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215 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Pennsylvania
Timezone Eastern
Is Area Code 215 Toll Free? NO
Major Cities Philadelphia, Levittown, King Of Prussia, Lansdale, Willow Grove, Horsham, Montgomeryville, Croydon, Bristol, Harleysville

Area code 215 is widely used across North America specifically in the area across the state of Pennsylvania. There are times that you receive calls from unfamiliar numbers with unfamiliar area code. You might wonder where it's coming from or who could it be? Below are some information you need to know about area code 215.

What is area code 215 and what location is it from?

In 1947 area code 215 was officially put into service covering the state of Pennsylvania. It was split to form area code 610 in 1994 and was overlaid with area code 267 in 1999. In March 3, 2018 the effectivity of area code 445 was officially put into service as an overlay of area codes 215/267.

The 215 area code is located in the Eastern timezone also known as America/New York. Major cities or places within area code 215 in Pennsylvania include: Philadelphia, Levittown, King Of Prussia, Lansdale, Willow Grove, Horsham, Montgomeryville, Croydon, Bristol, Harleysville and other surrounding suburbs to the north and east of Philadelphia.

Are calls from area code 215 a scam?

Most common scams nowadays are happening thru phone calls. Since there are already huge number of cellphone users nowadays, scammers might use this opportunity to bait victims and made them fall for their tricks. Scammers tend to call your phones and pretend to be a representative from a certain bank or company and will ask for your personal information.

Giving your personal information without even checking the credibility of the caller might might compromise your privacy and even your bank account. If the the company they are representing and the number used when calling shows no valid information online, then it's a sign to drop the call and block the number, it's probably a scam.

How to block unwanted calls originating from area code 215?

If the unknown caller keeps on bugging every now and then, below is a guide on how to block the number from your cell phone:

For Android users

  • Open phone's recent call logs
  • Click on "details"
  • Click on "block number"

For iPhone users

  • Visit phone's recent call logs
  • Click on "i"
  • Click on "block this caller"

Is area code 215 toll free?

Area code 215 is one of the telephone area codes in NANP that is not toll free. Callers will be charged depending on the type of calls made locally or internationally. It will be reflected on the caller's account. Amount of charges depend on the duration of the call. Most telecommunications company charged users per minute.

In conclusion

Always know how to identify a call if it is a scam or not or is it still coming within the state you are into. Please know that most phone scams are coming from outside the state, most are coming from international calls. They may be able to make it appear like from the same region as you, always remember not to fall easily for their tricks. If you find anything suspicious, drop the call then block the number.



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