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405 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Who's Calling?

State Oklahoma
Timezone Pacific Time (PT)
Is Area Code 405 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Oklahoma City

Receiving a phone call from an area call you don't recognize can be overwhelming. Is it a scam? Is it associated with telemarketers? Who is exactly calling me?

Are calls from area code 405 legit?

The area code 405 is associated with the state of Oklahoma in the USA. It covers a wide area of the state including major cities like Oklahoma City, Edmond, El Reno, Norman city, Stillwater, Shawnee city, Tuttle, Chickasha city, Guthrie, and Moore.

History of the area code 405

Area code 405 dates back to the year 1947. It was one of the first 86 area codes created by the company AT&T and the Bell System in the USA. Originally, it served as the area code of the whole state of Oklahoma. However, by the year 1997, it was split up. This was done to avoid the exhaustion of possible phone numbers in the area code. By the year 1998, the area code 405 was split into 405, 539, 580, and 918. Due to the increasing number of subscribers in the state of Oklahoma, it was announced that 2019 was the last year the area code 405 will be associated with landlines, and new area codes will be used instead.

Can I get my own 405 number?

Unfortunately, you now cannot. As of January 9th, 2020, the state of Oklahoma has announced that any new subscriber would get the area code 572 instead of 405. However, any current subscribers with the area code 405 can keep it. This was made as part of the state's plan to make ten-digit dialing mandatory in Oklahoma. The ten-digit dialing system will be fully implemented in the state of Oklahoma by March 2021. Callers will get a recorded message telling them the updated number for the one they have dialed.

Can I send a text message to area code 405?

Yes, you can send a text to area code 405. However, as the area code, 405 is associated mostly with landlines, the recipients should be subscribed to a texting portal via their subscribers. Mostly known as “text-to-landline service”. If they are not subscribed to this service then your message will not be delivered to them. It is worth mentioning that text messages to a landline are limited to 160 characters. Text messages are stored typically for a minimum of 90 days, that is the default settings. However, the user can change that setting to make it store messages for up to 7 years.

How do I block unwanted calls from area code 405?

Blocking an unwanted call differs according to your phone's operating system (iPhone or Android).

To block unwanted calls from area code 405, do the following steps:

For Android users:

· Go to the Recent Calls menu.

· Click Details (besides the number you want to block)

· Click Block Number, and Voila. You won't receive any calls from that number anymore.

For iPhone users:

· Go to your Recent Calls menu.

· Click on the number you want to block.

· Click the encircled (i) in it.

· Click more information from the next menu.

Click Block this number, and just like that you have blocked that number you won't receive any unwanted calls from it once again



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