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459 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Unassigned
Timezone Unassigned
Is Area Code 459 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Unassigned

As three-digit numbers are known in use to identify a region in a country, still receiving a call coming from an unfamiliar area code triggers your curiosity where it might be coming from or whether the call is safe for you to answer. The area code 459 is a unique code that is intended to serve a region across North America. Below are a number of commonly asked questions and concerns regarding area code 459.

What is area code 459 and where could it be coming from?

As of the present, area code 459 has not been determined as one of the telephone area codes by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator. The said area code has been put officially as a General Purpose area code which is definitely assigned to a specific geographic area in North America.

As it has not been use as a telephone area code, calls coming from area code 459 has a chance to be associated with scammers.

Is area code 459 a scam?

If you receive a call from a number 459-xxx-xxx, it is a spam call. You might wanna careful in answering calls or text messages that you are not familiar with, for it could be a scammer.

Scammers tend to introduce themselves as a business investor, or someone you trusted like government agencies. If the caller have mentioned a name of the company they are from, take note of the name and do a research on the google to check their official website if the number that has been used for calling is present.

Did not find the number on their official website or where it is registered from? Disconnect to the call immediately and block the number to never receive a call from the same number again.

Is area code 459 toll free?

Even though area code 459 has not been set for use, it is definitely not toll free. Also, calls originating from this area code is not valid since it has not been assigned for use. Calling any 459-xxx-xxx numbers is also not supported by the system.

How do I block and stop receiving calls from area code 459?

If you receive a call originating from area code 459 and suspects it as a spam call, blocking the number might help you lessen the probability of getting scammed. Here's how to block a caller from your phone:

iPhone users

  • Open your phone's recent call logs
  • Tap on the "i" with a circle around it
  • Click "block this caller"

Android users

  • Go to your recent call logs
  • Click "details"
  • Click "block number"

In conclusion

If you receive a call from an unfamiliar area code, it is best for you to not answer the call. It is also worth to repeat here that area code 459 has been officially set-aside for use as a General Purpose area code, and not for use by the NANPA.



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