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479 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State Arkansas
Timezone Central Time (CT)
Is Area Code 479 Toll Free? No
Major Cities Fort Smith, Clarksville, Danville, Decatur, Springdale

Receiving a notification coming from an unfamiliar area code can be alarming, especially when it is calling your mobile phone. Who is calling? Is the call connected with scammers? Where could it be from? You don't have to worry anymore, for we addressed these concerns below.

Are calls from area code 479 a scam?

There is a possibility that a call coming from area code 479 is associated with scammers. Phone scam is one of the most common ways to scam a person. Especially in the United States, since it is widely used by a large number of population.

The call might look like they are within the range of the country, but is actually not. "One Ring Scam" is one of the tricks scammers do, which is ringing your phone once and hangs up before you can answer the call. As a result, your curiosity will rise up and might decide to call them back not knowing that a hefty charge will be performed in your cellphone bill.

Unrecognize calls should not be answered. If you are not sure where it is coming, do not answer it. You can also block the caller to stop receiving calls from the same number again.

What is area code 479 and where is it coming from?

Area code 479 is a telephone area code in the NANP which covers the northwestern portion of the U.S. state of Arkansas and its cities. The area code lies within the Central Time zone, and was put in service on January 19, 2002.

Incoming calls from any 479-xxx-xxx number could be from the surrounding cities of Arkansas such as Fort Smith, Clarksville, Danville, Decatur, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Farmington, Prairie Groove, Atkins, Pottsville, Huntsville, Cave Springs, Lamar, and more.

How to block unwanted calls that comes from area code 479?

In order to block a caller from your phone, follow these provided steps below:

If you are an Android user;

  • Open your recent call logs
  • Tap "details", then "block number"

If you are an iPhone user;

  • Go to your recent call logs
  • Click on the "i" next to the number you want to block
  • Click "block this caller"

Is area code 479 toll free?

Apparently, area code 479 belongs to those telephone area code that is not toll free. Both local and international call placed from any 479-xxx-xxx numbers performs a charge to your phone bill. The cost may vary to your local carrier or to what telecommunications company you are receiving your cellular mobile and paging services.

In conclusion

It is worth to state here again that unrecognizable calls should not be answered, for the call might be linked with scammers. Rejecting the call can reduce the chances of getting scammed and getting hefty charges in your phone bill. Also, expect that a charge will be performed to your account when you placed a call using a 479-xxx-xxx number, same goes to calling any 479-xxx-xxx numbers.



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