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423 Area Code. Location. Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Tennessee
Timezone Eastern (ET)
Is Area Code 423 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Chattanooga

Suppose you are called by a 423 number for the first time, what suspicions are likely to develop in your mind? Wondering about the location of the caller, the number’s legitimacy plus whether the call is a scam or not and much more must definitely rank high.

What is 423 number and where is it coming from?

This is the area code for the state of Tennessee in the United States of America since the year 1995. Initially, the number was 901 as created in 1947 by the North American Numbering Plan. In 1954, this area code was reduced to cover West Tennessee while the Eastern Tennessee part which includes Chattanooga, the Tri-Cities and Knoxville was handed area code 615 only for the same to be split off as area code 423. According to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, area code 423 is projected to remain in its unusual and non-contiguous until 2027.

Is 423 a scam?

In this era of heightened telephony activities, one cannot rule out the possibility of being scammed and hence the need to be on high alert. With regard to area code 423, there is a safety measure in place. If you suspect a scam phone call and/or a nuisance text message from area code 423, simply run a reverse phone lookup on any phone number that starts with 423 in order to find out what has been reported by other users about the same. And this is courtesy of CallerSmart users.

Is Area Code 423 Toll-Free?

It is on record that there are quite a number of toll-free area code numbers such as 800, 833, 844, 855, 877 and 888. These numbers are normally associated with customer service lines of various companies but they can be used by other parties too and they are regulated by FCC which is the Federal Communications Commission. Unfortunately, area code 423 is not among those listed as belonging to toll-free area code numbers in Tennessee.

How to block unwanted 423 calls

If you do not want to receive any calls from 423 numbers, simply follow the steps hereunder:

For iPhone users;

- Click the encircled ‘i’ in your calls menu

- Click on ‘more information’

- Click on ‘block this number’ and that is it.

For Android users;

- Visit ‘recent calls’

- Click on ‘details’

- Click ‘block number’ and you are done.

How do I get my own 423 number for business?

Although area code 423 is not toll-free, getting your own number for business is still plausible because this is one way of establishing a relationship with your clients because you can reach out to your clients virtually from anywhere in the world just as they may contact you from wherever they are.


From contents in this article, one can safely conclude with no shred of fear that at least your curiosity about area code 423 has adequately been addressed to the extent that you won’t find yourself in pique mode next time a 423 number comes through.



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