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ZHC Net Worth, YouTube, Early Life

ZHC has a total of 2.2 billion views. It's no secret that he has found fame and success faster than others that have been on the platform for longer. However, many fans wonder, how has he done it?

Social Media
Net Worth $6 million
Source Of WealthYouTuber
Born14th January 1999
Birth NameZach Hsieh
Height5ft 8in (173cm)

Don’t worry - with this guide, you can find out! We’ve investigated everything you need to know, from ZHC’s early life to his net worth.

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look into ZHC’s life:

Early Life

Zach Hsieh, known professionally as ZHC, was born in 1999 in San Jose, California. He is 23 years old this year. His parents raised him and his siblings by the Christan faith, which he still practices to this day.

As a young boy, he was inspired by comic book art in popular comics like Captain Underpants and the Marvel comic book series. He has previously said that he wanted to be a comic book artist and creator due to his love of comics.

At 16, he was determined to become a better artist, so he honed his skills by practiced drawing for up to twelve hours a day. After he graduated high school, he quickly enrolled in the School of Visual Arts in New York.

While studying as a student, he started his YouTube channel making easy-to-follow art tutorials in 2016. However, after his viral success in 2018, he dropped out of school to focus on his YouTube career full-time.


ZHC has had major success in recent years. To understand how he gained his popularity, let’s take a look at some of his career highlights:


In 2016, he released his first video on his channel. His early videos are much different from what he creates today. From 2016 to late 2017, he made art tutorials teaching those who wanted to learn easy art tricks and tips.

His content consisted of a lot of how-to videos. Some of his more popular videos include how to crosshatch and how to draw certain comic book characters.

Now, with these how-to videos, his channel received little attention until one of his videos went viral in 2018. The video showcased him recreating his friend’s drawings. To further his success, he went on to post other videos of his art and drawings without the tutorial style.

He even created ongoing characters for his videos to make the videos more comedic and bring inside jokes to his channel. The flex family, as they’re often referred to, are characters based on his pets. His bearded dragon even holds his art supplies for him, making the animal a fixture in his content.

Now, these videos did relatively well, and by the end of 2018, he amassed over 500,000 subscribers.


In 2019, he changed his video format once again. This time he started posting art challenges, competitions, and massive giveaways, much like Mr.Beast. His videos gained so much attention that he reached a million subscribers.

Later that year, he was recognized by fellow YouTubers Mr.Beast and PewDiePie after he drew hyper-realistic superheroes inspired by them. His channel saw a surge of growth, and by the end of the year, he had reached five million subscribers.

However, it was in 2020 that he became a YouTube sensation. In his video titled, “Surprising Charlie D’Amelio with 20 Custom iPhone 11’s,” he and his team customized phones for the Hype House.

Thanks to big-name TikTokers like Charlie D’Amelio, his video became his most-viewed video in 2020. It even earned him 10 million additional subscribers, making his total subscriber count a whopping 15 million.

He also made collaborations with Mr. Beast by customizing a Tesla and then allowing Mr.Beast to give it away. In 2020, he made a lot of collaborations which increased his popularity and grew his audience.

He even did collaborations with Zach King. Now, their video was a little more intense. ZHC customized a car then King had to live in it for 24 hours.

However, by the end of 2020, he had a total of 18 million subscribers. His rapid surge of growth caught the attention of the managing company Night Media. After some back and forth, he signed with them and now has a content manager.

The first thing they asked was for him to create a YouTube shorts channel and start regularly posting on it. He did and quickly earned new followers due to his interesting shorts.


In 2021, ZHC was asked to become the new host of the YouTube Original show instant influencer. The previous host, James Charles, was being replaced due to unfavorable rumors and allegations.

ZHC was seen as the top choice because he quickly rose to fame in 2020 and was the definition of an instant influencer. The show received positive marks and was a great success for the creator.

Then in March, he launched his first collection of NFT art called Critters. The collection heavily featured his characters, who also are on his merchandise line and involved in his content.

Later he posted a video of him customizing a hospital for a hundred hours. The video went straight to number one on trending. In the video, he not only created a mural for the hospital, but also paid off people’s hospital bills. This act of kindness led him to gain five million additional subscribers, making his total subscriber count a large 23 million.

Recently in 2022, he has not done anything extravagant. His videos contain similar art challenges and a few giveaways. Although not one of this year’s videos has been given the praise or recognition as his previous videos.

Currently, he has 24 million subscribers, and if the previous years have taught him anything, he is just a video away from gaining a million or two additional subscribers by the end of the year. However, he seems content with his channel and his other endeavors. So it’s a possibility that this year there won’t be a standout video that will rapidly grow his channel.

Personal Relationships

Over the course of his YouTube career, he has been with his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Chin. It’s unknown how they met or when exactly they started dating.

Michelle is a YouTuber and actress. She has starred in a few movies since she graduated from theater school. In addition, he has been featured in many of ZHC’s videos and has had input into his career as a whole.

Currently, the couple is not engaged to be married, although due to their long-standing relationship, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they got engaged here soon. While the couple hasn’t talked about having kids, they are certainly in it for the long haul as no rumors or speculation about breaking up has occurred.

Information about ZHC’s previous relationship is unknown. As for his family, he has a good relationship with both his parents and his siblings. He recently posted a birthday tribute on Instagram to his younger sister, Faith.

ZHC has many friends who he has met through YouTube. Some of his best friends, like Mckenzie Bell and Leo Mahleo, are even featured in his videos and work with ZHC as part of his team.


ZHC has been celebrated for his kind philanthropy efforts. In many of his videos, he features giveaway-style videos where he gives random subscribers a certain amount of money for a random task. So far, he has given away $300,000 to his subscribers and fans through these types of videos.

He has also made more conventional philanthropy efforts. During Covid, he painted classrooms for schools in Denver in hopes of making the background of teachers’ educational videos cherry and upbeat for students. He also painted murals for a hospital in Orlando, FL, and donated over $150,000 to pay for people’s medical bills.

Then in 2021, he hosted a competition between himself and other artists to customize a Playstation 5 for charity. In addition to the charity profits, he also donated over 30 Playstation 5s to children in need.

Later in 2021, he and his team painted all the homes in the Tiny home village in Highland Park, Los Angles. The village was created to provide transitional homes for those suffering from homelessness. He also donated a large sum to the Tiny Home Village so they could purchase good appliances and electronics.


In the past couple of years, ZHC has arisen to become one of the most known YouTubers in the art community. So, of course, he has been in the top ranking for some of the most prestigious awards.

In 2020, ZHC was nominated for breakout creator at the 10th streamy awards. Then in 2021, he was nominated for the best collaboration with Mr. Beast at the 11th streamy awards. Now, sadly he didn’t win either award, although his nominations showcase that his content is being recognized not only by his fans but by YouTube as a whole.

It’s rumored that he will also be nominated for 2022 streamy awards in some capacity. Whether it’s for his great philanthropy efforts or his outstanding art videos. Many of his fans are hoping that the third time’s a charm and he wins this year’s awards.

ZHC Net Worth

It’s estimated that ZHC has a net worth of over $6 million. Most of what he earns is generated from his sponsored content, YouTube originals, and independent business ventures like his merchandise line.

It’s been estimated that ZHC’s salary is around $500,000 a year. However, because he has gained more popularity as of late, his annual income could be as high as $600,000. If he continues to gain followers and likes, his net worth could increase to over $10 million in the next two to three years.

Learn More About ZHC Today

ZHC is known for his artistic content and viral giveaway videos. He currently has an estimated net worth of over $6 million.

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