received further acclaim for his acting work the following year. He starred in Kashyap's 2016 psychological thriller Raman Raghav 2.0. Kaushal's role called for him to play a troubled police officer.

Again, Kaushal used this character opportunity to explore method acting. He spent five days alone before filming and continuously repeated the script to himself to really draw out his character.

Kaushal even risked his health by committing to the character's heavy smoking habit. He received huge praise for his part, with many critics believing his commitment to the character was inspiring.


Despite his commitment to dark and isolated characters, Kaushal actually got his big break in the form of a romantic comedy. In the film Love Per Square Foot, Kaushal plays the male lead. The film was India's first film with Netflix and it put Kaushal on the worldwide map.

In 2018, Kaushal had his second big movie success when he played a supporting role in Rajkumar Hirani's Sanju. Despite playing the best friend of the male lead, Kaushal gave a performance that wowed critics and earned him great acclaim.

Kaushal has gone on to have one of the most successful Bollywood careers on record. He has been in demand since his breakthrough and has worked consistently for the last four years.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kaushal only released one film in 2021; Sardar Udham. In order to play the role of freedom fighter Udham Singh, Kaushal shed about 15kg or 33lb in two months.

As Kaushal was to play the nineteen-year-old version of Singh, he felt this was necessary for the role. Kaushal was 33 at the time of filming, and he believed the weight loss would help him embody the frame of a nineteen-year-old man more convincingly.

It turned out this commitment worked strongly in Kaushal's favor. He received critical acclaim for his role and it is considered one of his finest performances to date. It is this role that won Kaushal an IIFA Award for Best Actor.

Vicky Kaushal's Net Worth

Kaushal's reported net worth is around $5 million. Most of this has been made through his work as an actor.

However, like others in his field, Kaushal has also made money through his various brand deals. Kaushal acts as the celebrity spokesperson for many famous and well-recognized brands. These include Oppo, Havells, and Reliance Trends.

Kaushal has earned much of his income through these brand deals. He usually charges anything from US$100,000 to US$380,000 per brand deal.

He also serves as the spokesperson for Pearson throughout India. The digital learning solutions company was delighted to score Kaushal as their brand ambassador. Having a celebrity on their team who is passionate about working with children to improve their lives was a big win for Pearson.


While acting salaries vary from film to film, Kaushal is certainly making good money through his many movies. As an in-demand actor, Kaushal apparently makes around 4 Crore or 1 million USD per year.

However, this number changes depending on how many movies he does and how much he gets paid for each. What Kaushal charges per movie would be at the discretion of his management team and the film's producers.


Kaushal has tended towards privacy when it comes to his relationships. He is known for being quite open and friendly towards the media for most of his life, but his romantic life is one area he chooses to keep more closely guarded than others.

His most serious relationship to date has been with his current wife, Katrina Kaif. The pair married in December 2021 in Rajasthan.

The wedding was closely covered by the media throughout India. The wedding seemed to allow the media the chance to get a closer look at Kaushal's personal life, an opportunity they apparently relished.

Kaif is an actress too. The pair met on an episode of "Tape-Cast," a popular chat program.

There, they learned about each other's lives and discussed their respective acting journeys. Rumors began swirling about their potential relationship following the show, and eventually, they married.

Vicky Kaushal's Family

Aside from his film director father, Kaushal has more than one famous face in his family. His brother, Sonny, also works as an actor and has made a name for himself in the Hindi movie industry. Like other celebrities, family is important to Kaushal.

Sonny also initially went down a more academic career path. He trained to be an accountant after he finished school. However, he dropped out of university to begin a career as an actor.

Kaushal's mother, Veena Kaushal, was a homemaker and supported her sons through their schooling and their lives.


Vicky Kaushal has led an interesting life and there is still so much more to come! For a few more interesting facts about the actor, check out the FAQs below.

Is Vicky Kaushal on Social Media?

Vicky Kaushal has an active life on social media. On Twitter, he has a verified account and holds over 600,000 followers. He is occasionally quiet on Twitter and generally uses his account to promote his upcoming movies.

Kaushal is also active on Instagram. Here he also has a verified account but boasts a much larger following of over 14 million people. He is also more active on his Instagram account than on his Twitter.

On Instagram, he not only posts about his upcoming movies and roles, but he also keeps his followers updated on his personal life and his charitable work. His fans often flood his posts with messages of love and support, proving just how much he means to them as both a person and an actor.

What's Next for Vicky Kaushal?

Kaushal has several films lined up for the next year. He has just completed filming on Govinda Naam Mera which is now in post-production.

In 2023, Kaushal will be seen in The Great Indian Family. He will also star in Dunki, also set to be released in 2023.

Does Vicky Kaushal Donate to Charity?

Kaushal regularly works with and donates to various charities he supports. He is a particularly passionate advocate for women's rights.

Kaushal spoke at the We The Women festival in 2018. He also gave speeches at the UN Women for women’s empowerment conference, speaking about the MeToo movement.

Kaushal is also known for his dedication to environmental protection. To promote a sustainable lifestyle, Kaushal is featured in a music video produced by the United Nations and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. The video focused on the dangers of air pollution and the problems the world is facing because of it.

Kaushal is also active in helping underprivileged children gain access to healthy and fun hobbies and pastimes. He was an active supporter of the football training program "Just For Kicks," which offered training to children from low-income households.

Has Vicky Kaushal Won Any Awards?

Kaushal has been nominated for and won many awards throughout his career. His first award nomination was for Best Newcomer at the Asian Film Awards.

Kaushal secured his first award win in 2019. The award was for Best Supporting Actor at the Filmfare Awards. It was his role in the movie Sanju that won him this prestigious prize.

Kaushal has won three International Indian Film Academy Awards and been nominated five times. His awards were for Best Debut Actor for Masaan, Best Supporting Actor for Sanju, and Best Actor for Sardar Udham. His two further nominations were both for Best Actor.

Who Does Vicky Kaushal Like Working With?

Kaushal has been lucky enough to work with many famous stars throughout his career. During the filming of Raazi, he worked with A-lister Alia Bhatt, and he was only too delighted to do so. He told the media that Bhatt was easy to work with because she is so down-to-earth.

Kaushal also enjoys working with the director who gave him his start; Anurag Kashyap. Kaushal considers Kashyap somewhat of a mentor and has worked with him on no less than three movies.

Find Out More About Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal has lived a rich and varied life that has helped to make him the great actor he is today. Going from an academic career path to the arts is a big transition, but Kaushal was able to make it thanks to his sharp mind and talent.

Kaushal certainly has a bright future in front of him. With more films on the horizon, it doesn't seem like he will run out of work any time soon. Be sure and keep your eyes peeled for the next Vicky Kaushal masterpiece.

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