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351 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Massachusetts
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
Is Area Code 351 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Lowell, Haverhill, Fitchburg, Gloucester, Beverly

When an unheard-of area code shows up on your phone's screen, it can be alarming. You do not have any clue where the call is coming from, or if it is safe to answer the call. Area code 351 was created to provide service to an area in North America. Below are some commonly asked questions about this area code, that might help in giving you some insights concerning area code 351.

What is area code 351 and what location could it be coming from?

Area code 351 is one of the unique telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), that's been sharing the service area of the original area code 978. The 351 area code was put in service on May 2, 2001. Calls coming from or placed from this area code could be from the northeastern part of the state of Massachusetts, and is used across North America.

Where is area code 351?

Area code 351 gives service to the Northeastern part of Massachusetts and to the cities such as Lowell, Haverhill, Fitchburg, Gloucester, Beverly, Methuen Town, Maynard, Salisbury, Winchendon, Boxford, Rowley, Baldwinville,  West Concord, and more.

Are calls from area code 351 a scam?

Scammers nowadays are developing their ways on how to scam other people. The most common scam that they are using is the "One Ring Scam", in which they ring your phone once, so you will call them back due to your curiosity. With this action, you will be charged with a fee without knowing. Some scammers will also claim that they are calling from a customer service team of a certain company, so they could gain your trust and stays on the line while being charged with a fee.

If you receive a call and do not recognized the number, do not answer it. It is best to never call back or text back if they leave a message to your mobile phone. Another way is to block the number from your mobile phone to stop receiving unwanted 351 calls.

How do I block unwanted 351 calls?

If you to block unwanted 351 calls, here's how:

For iPhone users;

  • Go to your recent calls and click "i"
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "block this caller"

For Android users;

  • Go to your recent calls and click "details"
  • Click "block number" to finish it up

Are calls from area code 351 toll free?

The 351 telephone area code is not toll free. Charges applies when you make an international or local call. International calls costs more than the local ones, since it is already outside the range of the area code. The rate of the charge will vary to the type of telecommunication or wireless services you have acquired.


It is worth to repeat here to never answer a phone call if the you do not recognize where is it coming from. Also, it is important to note that the 351 telephone area code charges you a fee to every call you make.



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