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218 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Minnesota
Timezone Central Time (CT)
Is Area Code 218 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Duluth, Moorhead, Hibbing, Bemidji, Brainerd, Fergus Falls, Cloquet, Grand Rapids, Detroit Lakes, Virginia

Calls that originate from a new area code can be worrying, intriguing and also suspicious. We tend to ask who could the caller be or where could it be coming from? These are just some of the questions we asked ourselves whenever we encounter new and unknown caller. We addressed these concerns below to give you an idea about area codes like 218.

What is area code 218 and what location is it coming from?

Minnesota has area code 218  that was put into service in 1947 serving the northern part of the U.S. state of Minnesota. In 1954 area code 218 which is serving the northern portion, along with area code 612 which is covering the central part, were split to form area code 507 serving the southern portion of the state.

Some of the cities and larger communities in northern Minnesota that is covered by area code 218 include Duluth, Hibbing, Moorhead, Bemidji, Brainerd, Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, Cloquet, Grand Rapids, Virginia as well as other smaller communities in northern U.S. state of Minnesota.

Are calls coming from area code 218 a scam?

Area code 218 is a telephone area code that is duly registered in the North American numbering plan for the state of Minnesota. Due to the rise of population and innovation of technology, scammers nowadays are all over the place, they could be using area code 218  to deceive people. They might pretend to be someone like a trusted family member, a bank representative, someone from a government agency or a customer service representative at that. They would try to extract information from you that would jeopardize your personal details including bank accounts and other confidential details.

To avoid being jeopardized, remember to take calls with caution. If the number is not familiar to you then better not take the call.

How do I block suspicious calls from area code 218?

Blocking the caller will lessen your chance in getting scammed. Here's a guide on how to block them from your mobile devices:

Android user

The process from above is quite similar for the Android users. Again, you open your recent call logs and find the suspected number. Click the "details" and "block number" to finish the process.

iPhone user

Open your recent call logs, and find the number of the caller you want to block. Tap the "i" and scroll down to click "block this caller" for the last step.

Is area code 218 toll free?

There are only few area code numbers that are toll free and area code 218 is not one of them. All calls coming from this area code will reflect a charge on your phone bill. Charges may vary depending on duration and location. Local calls are usually cheaper than international or overseas calls. You may contact your telecommunications provider for more information.

In conclusion

If the number flashing on your phone screen contains 218 area code, you should know that it comes from the state of Minnesota. Whoever might be calling you, if you are not sure about the number and the caller, better not answer.



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